Universal Mail-in Ballots Are a Major Government Encroachment & Flagrant Violation of the First Amendment

By The Wizard Mandragora
November 9, 2020

The government is coercing and forcing a citizen to practice his First Amendment to vote. This is blatant government coercion.


It places an undue burden on the citizen to protect their speech from being weaponized and used against them by foreign influences, political operatives and unscrupulous persons.

Democrats are attempting to turn the reality of election fraud created by universal mail-in ballots into a situation of “innocent until proven guilty”. This is nonsense, a pure political machination that is not at all supported by the Constitution. Violations of the First Amendment are not “innocent until proven guilty”, the right to vote must be safeguarded against foreign influence and unscrupulous persons. And there are safeguards in place to ensure this, but Democrat governors removed these safeguards, coerced citizens, and placed their First Amendment rights in major peril.

The Constitution stands vigil against the weaponization of citizens’ First Amendment rights, in all its forms, not to be ignored and undone by the ever present political machinations of foreign powers and other unscrupulous entities.

When Democrat governors sent out universal ballots, numbering in the millions, they rampantly violated the Constitution. The evidence of this abuse is widespread. There are election software glitches, sworn witnesses, poll workers and whistleblowers testifying to having observed ballots being tampered with and edited or discarded without grounds. However, the simple fact a software glitch falsely tabulated an election tally in favor of a Democrat before being corrected to give the Republican candidate the win is enough. That faulty election software is used in 28 different states. This is black and white clear evidence of a MAJOR problem with the security of election software, and the methods used to tabulate votes.

And those states that allowed for the turning in of ballots past the deadline of in-person voting created a massive window of opportunity for political operatives to check for those who didn’t vote, fill in their ballots and then send them in. This is a clear and present danger to the First Amendment and the sovereignty of the United States.

Are we to just let the American Republic simply because no one could stop these political operatives from defrauding the election? As if there was no recourse once the crime was committed? Absurd. And no, this is not how America ends.

Democracy does not die in darkness

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