My Work in Pediatric Neuroscience IS the Case SCOTUS Clarence Thomas has Requested to Challenge Big Tech’s “Section 230 Immunity”

By Manwhore
April 9, 2022


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has called for an appropriate case to challenge and rectify the Section 230 immunity that “big tech”, the mainstream media and political interests exploit to censor traditional science and conservative viewpoints while forcing their corrupt and highly politicized medical and legislative policies on U.S. citizenry.

My recent work in biochemistry and pediatric neuroscience is that case.

I’m a neurocognitive scientist from the University of California, San Diego, and an ex-military officer (US Armor). In 2019 I published very sensitive work on pediatric neurological sensory deficit disorders that made me a massive target of medical and legal shills, foreign agents, and the subject of a nonstop, ongoing smear campaign through the present day. This was supplemented by a large online effort on the part of big tech and social media to suppress exposure to online publications of my work.

I’ll explain everything here.

Beginning in the mid-90s, liberal “progressive” hospitals stopped the practice of paddling babies’ bottoms at birth, thus inducing their cry. This was an age-old practice, from before recorded history. It’s even spoken of in the Bible. In fact if you ask anyone past their 50’s if they’re aware that they stopped this practice at hospitals, they will be shocked. Yet somehow without any thought as to the potential ramifications, this practice was aborted.

Except the removal of this practice at birth has had disastrous consequences for children around the world. Everywhere from Japan and South Korea, to liberal-controlled enclaves in America such as San Francisco, NYU, LA, Portland and Seattle, have experienced a large spike in neurological sensory deficit disorders in infants and young children over the last couple decades.

In 2019 I published the specific behind these neurological sensory disorders.

The Neural & Biological Mechanics of Neurological Sensory Deficit Disorders
While a baby is in the womb it doesn’t use its own airways or process food on its own, or need to respond to the external world in any way. HOWEVER, once it leaves the womb it must receive an adequate enough stimulus to alert it that it’s passed into the outside environment and must begin functionally processing and physically interacting with the the external world on its own. Most importantly it must learn to respond reflexively to the outside world, or it will never survive on its own. Reacting instinctively to something hot, such as a young child immediately pulling its hand back from a hot stove, or reacting properly to the sensation of falling, physical touch, sharp objects, even responding to its own mother, are part of a reflexive mechanism that must be initiated AFTER leaving the womb.

There are internal processes that follow this same biological mechanism. The endogenous bodily processes of the digestive tract such as peristalsis, sphincter control, oxygen transport, etc., are smooth muscle based, e.g. they are involuntary processes. This is in contrast to skeletal (striated) muscles, which are voluntary. In other words these internal bodily processes take place BELOW the level of consciousness, they are REFLEXIVE. Just as when you reflexively remove your hand from a hot stove without thinking about it, these processes happen involuntarily, without conscious thought or control.

And what is the baseline functional process behind this? All these processes (including the hot stove response) synapse at the SPINE for reflexive response, rather than just percolating up to the brain with the millions/billions of other stimuli received by our central and peripheral sensory nervous systems.

And why is this important to the overarching discussion? Paddling the baby’s bottom upon birth IS the stimulus that initiates the “reflex arc” for all of these internal bodily processes to synapse at the spine for proper involuntary functionality. It is what forces a baby’s reflexive response to the external environment.

That’s the first neurological root cause of sensory deficit disorders. The second root cause I’ll explain below:

The Baseline Physics of Human Sensory Integration with the External Environment
Science and medicine have never answered one of the fundamental questions of human/intelligent existence. What is the baseline physics of human sensory integration with the external environment? How does it begin to learn about its environment from absolute zero upon birth? We know it’s not vision, animals (along with humans) aren’t born with a developed sense of vision. And besides.. and this has huge implications.. our sense of vision could never provide for an actual physical feedback loop with the external environment that we could actually learn from in repetitive, predictable fashion. So what does..?

Our sense of hearing, and our ability to vocalize.

This is the fundamental feedback loop of sensory integration with the external environment that we are born with. It’s the only one. We are able to put out an audible vocalization, and our sense of hearing picks up the effects of sound waves being interfered with by the external environment. This is the baseline physics of human sensory integration. It’s the exact same physics as radar. This audible ranging sensory apparatus is also the same as what bats use to pick out prey in the dark while they’re flying around basically blind.

But in the case of humans, once we’ve learned to encode the physical environment in tonotopic fashion through our sense of hearing, our vision takes over, based ON hearing, and assumes biological precedence over everything else. But.. our sense of hearing and ability to vocalize is the ONLY apparatus we’re born with capable of creating an actual physical feedback loop with the external environment.

For a human baby, or ANY organism, to learn about its external environment, and thus be able to PREDICT it, there must be a physical feedback loop, something analog-based, a physical output and input, that can be measured in predictive and repetitive fashion so as to serve as the baseline for learning about the external environment from… nothing. From the state of absolute postnatal zero.

However, not only is this a logical, physics-based explanation for sensory integration with the external environment, there is of course an intricate biological apparatus built upon it as well. The same stimulus that jump starts the reflex arc for smooth muscle processes to synapse at the spine for below conscious functional responsiveness, also signals the postnatal innervation of the auditory pathway, through the vestibulocochlear nerve, for the auditory pathway to connect to the brain and function properly. This of course makes sense as the baby doesn’t need to be using its ears in the womb, but must do so after birth. There are also mechanisms in the inner ear, namely the saccule and utricle, that are innervated during this process, that provide for the sensation of head movement/acceleration. There are also mechanoreceptors in the skin and muscles of the limbs, very similar to the saccule and utricle of the inner ear, that are synced to this same cardinal orientation of human sensory integration. The “moro reflex”, a common infantile movement where the baby arches its back while rigidly flailing out its limbs as it wails, provides for the synchronization of the mechanisms of the inner ear with those in the baby’s limbs to create our sense of proprioception, e.g. the physical, spatial sensation of our own body and limbs and movement through space. It’s all linked.

So.. babies that miss this initial stimulus, fail to innervate their auditory pathway, fail to jump start the reflex arc (at least sufficiently), experience a forced neurological sensory deficit disorder.

These babies:

– fail the “head-tilting” test (because the saccule and utricle aren’t innervated, and thus have no sensation of head movement) and simply fall over when tilted instead of catching themselves like normal babies.

– are chronically constipated and extremely fickle eaters (because the endogenous bodily processes of the digestive tract such as peristalsis and sphincter control don’t synapse at the spine for proper reflexive functionality.)

– have strongly debilitated sensory functionality.

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– develop strong communicative, intellectual, and mental disabilities.

– typically have hearing and speech disorders.

– are prone to self-injury and strong outbursts.

– essentially develop mentally through a slow waking state through infancy and early childhood.

In other words they are on a “spectrum” depending upon the severity of their symptoms. And the severity of these symptoms is based on how severe their particular insufficiency of sensory integration is.

You may have guessed already what this is all pointing to. I’ve uncovered the of autism.. while establishing the baseline physics of human sensory integration with the external environment.

And what’s the stimulus, or lack of, I’m referring to? Beginning back in the mid-90s “progressive” hospitals stopped paddling babies’ bottoms at birth to induce their cry, instead opting to gently remove the mucus from their lungs using suction. This was a practice that had been around since before recorded history. Yet it was stopped without any thought as to the consequences. It was completely and unforgivably irresponsible, and has had disastrous consequences.

It all fits.. the timeline, the locales, the symptoms, the logic, the biology and the physics.

I published my work back in 2019, started communicating with doctors and scientists, even attempted to show up at my alma mater.. but I have experienced a ridiculous amount of resistance from the established American medical industry. They don’t want the autism condition being solved. It’s a $117 BILLION dollar a year industry, just in America alone. And they certainly don’t want to have to face the repercussions of their negligence.

Since publishing my work I’ve had multiple medical and legal shills and even foreign agents enter my business masquerading as clients before attempting to legally entrap me and embroil me in illicit, unethical and even sometimes criminal scenarios. I even had a couple American military service members give it a go. I’ve faced a nonstop smear campaign to paint me as a deviant or criminal. There are also dirty cops involved that have repeatedly attempted to stage a violent scenario they could arrest me for. None of it has worked, but these efforts continue. Yet there’s one thing these people and these efforts are afraid of and recoil from. And that’s legal repercussions. This whole thing is being run by “legal professionals”.. from around the world. I’ve faced legal shills from China, France, Germany, Mexico, the UK, and even New Zealand.

It’s very obvious there is an upcoming legal war that will have long-term historical ramifications for medicine, science, big tech, the United States, and the world. And my work in and neurological sensory deficit disorders will play a major role. This is a very unique opportunity, one that must not be passed up. It is imperative that the proper legal operatives be handed this case to make the arrangements for a showing before the Supreme Court of the United States.

I will be passing this to multiple select sources for consideration. Thank you

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