Rep. Murkowski’s “Alaska’s Highway” Portion of Dem “Bipartisan” Infrastructure Bill More Likely To Help Russian & Chinese Forces Invading North America Than Alaska’s Industries

By The Wizard Mandragora
August 2, 2021

America would literally be creating the corridors for its own invasion with an “Alaska Highway” system. Real highway infrastructure is created internally, to service growing revenue streams, not decided from a top down perspective like this.

This highway system would in fact more easily enable Chinese and Russian forces to invade North America, their entryway being into loosely populated Alaska, and then liberal defenseless Canada.

I’m curious if Rep. Murkowski request this or did they just offer it to her for her support of the bill? This is clearly fruit of the poisoned tree.

This “bipartisan” infrastructure bill seems to operate in reverse of China’s “BRI”. Rather than tax other countries to allow China to build their infrastructure, the Democrats want to tax Americans to create infrastructure that will help America’s enemies pillage it.

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