The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Women AS A MAN

By Daddy Jihad
July 30, 2017



Written By Daddy Jihad – Former MW Skype Training Alumni

There is no greater power given to a man than the ever potent prescription between his legs. It is the sword in which he slays sweet delectable vaginas, it is his driving force of ambition in a dull world consumed by a haze of monotony and mediocrity, it walks on water

I recently started seeing this girl and the lessons I’ve learned in the bedroom have been fundamental for not just game but all aspects of life. Mostly game tho ;P

The biggest epiphany I had was two days ago. I had this unyielding desire to see my girl and was determined to ravage that sweet lil kitty. FYI, she lives almost an hour away from me so it’s not that simple to drive there and back every now and then when you have a full schedule of work, school, family and friends.

But fuck that. I wanted her, so I started her that evening, priming her with appetizers so she could relish the main course later 😉

I rolled up to her house about an hour later, took her upon first sight and started massaging her wet vagina. With the faintest voice she says, “Where are we going?”. I said, “Here”, as I swooped her up and threw her in my backseat. We proceeded to have the most violent mind-blowing sex you could possibly imagine and she came multiple times. Afterwards, she told me she usually never cums during sex.

The most important thing came next. After she came on my dick, she began opening up to me about how she may drop out of her program in college and abandon her scholarship because of the ridiculous barriers her academic deans kept putting in her way.

I was fucking blown. This girl, who I care deeply about, was gonna throw away her dreams because some old farts didn’t like the way she was doing things. They were pushing their agendas down her throat and from her point of view, it looked bleak. Her dean’s decision is absolute, and that old Hugh Hefner looking muther fucker was gonna have his way. . .

Not on my watch. No girl of mine will be toyed and abused with like that. No girl of mine will give up when shit hits the fan. No girl of mine will have her vision stripped away from her. Ever.

What I did next, opened a new world…

I grabbed her by her face, re-inserted my dick, and began drilling affirmations into her.

Me: What’s wrong with you?! Are you gonna give up?
Her: No, its not that, it’s just…
Me: Stop it! Is this really what you want?!
Her: . . .idk
Me: Tell me you’re not gonna give up. This isn’t you! TELL ME.
Her: I’m not gonna give up
Me: Tell me you’re confident. Tell me you can take on anything!
Her: I’m confident and I can take on anything
Me: Tell me no one is gonna use you like that. Ever. You’re strong.
Her: I’m strong and no one is gonna use me like that.
Me: And you’re fucking sexy baby. Tell me you’re sexy.
Her: I’m sexy
Me: That’s a good girl. That’s MY girl.

She came right after that. And right after that, she pulled my dick out, and gave me the biggest and most loving hug. A hug filled with warmth and sweetness. Something I’ve never experienced before. As I took that hug, I was almost frozen in time, my eyes wide open, and my hands extended, not knowing what to do. She looked me deep in the eyes, with tears in hers, and said “Thank you”

Later in the day she sent me a text

Her: I did what you said baby. I talked to my dean
Me: Good kitten. I’m glad u talked to those old farts. Proud of u 😉
Her: Yeah i am too haha tbh i dont think i would have done it if you hadn’t told me too
Her: You inspire me to stick up for myself
Her: I needed that
Her: Thank you
Her: So much

It was in that moment, I knew, that my dick was god and I had seen into the seven heavens. My dick sank the titanic. It turns water into wine

THAT is the greatest gift we have as men. It’s our higher power. It’s the one thing women want more than anything and it’s right fucking there, dangling from your crotch. How could you be afraid stepping up to a woman in an approach? How could you be afraid knowing your greatest power is her greatest weakness? How?

And how could you be afraid facing men? How could you be afraid knowing that every “man” around you lives in complete ignorance of his own greatest strength, when you’ve tapped into yours? How?

It’s your duty to give this gift to those deemed worthy. Keeping it for yourself is selfish. It’s your responsibility to explore this realm and take it to its furthest depths. Anything else would be foolhardy. It’s on YOU because now you know. You are not ignorant, you are empowered. So get out there and approach. See that girl you want? With no hesitation, jump at the chance, take it by the balls and run towards it with with all your heart. That’s why you’re alive isn’t it?

This is the beginning and it’s also the end. This is the first and the last. Welcome gentlemen, to the rest of your lives.


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