Public Skeptic Enemy #1: Autism & The Gatekeepers of “Equity”, The Population Sanitizers (FBI) vs. The Cartels, UFOs & Fake Scientists, Trump vs. The Lawfare Hacking of U.S. Legal System

By Manwhore
August 19, 2023

Just to reiterate..

Every symptom of is the result of a lack of proper reflexes that typically get initiated at birth. It’s as simple as that.

The entire spectrum and array of symptoms of result from a lack of reflexes that control instinctive physiological response to the external environment, as well as the body’s own internal environment. All the bodily processes and functions the baby doesn’t use in the womb, such as eating, digestion, use of its own airways, and vision, must be initiated after birth.

There are three main areas of dysfunction in autism: 1) lack of visual/auditory sensory integration 2) lack of proper motor development 3) lack of proper digestive and immune function. These are ALL controlled by reflexes, which normally are triggered and innervated at birth, or shortly after. However in autistic children this does not happen because “modern” hospital birthing policies have introduced a “helicopter mom” ideology that has resulted in a severe neurological sensory deficit disorder being inflicted on those infants at risk of developing the condition without adequate stimulus.

The postnatal innervation of the “auditory pathway” along with the innervation of “reflex arcs” are responsible for proper sensory motor development. Reflexive sensory motor function is responsible for visual/auditory sensory integration, mobility, and proper immune and digestive function. Without this, results.

Our sense of hearing is the only sense we’re born with capable of creating a physical analog feedback loop upon which to base sensory integration with the external environment. Our sense of hearing is bottom-up; instinctual. Vision is a top-down cognitive process. Infants are not born with developed vision, reflexes are what allow an infant to develop proper visual acuity. The vestibulo-ocular reflex moves the eyes instinctively in response to head movement. This compensatory movement is based on feedback from membranes in the inner ear, the utricle and saccule. These inner ear membranes are physical biological analog sensors that get innervated postnatally with the commencement of the full maturation of the auditory pathway after birth. The auditory pathway travels from the ear drum and inner ear, through the vestibulo-cochlear nerve, and ends in the tonotopic organization of the auditory cortex. The migration of rods and cones in the fovea of the eye, based on compensation for head movement, is what is responsible for depth perception, color perception, night vision, etc. But this doesn’t happen without proper reflexive sensory motor function. Autists, even high-functioning, have lifelong visual sensory difficulties.

Reflexes also control the digestive tract and the immune system. Our digestive tract is lined with involuntary smooth muscle, which is controlled by reflex arcs. Reflex arcs are neural pathways that synapse at the spine for faster-than-thought, instinctive processing.

The video below is the webinar I put together featuring my work for RFK Jr.’s organization Children’s Health Defense:

It’s highly consolidated, only 32 minutes long, and will give viewers a better understanding of the of and its symptoms than most doctors have.

What I described above is the “original” description of the condition from birth. There is also “regressive autism” which occurs in otherwise normally developing children. These children all of a sudden succumb to a neurodegenerative disorder which results in autism. This is ALSO the result of “helicopter mom” ideology.

So assuming this is correct (it is).. why hasn’t this hit the mainstream media? Why hasn’t my work been made public? This is a MASSIVE public development. So why isn’t it mainstream news?

I’ve contacted just about everyone. Plenty have responded. I’ve received major consensus from most doctors, biologists, midwives, scientists, even technologists that I’ve contacted. The problem?

All the gatekeepers, ALL of them, are in on the cover-up.

NIH- referred me to department heads for research grants. I received no response back from any of them, including the NIH.

I will include the documentation regarding the rest of my communications with these medical gatekeepers:

Dr. Volkmar, one of the main gatekeepers of the industry having authored the main textbook on the topic, is clearly being dishonest here (check the dates).


Dr. Drew’s (Loveline) production manager Kaleb all of a sudden goes radio silent.


Click Here For More Info

Mr. Tucker the editor of the Brownstone organization, typically fond of criticizing President Trump, displays a clear lack of integrity in dealing with a similar issue.

And here’s one of the worst:

Not only does RFK Jr.’s organization deny the interview we recorded for them, they also FIRED the famous and respected and ADMIRABLE doctor that recorded the interview with me featuring my work for their organization:


Just to reiterate, again.. nociception, e.g. physical stimulus, is REQUIRED for proper sensory motor development. Does any “little birdy” want to let RFK Jr. know what his “organization” is up to? It would be very helpful.

And last but not least, I recently wrote a new article for a medical organization run by a rather famous doctor who is now being buttered up with speaking engagements to make up for the fact they attempted to expose me to illicit lawfare attempts while stringing me along for months before denying my article that they acquisitioned me to write for them. And they clearly are in league with Google.

Google seems bent on trying to expose me to more fake lawfare, rather than doing the right thing. I will now disabuse (such a great word) them of this idea by exposing what they’ve been up to.

Google removed pertinent biometric data regarding the nature of the “Covid-19 virus” within weeks of the appearance of Covid-19. POOF. Gone. I’d seen dozens of examples of this physical data, and all of a sudden it all disappeared off the internet. GONE. I didn’t know why till some time later when this same data got “reintroduced” as biological “AI”.

In other words the global “medical industry” was attempting to introduce an “AI” driven variant of Covid-19.

Think they wouldn’t? Oh you damn well better believe they would. Or at least attempt it. And they thought society would be dumb enough to accept their fake science.

So what was this biometric data they erased? And/or what did it entail?

The biometric data they erased off the internet displayed the normal spread of coronaviruses in a normal replicative environment. Bacteria and viruses assume a typical “c-shape”, or a “mouth”, when successfully invading an environment. Because.. DUH.. this is the only geometric shape capable of survival in an otherwise hostile environment. You can look at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in its beginning stages for more confirmation.

Here’s more proof of their “scientific” intrigue, published when they thought their trick hadn’t been discovered:

Equity and Autism:

Unfortunately since the online publication of my work, the global medical industry has managed to use my work to spread their “wares” in the name of “equity”. I have long defended our beloved newly arrived, yet they come after me like you would not believe, while the medical industry preys on their children.


To be continued..

Because I have to go watch UFC 292.

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