Sexting Conversations For Champs: Five Steps To Ensure She Shows Up On Your Date Horny

By Manwhore
October 30, 2016

This style for sexting conversations is something I’ve talked about before, but it’s such a consistent, FUN, and sexy experience (plus it works so damn quickly), that I wanted to expound upon it further so my readers can get some fun out of it as well. Now understand this IS advanced, you don’t want to be doing this with the girl from work you just met, or the girl in class, unless you have experience texting women and dating and sleeping with them. There are consequences to using these techniques if you’re not quite ready.

What I’m going to describe is the technique I call “Blitzing”, where you quickly and smoothly escalate on a woman through sexting, tickling her imagination and giving her a powerful emotional experience while creating the necessary logistics so you two can as quickly as possible meet up and consummate your exploding mutual sexual attraction for each other. E.g. you get her so horny she can’t help but want to meet up (especially when you make it easy for her) and jump in bed with you.

Don’t worry, women enjoy the hell of out of this. You’re giving them a great experience that they will rarely in their lifetimes experience, so do not feel guilty or anything like that about using it.

Plus that’s the only reason why it actually works. Women are very open to having a sexy experience with a guy that knows what he’s doing. In our relatively sexually modernized society, women are now commonly reading erotic romance tales, getting tips on sex from Cosmopolitan magazine and being bombarded with “sexually empowered” women in movies, t.v. and the media. And there’s absolutely zero shame in that. In fact I find it hard to believe there are people out there still fighting the modern woman’s sexual awakening.

The following text conversation is with a woman I’d been talking to on Okcupid, a pretty boring interaction honestly, and flaked on our first attempt at a meetup because she just wasn’t feeling it after work that night. So this fledgling relationship wasn’t much going anywhere. My point is that there was nothing prior to this sexting blitz that facilitated what was about to happen next…

  1. Shape Subtext for Sexting
      1. I used the pretext of dumping my bike and scraping up my arm to introduce the idea of needing some “nurturing” attention from her. This is a very conventional even sacred type of traditional relationship between a man and a woman. If you can appeal to this in some form or another with a woman without coming off wimpy, you will be starting things off in a very good place with her. Not only does it induce a warm, comfortable vibe between the both of you, it can quickly and easily transition to something more romantic and sexual. Starting sexting conversations off on the right foot is easily one of the most important things to remember.
      2. This is not the only kind of subtext you can create for sexting with a woman, even if you don’t know her that well, there are plenty more to discover and have fun with.


  2. Incrementally Increase Her Investment 
    1. Take your time, do not get explicit too soon. Remember there are so many ways to describe getting intimate with her without using vulgar terminology. By the time I use words like “pussy” or “cock” or explicitly describe the act of intercourse, I’ve already described sensual experiences with her that are exciting and hot, or hinted at fucking her in more subtle ways that get her imagination working without moving things too quickly and stirring up resistance. This is the mark of a true seducer, someone that truly understands and appreciates women. For instance in the text example above I first introduced a doctor/patient roleplay, then hinted at “the things I would do to her” before going a bit more explicit by saying she wouldn’t walk straight when I was done with her. NONE of this was vulgar and the progression continued naturally.
    2. Describe how she’s going to react to you. Describe the pleasure she’s going to have. Make her think about the things she’s going to experience with you. This is mandatory and inspires her continued participation.
    3. A lot of women aren’t quite that adept at sexting, or they’re simply shy. Because of this getting sexual pics from her is actually easier and gets more consistent results than trying to get her to participate in the role playing or whatever sexual dialogue you’ve started. Just ask for pics in a subtle, complimentary way and you’ll more often than not be rewarded. The vast majority of women have naked pictures of themselves on their cell phones. You can be very simple with it, “Send me a sexy pic of you” or like in my example above I piggybacked off her earlier comment to ask for pics. Remember, it’s very intimate and hot to trade nude pics back ‘n forth with somebody so it’s always a good move.Then make sure you..
  1. Compliment Correctly 
      1. Most guys make the mistake of fawning over a girl and acting “thirsty” when a woman posts a pic on social media or sends them something even slightly risque over text or pm. “High value” men are also complimentary, but do it the right way. In my above example I say, “Those are really fucking sexy” once she sends me a picture of her breasts. There’s something masculine and “seasoned” about that, whereas something like, “Oh my god you’re so fucking sexy” is acting like she just delivered the goods and blew your mind which will make her think you were easy prey, an inexperienced newb, and she’s got nothing more to glean from you. Don’t be one-dimensional!
      2. I reciprocated my level of intimacy with the woman above to match the pic she sent me. The first she sent me was just in her panties no actual nudity, and I said “Damn I would nibble all over that” thereby rewarding her and escalating the vibe by commenting how I’d give her even more pleasure, e.g. nibbling on her- which feels amazing to a woman and makes her feel cherished and beautiful and begs the question of… what’s next?Once the vibe has gotten to a certain point and the woman’s expressed arousal, intrigue or interest, the next move is to..


  2. Lay Out Logistics 
      1. The main rule concerning handling logistics is “Often, and early.” Meaning find any excuse or reason to hint at a meetup. If you read my conversation above you’ll notice it’s the first thing I did. As soon as she brought up being lazy before work I told her I’d bring over Twinkies. Was I being serious? No it was obviously me just shooting the shit with her, but it did plant an idea. They made a famous Hollywood movie about this psychological principle called “Inception”. Does it work? Of course.
      2. Move quickly. Why? Because this is the speed her emotions and inner tension are building at, and it matches the emotional momentum you’re creating. Which means things are moving along very quickly. Even though men are more like light switches and women like dimmer switches, by following the above steps you ARE quickly and massively turning her on, so she’s going to be feeling the same level of desire and inner tension to seek release as you are. Meaning she’s horny and needs to get laid. And believe me, this is not a good time to keep a woman waiting! So set up logistics!
      3. Be casual and not sexual about planning the actual meetup, do NOT say things like, “I’m going to pound you the fuck out as soon as you step foot in my door.” Why? Because she wants to get a feel for you first before she makes that last call to get sexually intimate with you. Is it sort of assumed from the sext convo you just had with her? Yes, maybe.. but she still is the one to make the call if/when she shows up. Can you mitigate this and massively facilitate this decision-making process for her? Of course, and part of doing that is by being casual about the actual planned date. Give her some breathing room or else she probably won’t show up, and flake last minute.
      4. Pro-tip: When she doesn’t respond the way you like, you press the matter correctly. You don’t whine or say things like, “Hello?” or “So what do you think?” You make playfully negative assumptions about her reasons for not doing so. This is fun and playful, and shows her that you’re a high value man that values your own time and expects and feels entitled to a positive reciprocal reaction from her. Women recognize this kind of behavior as the mark of a sexworthy male.


  3. Manage her Misgivings
      1. A woman’s objections to sex are real. You must respect the alternate reality women live in when it comes to sex, and gratifying her own sexual nature. She’s got a lot more than you to be worried about. (Unless you’re a woman too. ;p)At the very least you must communicate to her that you’re part of the secret society of men that do not judge her in fact welcomes her sexual side.
      2. Most women will voice some sort of objection or make some sort of attempt at “plausible deniability”. Be cool with it, respect her need for this. In my above example I do a top notch job of allaying her fears and removing all expectations from her.


The Date

She showed up the next night and we were having sex within a couple hours. I introduced some role playing and sexual dialogue that got her riled up and she came very hard. Sex talk is incredibly important for giving a woman the kind of sexual experience that not only blows her mind, but makes her feel good about her decision to have sex with you, keeps her coming back for more, and introduces you both to the amazing emotional, physical and spiritual pleasure sex has to offer. Most men never get in touch with this, but most women know of it, and are constantly searching for it. In fact this is one of the prime motivators for a woman cheating in a relationship. So make sure you learn how to become a masterful lover yourself. Go Here to learn how YOU can become a masterful lover.

Does the above techniques describe a “fast” seduction that could be considered offensive to certain religious and traditional institutions? Yes it’s extremely quick, and most likely will be quite overwhelming for a woman, BUT, that is the nature of romance in a woman’s mind. Ever heard the expression of a woman wanting to be “swept up off her feet”? It’s one of the governing maxims of romance. Don’t be afraid to walk that edge. Fight mediocrity. Be the kind of exciting thrilling man a woman is looking for.

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