By Manwhore
February 5, 2012

You’re like.. sleeping beauty. I’ll be Prince Charming.

-If I.. find the time I’ll come rescue you.
-I’d beat that dragon’s ass easy.
-I’d make it up to the top of the castle where you were sleeping.. and there you’d lay- with bedhead. Grab her around the shoulders in a kind of hug and throw/tilt her head/shoulders slightly back- like Gone with the Wind. Simulates sleeping beauty- also an extremely powerful roleplay for a girl- simulating her under your man spell. Even if she doesn’t want to lean back- you can still act like she did

-And then the final test.. Guitar Hero- playing on PS2.. (pause) wow. And then I’d realize.. the final test was to see if sleeping beauty- you.. could keep me from beating Guitar Hero..

(pause) Hell no (slightly backturn and pretend to jam out on Guitar Hero)

I’ll be King Kong- you be that girl I carry off
-why do they act like I kidnapped you? I’d trade you for bananas in a second.
-Dude.. that dance you did in the movie? Well I actually thought you looked kinda retarded.. but I didn’t want to hurt your feelings so I didn’t say anything.

-Wait.. hold out your arms. (put your arms around her and lift her up- shake her up ‘n down gently a couple times) Alright- just had to make sure this was doable.

Bank robber- and you’ll be the sexy FBI agent. I rob banks.. and you’re the agent that’s just obsessed about catching me. You come close but you just can never. quite. get me.

-And then I’d actually sneak up on you and grab your gun and put you in handcuffs.

-Ever been put in handcuffs..? I’m sorry (give her a hug) but I have to put you in handcuffs now. Lead her somewhere really close- put her wrists together in front of her then calmly and very shallowly do a search on her pockets. Make up stories about the shit you find in them

(After checking her pockets you can change it so she is the robber. She might say- well I thought you were the robber? You say calmly and matter-of-factly- “No you are now.” End of story. It’ll build even more attraction that you’re just completely changing the script like that right in the middle. Plus you could even make a joke out of how you tricked her into being captured.
Important Note: There is a way of “changing things” or making a decision- that does not get challenged. No doubt, no room for challenge. One reason because there is no hint of ego attached, another because you are doing it so matter-of-factly she just assumes you’re the kind of dude who makes decisions.
Another Note: A girl needs to know that when she’s engaged with you- it’s a fragile thing. She needs to let you do what you’re doing- to continue the fun- and not interfere. There is a way of grabbing a girl- in this case her wrists.. and communicating to her that it’s up to her to continue the fun- you won’t care if she pulls her wrists free- but it’ll be pulling the plug on the fun.)

College professor- one of my students(that tone of voice) You’d ask me for a better grade- you’d say “I’ll do anything..” Anything..? Well then how ’bout you.. “study!”

Jason Statham and the Asian girl from The Transporter
Ok look. I’m Jason Statham- the Transporter.. you’re that asian girl. I put tape over your mouth and throw you in my trunk. Uhhp no! You have tape on your mouth no talking.
(Came up w/ this one the other night- transported my way into her mouth)

I’m Dirk Diggler- you’re my pornstar girlfriend. We met while.. “working” (hump her leg)

But hey just so you know.. I cheated on you.. with all your coworkers! Don’t be mad.. it’s my “JOB!”

I know last week I was late for our romantic date together.. you thought I was working huh.. Actually the strangest thing happened.. I was walking out the door and tripped on my dick. Fell and hit my head.

Post up, lean back slightly with one leg bent to the side.. and rest your beer on your dick. Through your jeans dumbass. I had half a stick when I pulled this off the first time- obviously blamed the girl for it. Her and her friends LOVED it. I tried it later without a stiff one and it still worked. This one’s getting the patent, but for the time being y’all can use it. You don’t even need a storyline- just stand in the middle of the bar/club ‘n do it.

I’m a lady-killer.. you’re the CSI investigator in charge of the investigation to catch me. You go snooping through my underwear. You take some with you- you tell everybody it’s for evidence. But I know you actually sleep with them at night.

(Push her or trip her so she stumbles) Wow.. you’re like.. one of those ‘lil baby giraffes.. that walks around like it’s retarded. (Simulate drunken baby walk)

UPS guy show up to deliver my “package”– yer like.. the naughty little housewife who opens the door in her lingerie. But look at all these other girls. They look way more ready to play with my package. (Point out girls wearing more revealing clothing) Well can you cook? (Pretend to fire her, pull in other girls, just be high energy- the reactions from the first girl will draw others in) What are your muffins like? Can I use your bathroom

Be the PRIZE at all times. Proactively communicate this..

You are hard to get. You are difficult and impossible to predict.

You give people a hard time, all in fun, no matter who they are.

Except me. I am the Cockhammer

Your language should be somewhat broken. Obviously you can’t be spitting these at a girl like you’re reading a script. Each new “point” you add should be like like “oh shit I just thought of..”

Come up with new stuff on the fly.. make these something fun and unique you do with her. Push/pull, touch are key.

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