Manhattan DA’s “Legalist” Attack Against President Trump is Attempt to Mimic CCP’s Control Over Chinese Companies

By The Wizard Mandragora
August 22, 2020

This is the mechanism by which all Chinese companies are subservient to the Chinese Communist Party. Legal control over finances.

In communist countries like China, the “government” is above the law, they can create crimes and investigate and prosecute anyone they want, and based on this they take and control whoever and whatever they want.

Not even during European feudal times was governmental control so complete over the populace and means of production.

Socialist interpretations of the law used to prosecute citizens, including the POTUS, are communist subversions of the American Constitution, they undermine the very point of who and what America and democracy are.

“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”
– Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria
Stalin’s chief of Soviet secret police, NKVD

This is what Cy Vance, Manhattan DA, is attempting to do with his blatant encroachment of the U.S. Constitution in making the purely legalist case that he should be able to arbitrarily decide he can access the President’s financial records, for no reason at all except that there is an investigation with “enough scope” to justify it. When all is said and done this means anyone, any prosecutor, can attack the President.

This is not just a “Et tu, Brute?” moment for a single U.S. president, this is an attack on the very structure of the U.S. government.

It is complete sabotage of the United States to allow a local prosecutor to snoop into the President’s records without just cause, without due process, without clear and present evidence of a crime. This would well serve to start the process of bleeding the executive office and begin a feeding frenzy of little legal piranhas attacking the executive branch of the United States government. This is purely an attempt at overthrowing the United States.

Past hush money payments to a pornstar do not fit the bill or check some arbitrary box as grounds to pursue further investigations. Clearly that entire debacle has already provided as much fodder and damage as it could. It served its purpose, it hurt the President’s family. And that story is now closed. It does not create grounds to continue to go after someone. Especially the President of the United States.

Will this DA find fine legal print that speaks to a claim the POTUS advertised and attempted to fulfill in a prior business venture, yet didn’t quite hit the mark in particular cases, and use this as grounds to slap on the seemingly catch-all “one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud” charge? It looks like they’ve managed to secure a rather universal definition of crime lately.

The FBI was forced to use financial records as a means of taking down mafia gangsters in the 80’s and 90’s. Now it seems this same legal apparatus is being used to “justify” going after any political figure they want.

All of these legalist attacks against the POTUS were started by the machinations of James Comey, a lawyer who became the Director of the FBI. This was a man cursed with weak arches in his feet, fated never to be athletic, and more importantly, fated never to actually be physically capable of becoming an FBI agent. In Comey’s book “A Higher Loyalty” he waxes poetic about the violence of the Italian mafia’s code, La Costa Nostra, claiming President Trump’s requests for loyalty were reminiscent of such. Yet Comey blindly followed a president who handed the keys to our national security over to China for years. In fact the first thing James Comey introduces his readers to in his autobiography are his attempts to undermine the mission and capabilities of the CIA. Clearly Comey was a massively disruptive force within our national security agencies. And this “lawyer-in-chief” of the FBI spawned multiple abuses of legal authority to carry out a circus show of an investigation against the POTUS on the grounds of collusion with Russia, based on evidence that had been assembled and paid for by the Clinton foundation.

George W. Bush was lambasted constantly for using allegedly false grounds, “WMD’s”, to shift American forces from Afghanistan into invading Iraq as well. Yet even George Bush had Saddam Hussein’s entire history of crimes against his own people, as well as years of disobeying direct U.N. orders to allow inspectors into his country, satisfying the directives of the original peace agreement that ended the Persian Gulf War and put a stop to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. But this Manhattan DA wants to attack the President of the United States of America with.. nothing. Just a desire to see his records based on the idea he may have an investigation with a wide enough ranging “scope”.

This is clearly what it means to defend the Constitution of the United States from its enemies, both foreign and domestic. Cy Vance Jr. is a domestic terror threat against the United States of America.

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