Refusal to Hand Over Documents to House Speaker & House Judiciary Committee Defines FBI as Mercenary Agency Operating for DNC

By The Wizard Mandragora
May 23, 2023

This is THE battle for the Republic right here. Is the FBI a rogue mercenary army that operates at the whim of the DNC, or is this the United States of America?

An organization operating outside the bounds of Congress, using purported “investigative powers”, is operating outside the bounds of the law. The FBI creating the legal precedent to be regarded as criminals is certainly not good for the image of the FBI.

This is the Speaker of the House and the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee demanding these documents. There is no higher legal authority. The FBI does NOT work for Joe Biden.

Who cares what’s in the report.. it’s ONE report. It’s ONE witness. What is the big deal? Surely they don’t think this is going to sink Biden? But the fact the FBI thinks they can deny the Speaker of the House and the chairmen of the House Judiciary Committee these documents is absolutely brazenly against the law. It violates the system of checks and balances that governs the three branches of the United States government.

The argument that they have to protect a witness from Congress is quite absurd. And it certainly doesn’t work both ways. The FBI has leaked everything the last several years in favor of the DNC’s political aspirations. Yet now the FBI wants to deny the House Speaker for purposes of protecting a witness.. against his/her/their own report. Yet now this witness has reportedly gone missing. Does this sound ominous to anyone? The FBI knows the identity of this whistleblower but nobody else does and now they’re missing? And they refuse to hand over the documentation of it.

Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan are certainly more trustworthy than the FBI. They can provide their own redacted version of this report. But the FBI is certainly not the one to make these decisions contrary to purview by Congress.

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