Laid.. Threesome with Web-cam Girls

By Manwhore
May 13, 2008

So I hung out with two girls in their hotel room a couple of Saturdays ago- I’d known one already, had a lot of hot sex with her before, and she wanted me to drive up to see her before she moved to Florida to do amateur webcam porn. She’ll be the third girl I lose to this shit.. gawdamn.

Anyways I walk in and her friend is passed out on the bed, we try to wake her and she wines and goes back to sleep. So I have her give me a hot sloppy blowjob with the other girl sleeping on the bed. Mmm.. I took video. Hotness.

So we go get dinner..

If you have a strong frame, a girl will just act differently with you publicly. A girl might act like.. a girl- shy and reserved, when she’s feeling society’s eye on her, but if she’s with a guy with a strong enough frame she acts like a much more emotional creature- in this case she knew she was going to get fucked good and hard that night. I treated her like the dessert plate I’d be having after dinner- completely relaxed and uncaring about anything else- and she acted her part- a seductive little creature in a playfully submissive role. She was not like this at all the first time I met her..

Everybody’s watching us as we eat dinner. They like watching us- we’re acting quite a bit “freer” then other peops but also generating our own social proof by being so relaxed about being the center of attention. Entire families are just curiously watching us like we’re a movie.. But based on the value we were projecting and the cues they were taking from us- as flirtatious and touchy-feely as we were being with each other.. they came to accept that our behavior was how we should be acting.

Come back- friend wakes up- I introduce sexualness. “Hey just so you know I’m going to be having sex with her.. if you’re lucky you’ll be invited.” Then I tell her I had her suck me off while she was asleep. I tell her it was hot. She says.. “Yes that is hot.”

We go to store to get soda.. I smack other girl’s ass as she gets into my backseat- I make sure I do it very hard and loud so I project that I’m being public. I tell her if she’s lucky I’ll have sex with her too. She says “if I’m lucky..? ” I say, yes..

Girl is horny now..

We get back from the store and I want action. I grab Estefani and throw her down. Start nuzzling her. She says she loves an aggressive guy. I push her down onto the bed and snuggle her. Then I pick her up and set her on top of the other girl and nuzzle them both. I’m straddling them both and they’re both not going anywhere. They’re both giggling and having a great time. The first girl runs away and I chase her down and rip her pants off her. Then I do the same to the other girl. Then I rip the first girl’s shirt off her, then do the same to the other girl- and then her bra. Interesting point.. I know for a fact that if it had just been me and one of the girls.. I would have been arrested for rape. But since it was me and two girls they felt safer and what I did was seen as confident not as some rape-move.

At this point Estefani starts trying to throw a fit, she keeps whispering to me that she doesn’t want the other girl involved, that it’s just me and her. I’m basically starting to get into a silent argument with her as I wrestle them both around- this is getting ridiculous. So I grab her, throw her down on her back, climb on top of her face to face and tell her that she is my girl,


and the other girl- (looking at other girl) is only our playmate (plainly so all involved can hear). She relaxes, I lay back as she cockily motions to the other girl to come near as she grabs my cock and brings her face near. It always surprises me how alpha many of the girls I bang actually are- they’re so submissive around me.

I managed to grab one picture before my camera phone died..

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