The #1 Way to Acquire Covid-19 Infection, Mask Mandates & State Corruption

By Manwhore
October 8, 2021

So I relocated from Nevada to another state as Nevada had proven massively corrupt at a grassroots administrative level. When I went to get my background check at the sheriff’s office they actually skipped my number as I was sitting there. Talk about brazen. I sat through the line again and got my report but it was just another obvious sign of state-level corruption. I think the plot was to retroactively create some sort of case or investigation and paint me as a flight risk. Las Vegas pd and a particular casino are very interested in covering their asses over a past situation where they acted completely unlawfully. And in another instance of probable state-level corruption, when I went to get a plate for my Gsxr 750 the dmv clerk informed me that they didn’t have any generic vet plates for bikes. She said they only had an airborne plate and one other- some unit designation. Now up to this point I’d only put generic Army vet plates on my vehicles, but I didn’t have a choice so I opted for the airborne plate. After reading about what they tried to pull off on Sen. Cotton I figured they were trying to paint me as some sort of fraud. Ironically enough I’d had an airborne school slot, but three weeks before I was slated to go the commander gave it to someone else. I’ve also found hacked additions to my personal files, as well as those hosted online, which spoke to this same strategy. These efforts have been several years in the making.

The other part of their long-running plot has been to sordidly involve me in some sort of scheme involving underage children. Apologies for the level of debasement I’m detailing here, but I certainly did not ask for it, and yes it is revolting. I also do not believe law enforcement has been legitimately involved in these attacks against me. They spam it over and over again.

So I relocated to Texas. Texas has had some interesting developments recently, and I’ve been rather curious to see how they “play” out.

I found a pretty decent room on craigslist, temporary but still decent. Except it’s become obvious now that the people behind these quasi-law enforcement machinations spam room listing sites such as CL hoping to ensnare unsuspecting victims. It’s a racket involving dirty law enforcement and the “justice system”. This particular scenario clearly had to have been already set up beforehand, and hearing stories from the people living here seems to confirm this.

So a few days after moving in I’m sitting watching t.v. with a new roommate, who starts trying to engage me while he is writing texts to his tweenish daughter. Over and over again.

You could see where the entrapment scheme was going to come from. “Oh look.. MW was writing texts to a tween girl!” Fuck. You. The first time I give him the benefit of the doubt and just ignored his 4 or 5 attempts to involve me in writing texts to his daughter. But the next time we were watching t.v. he starts trying to bring up his daughter’s dentistry. I tell him to stop. He tries to gaslight me asking me what I was talking about beforehand, as if I’d somehow been the one to land us on this particular topic. I responded that I didn’t bring anything like that up. He ignores that, pauses, then immediately tries bringing up his daughter’s dentistry again. I tell him to stop again. He brings it up again. I leave the room.

So these sordid entrapment scenarios involving children are still happening. This time it didn’t involve children actually being trained to play a role but supposedly his daughter was supposed to show up to the house the next night. I just stayed upstairs I never even saw her.

This wasn’t the only scenario this “roommate” attempted. He also made sure to put on a tv episode of “Young Sheldon” that featured “solar neutrinos” which according to “Young Sheldon” are “messengers from the center of the sun.” Wow what a sneaky way of sneaking astrology and superstition into physics. I suppose the hyenas are hard at work trying to craft “academic proposals” for taxpayer grants involvingĀ  studying the stars for hidden meanings.

He also brought up “Schrodinger’s Cat”, very inquisitive about what I knew of it, explaining he wouldn’t have known about such things except that “Young Sheldon” featured them and he got to research such obscure topics of science with his daughter. I’m familiar with Schrodinger’s Cat as an old physics joke, and I wasn’t sure why he’d bring it up as it was originally designed as a thought experiment to “circumvent” the difference between the Copenhagen interpretation of physics and Hamiltonian mechanics. But on closer inspection Schrodinger’s Cat actually conceals one of the greatest physics puzzles of all time. Except I’ve already solved it. And these people know I’ve solved it, and they’re just trying to figure out a way to steal my work. China knows too.

And that’s the rub. Microsoft and other “American” companies have been busy stealing American IP, with China’s help, and then when they’re caught, blame China for it. China doesn’t give a fuck. Bill Gates started his tech empire by simply taking the software behind Microsoft. And he’s apparently never stopped his stealing. He tried to push vaccine passports on the world, that failed, and he’s now trying to relocate American mining operations to off continent. It’s presumably easier to quell the population when their strongmen are elsewhere.

It’s also become clear China got their hands on my work on physics and aerospace technology revolving around special carbon structures, e.g. the “UFOs”. When I realized they’d hacked, well, everything, I removed as much of it off my workstation as I could but they got plenty. They didn’t get their chemical makeup or the process of their construction, but I suspect they may have since figured it out with help from their UK allies. I have done incredible work, but China’s been busy helping American law enforcement agencies craft socialist excuses to spy on the American population and clearly their results paid off. So yes, these are rather largescale and highly incentivized efforts.

This “roommate” also tried to put in a good word for my upcoming military expose, which is significant, because after relocating to Texas I’ve called and spoken with multiple IG offices located in Texas. In Nevada I couldn’t even get through to an IG office. Either I’d hear a generic beeping and no connection, or just silence. Nevada is corrupt. But now after speaking to personnel at Texas IG offices who recommended I contact a military lawyer, it’s become apparent that the U.S. Army is not at all incentivized to fix the massively corrupt scheming during my military career. But not only that they ruined my finances and completely hindered my future education. All to protect a major who’d flagrantly abused his two children in front of an SFC and I. I also had my work stolen, my rank withheld, and a false admin line added to my honorable discharge by a fake CPT who’d never passed OBC but instead colluded with an outgoing commander to secure him a better duty station in exchange for a “blank eval”. So all this time I’ve been operating in good faith that the U.S. Army would want to fix these corrupt mistakes, and we’d handle this with minimal public exposure. Except it’s clearly obvious the false cabal in the Army has been using this to their advantage while still continuing their machinations against me.

America knows now what they’re up against, thieves parading as socialists falsely protecting the populace against made up crises while secretly scheming to condemn them to those same crises. The child of Obamacare is a massively corrupt medical system that seeks to enslave the populace through “unfalsifiable” medical conjectures. Their Covid-19 mandates worked to spread the pandemic, which was the plan.

What is the #1 way to catch a symptomatic Covid-19 infection? SUSTAINED EXPOSURE. Both masks and lockdowns drive sustained exposure. A mask traps infectious particles near the face and sinuses. Otherwise your skin is covered in chlorine, the body’s natural disinfectant. Our body’s natural defenses are actually circumvented by wearing a mask. Which is presumably why we’re not born wearing one. Duh

And they know this, this is why Fauci was flipping back and forth between double masks, a pointless and absurd gesture. The guy’s a clown in a medical gown.

But there’s one more thing that’s quite suspicious.. Biden’s repeatedly insistent calls for American companies to mandate vaccines. Yet they won’t mandate the vaccines for immigrants because the countries those immigrants are from could sue the Biden administration for dictating an experimental “vaccine”, that’s not actually a vaccine only a treatment, for a condition whose origins they don’t seem to be able to decipher. And we already know because of the work of Senator Johnson, that there is no FDA approved vaccine for Covid-19 in the U.S., the one they approved is for Comirnaty, which is not available in the U.S. It would appear Biden is setting up American companies for massive lawsuits, and using the guise of cognitive decline to cover for it.

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