Ongoing Smear Campaign Against My Work & Site Designed to Conceal NY & CA’s Culpability In Massive Crimes Against Humanity

By Manwhore
July 13, 2021

I’ve figured out the reasoning behind attempts to hack the forum and site and embed false content. They’re attempting to create the basis for a smear campaign. Otherwise any slander counts as industrial espionage, which is highly illegal, as these lies run completely contrary to the nature of my business and integrity of my training program. But if they can embed this content they hope to be able to make the same false and completely slanderous statements in whatever “media” campaign they create to counter my work in neurological deficit disorders (autism), and neural chemistry work exposing the dangers of “medication” containing benzene and chlorobenzene rings which numb and hinder proper cognitive function.

– I published on organochlorides as a possible treatment for Covid-19 before Google and Musk came out with the possibility of using hydroxychloroquine, an organochloride.

– I published on the “clotting factor” associated with Covid-19 and the dangers this created in blocking normal lung and renal function before anyone else. Google removed the data and information I used to make that initial assessment. To me this is clearly grounds to view Google as a utility. No company should be able to control crucial data like that.

– I identified the role liberal “progressive” hospitals had in forcing neurological sensory deficit disorders like on newborn babies, removing the post-birth stimulus that ensured the healthy and proper postnatal innervation of the auditory pathway, and the cardinal orientation of endogenous reflexive processes, such as peristalsis and sphincter control, to synapse at the spine.

– I published on the root cause of the increased susceptibility of black Americans to the effects of Covid-19, namely that the greater amount of melanin in their skin lessens the burning of brown adipose tissue in the lungs in response to sunlight and vitamin D, e.g. the BAT immuno-metabolic response.

– A couple months before the US government declassified the UFO footage from 2004, I reported that some of the objects were a form of “carbonation”. In so doing I provided the USG plausible deniability, namely that there would be no “alien scare” as they could be casually dismissed as “carbonation”, without revealing too much of the actual nature of these objects.

Instead of any recognition for my work, or more online traffic to support my business, my site has essentially been shut down, going from 50,000+ visitors a month to just a trickle. I have had numerous agents, “fake students” enter my training program and attempt to entrap me in bullshit illicit and unethical activities. These efforts are purely amateur, but incessant.

They have tried to run down the list of torts, attempting to engage me in criminal or unethical activity (which I immediately call them out on), amid numerous attempts to embed content on the forum that would certainly encourage scrutiny. The latest have been attempts of agents/fake students to create situations involving negligence, where these “students” attempt to commit self-harm, or potentially harm others, and blame me for it.

I have attempted to spread the word as best I could. When I first contacted the FBI office in person, another individual also claimed to want to file a report, claiming he thought he was being investigated and was being followed around. I told the personnel working the front office that this was most likely an attempt to deter me from getting in contact with the FBI (even though I’d already previously been in contact with the FBI, DHS and USASF). This is how blatant and widespread this effort has been. I don’t think the FBI were involved or had any knowledge of my situation at this point. But the FBI agent I personally spoke with later contradicted his earlier assertions, going from asking me about my military history to telling me I should NOT include details of my military or academic background in my report. These were clear attempts to pigeonhole my accounts and remove any “unwanted evidence”.

Also, it would appear I’m currently being blocked from contacting either local or national Army IG offices. My IG submissions aren’t going through and my phone calls to IG offices are being directed to foreign-language messages.

I did some solid work in the Army, but I also witnessed major corruption and abuse, even abuse of children. However my efforts to set the record straight have been rebuffed. Mainly because the socialists and elitists in the Army actually DO want to abuse children. They want to indoctrinate them into giving up their country and their sovereignty. So someone reporting crimes against children simply does not interest them. Instead there have been repeated efforts to embroil me in staged scenarios designed to entrap me and detract from my work. Military servicemembers have been involved.

However I don’t think the Army or national security agencies are at the root cause of these efforts. I think these are “false flag” campaigns, with few actual actors, attempting to sow distrust in Americans and prevent them from contacting the authorities to aid them. I strongly suspect Tucker Carlson’s recent claims of NSA spying on his communications are a similar “false flag” operation. Democrats hope to recruit Tucker Carlson and others to aid in their efforts to shield journalists from government oversight to conceal THEIR crimes of spying on their fellow legislators, and using their media henchmen to go about it.

I know at first the FBI agent I spoke with had honest intentions.

I also still trust the U.S. Army to do the right thing. The officers involved in past transgressions represent a very small portion, and conducted themselves in ways that are not becoming of the U.S. Army.

There have been multiple attempts by denizens of the state of New York to entrap me in unethical or even potentially illegal situations, all to slander my work while covering for their own complete lack of ethics or morals.

One such effort was by a stem cell scientist from Manhattan.

All of these efforts by the state of New York to entrap me, as well as their efforts to imperil Republicans and their allies, come from their desire to cover their asses for their involvement in horrible crimes having to do with the sale of aborted babies. Recent indictments of NY midwives and pediatricians follow the same vein. They want to control the children. The recent DNC legislation that greatly expands the practice and ease of attaining an abortion is directly connected. My work has partially stimied their efforts as they had attempted to use as a means of creating the need for “stem cell research”, which is actually a cover for the sale of aborted babies.. which are not at all being used for science.

The poultry industry in California is worth $1 billion annually. I am sure a human baby fetches a heftier price than a chicken.

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