LR: Saddle Ranch & SUV Romp w/ Alex Rsd

By Manwhore
January 9, 2012

Was out with Tyler and Alex Rsd a few weeks ago (of RSD Fame). We crashed “Winston’s” in Hollywood, 9s were everywhere.

I find myself talking to a super hottie asian who’s with her sister and other stunning friend. She’s noncommittal ‘cuz she’s just so fucking hot. In these situations be prepared to really lead the vibe gentlemen, especially when she’s doing nothing to help the situation, lol.

I walk off but then as we’re about to roll out to Saddle Ranch I see her on the dance floor. I roll up with nothing but pure desire:

Yo we’re rollin out soon but I gotta know. Can we just get married..?
Good. Ok but look, are we gonna start out slow and date, or are we gonna just gonna consummate it right now out back?
She looks at me. It’s not a question of will I lead or not, I always will; and I don’t need any reaction from her; I just keep talking.
And look, is this going to be hard and fast..? Or soft and slow. I mean usually I like hard and fast, but slow and steady is good too. You know, that firm but gentle touch.
We’re leaving in 5 minutes..
Oh! Well babe if it’s gonna be 5 minutes it’s going to have to be hard and fast. Let’s go (Grab her, start walking with her towards back)
I can’t leave my friends (We’re already walking away so I just spout some gibberish and keep walking)
What’s this.. door back here? (open door and we begin to walk outside, she’s excited and in that fresh girly zone where she knows she’s going to do some naughty stuff)

And all of a sudden a security guard SCREAMS at me “HEY!” I look back at him and scream HEY back. We stand eye to eye but he’s 6’5″ black as midnight and it doesn’t work right, lol. I tell him I was “exploring”, but he knows what’s up and crack’s a smile. I’m sure if we’d talked beforehand he wouldn’t have blocked so fucking hard. Dick!

Anyway the girl blows out and we roll to Saddle Ranch. Alex and I meet some sexy bitches inside then pull them to Mel’s Diner (the famous one from the book The Game). Below is the footage of meeting and pulling them from Saddle Ranch. As you can see Alex’s game is fucking on point. Lol

As we’re leaving Mel’s Diner a couple new guys show up and “my girl” starts talking to one of them. He’s a tall good looking suave dude and I can tell they’re a perfect match. I am definitely about to lose her to this guy. So I run some pretty crazy amog game, using her girlfriend to enact it, at which point SHE (Alex’s girl) drags her away from this guy! #WINNING. Talk about shitting on true love :p

After Mel’s we roll to Tyler’s place to drop off Alex but all of a sudden I can tell that my girly has gotten horny all of a sudden, so I pick her up, carry her out of the front seat into the backseat, then toss her over the backseat into the trunk of the suv and climb in after her. LOL. I slide her leggings down, throw on a condom and penetrate her, making the entire SUV shake while Alex molests his girl as she peels out right in front of Papa and we speed away a couple blocks. We all spend a couple more hours together and I bang her one more time in my car.

When Alex tells this story on bootcamp he explains that he wanted Tyler to know he had game and that’s why we pulled girls to Tyler’s front yard haha.

I still talk to both of these girls on Facebook five years later, though I haven’t banged “Annie” since *sniff* lol

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