Manwhore interviews Sasha Daygame!

By Manwhore
December 2, 2011

This video interview is back from when Sasha Daygame went to visit Manwhore at his Manhattan apartment in the downtown financial district of New York City. Manwhore was hired by a firm on Wall Street¬†to revamp their online marketing campaigns. The apartment was small and quite dinky but cost $5000 a month! Good thing the company was paying for it ūüėČ

On a side note this is just another great example of the potential the “pu community” has in changing lives. Around 2007 Manwhore made¬†friends on old pickup forums who ended up¬†teaching him coding (html, css) and the fundamentals of web development. After a couple years he was financially independent and working for himself! The pickup community has the potential¬†be one of the most transformative influences a man¬†can have in life.

On to the video!
1) Sasha Daygame and Manwhore start off with a surprise game of “gay chicken” with a clear winner decided upon! (Manwhore is not gay in the slightest, Sasha is clearly “Undecided” lol)

2) The topic of “shamelessness” in game is discussed and it’s potential to be an immediate and powerful improvement on¬†your game. (Hint: This is one of Manwhore’s most powerful¬†“mindsets” when cold-approaching)

3) Manwhore and Sasha Daygame break down day game to it’s basic fundamentals, including how to do kino correctly during the day, how to approach naturally, and how to get a phone number and go on a date with a girl.

4) Manwhore and Sasha explain one of the major issues guys in the “pu community” face today. The internet is flooded with sleazy copycat marketers attempting to cash in on naive guys looking for “dating advice for men” on Google. Manwhore and Sasha break down how to spot the differences between sleazy marketers who attempt to sell “pickup” products online, versus REAL coaches that have done¬†cold-approach for years and continue to do it in their daily lives.

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