By Manwhore
February 22, 2011
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Don’t know if it’s just me..

But some girls I just want to stick my cock in’em and shut them the fuck up.  That feeling of my dick having power or control over a woman is a part of my personality that sometimes just comes out HARD.

Had a girl last night back to our hotel room, she’s running around with the boys tryin’ to be all cute with her big tits.  Not my usual grade of play, but I really just wanted to see these titties and fuck her.  I grabbed her ‘n took her to the ice room.  Pushed her against the wall and was trying to rip her dress down in front so I could see these huge tits of hers.  She calmly explains it doesn’t come down her dress can only come up.  So I rip this dress up over these tits then throw her down on the mat in front of the ice machine put a condom on and stick it in her.  I don’t even come I’m not even all that interested in it.  A few minutes in I’m like “Cool let’s see what the boys are up to”.  We head back and that’s pretty much it except I try to get a couple of the other guys to fuck her too.

Is this bad..?  Not at ALL.  A lot of guys are stuck on the idea that sex is abusing a girl or somehow “value-taking”.  It isn’t, it’s the greatest gift you can give her. Not all sexual encounters will turn into fairy tale romances. STOP falling for the Disney myth as if it’s the only story to tell, it’s not.

A girl in Vegas a few months back.. took her back to my room and was having her suck my cock.  Then was throwing her around the room, wrestling around with her.. I went to toss her onto the bed again and she flew off the bed and kinda landed on her head.  Poor girl was slightly dazed.  I was kinda worried for a tiny bit.  I checked to make sure she was fine wasn’t going to die on me or need to go to the hospital.  She was good, gave me a slow smile and said she was totally ok.  I had my dick back in her mouth immediately.  Sliding it in and out while she frantically tried to figure out what was going on 😉

Some of you guys and girls are probably choking on your cheerios right now.  You’re like.. “this dude is unbelievably chauvinist and fucked up.”  Nope.. not at all.  But I am a dude and do have this side of myself.  This side that is ruthless and unrelenting and merciless.  I’m also super compassionate as well.  They’re all within my personal range of behavior.. I’m not defined by any one thing I do, or anything I happen to be doing at any given time with a girl or girls.  I simply give myself permission to rock it from whatever headspace I happen to be in.

Take feminism for instance.. here’s a quote from a famous feminist:

“When a woman reaches orgasm with a man she is only collaborating with the patriarchal system, eroticizing her own oppression”

Unbelievably stupid.

Even destructive.  Feminists get NO points for that one.  But that’s ok.  Because it doesn’t define feminism.  It’s simply a range of their behavior and mentality.  And I can appreciate that.


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