More Transnational Industrial Espionage of My Site & Training Program, This Time by Yahoo

By Manwhore
November 25, 2021

I recently paid to have an old email list scrubbed to ensure emails were current. I then paid a pretty decent sum of money to send email campaigns to the cleaned email addresses.

My email marketing service provider then notified me that my campaigns were experiencing a high hard bounce rate. Out of about 30k emails, 3,000 “hard bounced”. This resulted in my deliverability being majorly reduced and all subsequent email campaign have since then been sunk. My emails are getting sent to spam from a brand new email campaign service provider and ALL of my subsequent email campaigns now have low deliverability and engagement rate, going from over a 10% engagement rate initially to now all less than 1%. Yet those emails were supposed to be scrubbed, cleaned and deliverable.

So I contacted the service provider that had scrubbed the emails as this should never have happened. And, as expected.. those emails are valid. Their reply very clearly outlined the issue:

“Over 95% of the addresses are Yahoo addresses. We ran tests multiple times over here and from what I can see they appear to be valid”

Three THOUSAND emails.. 95% Yahoo. That is industrial sabotage.

And that’s all it took. My campaign emails all go to spam now. My open rate for all following email campaigns is less than 1%. For 30 thousand emails. Because of Yahoo’s sabotage.

This all just happened in the last two weeks.

I’m assuming this is a result of China’s influence over Yahoo which myself and others had recently pointed out, but hadn’t gone into the specifics of. Yahoo was flooding the internet with marketing campaigns advertising the “$10 billion a year global Chinese tourism industry” during the weeks leading RIGHT UP to the Covid-19 outbreak. And with ads that were very misleading. Businesses have reported an influx of Chinese influence/branding campaigns, with a lack of actual Chinese tourism or participation. This is how operates. Suck the resources out of their populace while building “brand awareness”. Even at the time the ads were highly suspicious as I’d become acutely aware of Chinese ops going down in the U.S. since I’d been a target of them for some time. But then the outbreak struck and China’s role in spreading the disease came to light. Yahoo clearly played a role, and it seems they’re still being used to go after China’s political opponents. There are other online shenanigans Yahoo has been up to that I won’t go into right now.

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