South Africa’s Department of Health Advertises the Use of Cloth Face Masks, a Potent Spreader of Covid-19

By Manwhore
November 26, 2021

No wonder there’s an uptick in Covid-19 cases in South Africa, while the rest of Africa has incredibly low Covid-19 infection rates, because they’re all outside enjoying life NOT wearing masks.

You know who that reminds me of? Florida. Texas. People with common sense.

Masks trap particles and germs and infectious agents close to the face, and circumvent the body’s nature immune defenses. Otherwise your own skin kills the Covid-19 particles by itself. Because your skin is covered in chlorine.

This entire debacle only exists because of the weak superstitious fears of vulnerable populations. It’s the “You have cooties!” psi ops tricks of our youth.. when little boys tried to get rid of the little girls who endlessly tried including themselves in activities with the boys while they played their games. But brought zero skills with them. Then cried and played victim when they didn’t get their way.

This superstitious “invisible cooties” nonsense doesn’t work, no matter how hard medical shills on Fox News try to push it.

Next they’re going to try to claim they made a mistake, and then recommend and sell more expensive face masks to the public. But this is not rocket science, this is common sense human health and medicine.

Wasn’t it Pennsylvania governor Wolf (in sheep’s clothing) who claimed a bunch of clucking chickens endlessly debating the supposed pros and cons (of masks), without ever coming to a conclusion, was the literal definition of democracy?

Actually, that’s the spirit of Tiamat, the unraveling of democracy by prattling idiots, as stated by our forefathers. Oh but our forefathers were supposedly racist, while fighting a war to end slavery.

Democrats claim their “merit-based” picks of transgender judges and legislators is equity, but these people sow endless division and debate based on an endless supply of primordial feminine subconscious mental disorders.

The Democrats were, and still are, the party of slavery. They think they’ve modernized their tricks. They haven’t. They’re still just in league with the slavers and the Judas cows.

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