Trump “Location Data” On Facebook & Other Big Tech Platforms is Catnip for Communists

By The Wizard Mandragora
March 18, 2023

If they attempt to go through with this illegal idiocy from the office of Alvin “Tomato Head” Bragg it will be carried out by a tainted select few. How will they glean their location data to assist?

Facebook will give it to them.

As would YouTube. Facebook is designed to track your activity across the internet as well as the location of whatever device you’re accessing it from.

Facebook has been insidious in the way they’ve handled user location data.

Whoever might attempt to follow through on this plan will need the help of big tech. But Facebook is waiting to give it to them. Nothing would make the Chan’s happier. The recent reinstatement of Trump’s accounts on social media were obvious bait.

It’s time for Ron Desantis and his AG to step up and challenge the legality of these fraudulent claims of criminality emanating from NYC.

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