“Drama Style” Texting Results in Italian Visitor Checking [✓] Vegas Sex Tour Off Her List

By The Wizard Mandragora
December 17, 2014

This is a rather interesting lay as it includes some pretty serious “drama game” action. Not like this “Julien” nonsense where you call a girl a dog and tell her to bark and think that’s “good game” lmao, but where emotions actually run high at some point during the interaction and you have to do some serious state management and frame control (hint: it’s not what you guys think..) to get the girl back on track to getting intimate and kinky with you ;). Usually this happens because the girl gets pissed off or angry at some point, or there are other such bad emotions involved. In this case the girl actually flipped out, was cussing like a sailor at one point and trying to put on a show of “panic”, and left my place in a cab even though I’d already offered her a ride back to the club. The reason? No reason at all, lol, she just went into berserker mode when we were two blocks from my house. Now back in the day both Jeffy and I would have told the guys, “Yo if a girl shows clear “crazy” signals.. you run, boy!”  But these days it’s simply par for the course and only makes dessert that much more delicious.. 😉

Now the text conversation with this girl (pasted below) is some pretty serious “lion tamer” tightrope-walking action, but I’ve got a few more I go into in the text book that are even crazier. And that’s important because this texting dynamic is actually much more common than most people realize, women flip out all the time, in any sort of environment, and for reasons of.. they just want to see what sort of reaction they will get, lol. It’s an evolutionary test, and there’s nothing that wrong with it except for the fact that today’s society is attempting to take this sort of thing seriously, OMFG. Here’s the truth.. women go nutso on dudes they don’t know because they feel very little accountability to random dudes, so just for FUN they’ll do it and if they need to, figure out some way to “logically” justify it later. Either by truisms, emotional projection (temper tantrums- which most guys are inherently afraid of) or other such logical fallacies. I’m not really even hating here, I’m simply pointing out a potential possibility you may (ABSOLUTELY) have to deal with at some point. Now to some guys this will represent a serious roller coaster of a ride, to some of us that have been around, it just means getting out the popcorn and the whip cream.. ‘cuz good things are bound to happen ;).

So yes, the ability to manage an all of a sudden pissed off girl is important, lmao. But not only are they just something you have to get used to, there’s also a hidden benefit.. these “high-strung” interactions, whether in person or through text, are so emotionally-driven that the probability of sex going down (if handled properly), is very high. It’s just the logical consequence of being able to manage girls’ intense emotions so effectively, there’s almost ALWAYS the possibility of a sexual outcome! One text interaction I go over in the book even got so crazy that when the dust settled and the girl had finally calmed down (I was pissed off too, lmao) she agreed to just get in my car and start blowing me first thing. I met her off Facebook, LOL!

Think.. “make-up sex” 😉

But anyway, that’s another story, this story starts out on a typical Monday night here in Vegas. I’m out with my buddy at Marquee nightclub where we end up running into Mike “SquattinCassanova” and Jared “Psych DatingCoach” while we’re standing around talking to biscuits (forthwith to be code for wiminz). I think I even showed up in SC’s video that night LOL. Anyway I remember we were running around doing our thing, and I realized I’d come out to the club in a sort of weird mood. I would have to make a definite shift in my attitude and headspace to actually make something happen with a girl that night. So I started analyzing what was happening internally and also gauging a few things from the environment and realized what internal shifts I needed to make. Once I got this sorted the subsequent behavioral shifts brought out the best in me for the night.

I start talking to a couple girls, and one in particular after messing with her a bit starts giving me the look like she’s ready to be sautee’d in sugar ‘n spice ‘n everything nice. I start making out with her, she’s a great kisser, then she sorta acts ADD and moves off casually and I start talking to a buddy. C’est la vie! I see her again about five minutes later and some new dude is talking to her. He looks like a taller, better-looking version of myself I shit you not. Maybe that’s why I didn’t immediately go in, or maybe I just didn’t want to hate if that’s what she was down for, or maybe I just assumed he would blow himself out ;). So for about half a minute I’m just sorta standing there with a buddy in their vicinity like a chode haha. Then I see this same dude lean in and sorta do this smooth move where he whispers in her ear then leans his head down and breaths against her neck and the top of her chest and I go “THIS motherfucker!” and I immediately walk up to them and just stand there, blankly. Haha. I don’t give a fuck but this dude better not be thinking he’s going to pull some smooth moves and take her from me without me doing anything about it! So she turns and looks at me with a straight up “Wtf are you doing here!” look, LOL! I just stand there nonchalantly then say something to her, but she can’t hear me over the noise so she gestures for me to repeat myself. I say it again but just as quiet. Because she’s curious, she steps towards me and cranes her head in to be able to hear me, I just say a couple things to her casually, about nothing in particular and that is enough time for this dude to just vanish. Poof, without a fight he leaves, and after a lengthy discussion with her (yes it was like herding cats) I get her to come home with me.

Two blocks from my house she flips the fuck out in the car for no reason, wants me to take her to her hotel immediately. I do my damn best to calm her down but she’s just on one, so I eventually just tell her she is acting absolute bat shit crazy and after I go upstairs to my place real quick I’ll come back down and take her home. She waits in my car and gets on her phone, I head upstairs and after a bit come down with my dog, who is a tiny little thing and 100% adorbs. But when I plop it down in her lap she freaks out about that too. She’s just acting shitty so at this point I want her gone, but before I can take her home she calls a cab and that is that. The rest of the interaction continues over text 😉

Now I keep saying I’m going to stop posting text conversations with girls as I’m trying to put more focus on you guys buying the text game ebook coming out soon which you can still order at the presale price here.. but this text conversation is too alien from anything else out there I’ve put out so I wanted to give you guys a preview of this sort of texting dynamic, just so you can start seeing what’s truly possible with text game.

The text conversation starts about a half hour after she leaves my place in a cab:

Me: Let me know when you get home ok
Girl: 5 mins later: Who is this?
Me: 3 hrs 32 mins later: The guy you treated like a big dick
Me: 22 mins later: You practically spit on my dog she’s only three pounds
Me: 21 mins later: I’m gonna johnny blaze n see a movie later if you promise not to bring the crazy I’m down to hang out
Girl: 2 hrs 15 mins later: Hey big dick you stupid if you think I wanna see you again
Me: 2 mins later: Ok well I’m not a glutton for punishment and you started acting weird for no reason. I did want to see you again I just figured you were drunk and acting crazy like girls do. But if this is actually who you are then I don’t want to be a part of it
Girl: 2 mins later: Bye big stupid dick
Me: 10 mins later: K cool be that way thx for letting me know. Another cute but crazy one
Me: And yes it’s big
Girl: 3 mins later: Baby I was born this way
Girl: You still owe me a j
Girl: & your dog owes me dry cleaning money lol
Girl: 20 mins later: Boooriiiinnnggggg (Lmao this is how a girl responds when she wants YOU to respond ‘cuz she thinks you’re ignoring her! Chick game!)
Me: 8 mins later: Haha
Me: 1 min later: My dog already spent her allowance this week
Me: 3 mins later: I can pick you up around 8 does that work (Making serious assumptions here lol)
Me: But seriously you better give really good head for all this craziness pumpkin (Going for it. I’m just assuming astronomical social value here with how casual I’m broaching sex here. But I’m being such an ass about it I could easily bow out of it if she complains or otherwise has an adverse reaction. I could just say I was kidding, but at the same time I’m also baiting her by putting sex on the table.)
Girl: 16 mins later: Honestly I’ve never gave one….
Girl: I’m going to a show at 9,
Girl: Don’t you work?
Me: 9 mins later:

 Me: 1 min later: I work for myself right here
Me: Where you at
Girl: 1 min later:She sends me pic of drinks at a bar
Me: 2 mins later: Well try to be ready to get picked up in like half an hour
Me: Maybe a little more
Girl: 1 min later: We about to gamble a little & I’m with my friend, can’t leave her alone
Me: 1 min later: Well drop her off you can’t let her ruin plans. She’s probably crazy too and I don’t want to deal with two of you (This was definitely a mistake on my part, LOL!)
Girl: 2 mins later: Hey disrespectful bitch, be quite
Girl: I make the rules here
Girl: Can’t deal with you & your dog by myself, you’re both too small
Me: 1 min later: Pff
Me: It was a joke obviously lol (backpedaling)
Me: 1 min later: And to be honest you’re probably too small for my dick honestly. Not sure you can handle it. Not trying to be disrespectful (A slightly arrogant show of superiority)
Girl: 1 min later: If it makes you feel better you can take it as such 🙂
Me: 2 mins later: Seriously tho let’s not get crazy. If you want to smoke and kick it, cool. And I’ll give you lessons.. (Starting to calm her down)
Me: 19 mins later: Hold on I can pick you up around 4
Girl: 4 mins later: I’m not leaving my friend, specially but if I was gone give you head I would be practicing on a sip stick
Me: 3 mins later: Well I dunno the deal then babyo
Girl: 10 mins later: I guess it was not meant to be
Me: 7 mins later: It is I can tell
Me: Didn’t mean to be mean about your friend :p
Me: 19 mins later: Does your girl smoke
Girl: 13 mins later: Of course she my friend
Me: 13 mins later: She gonna be cool with us hooking up? Or act weird lol
Girl: She’s cool but don’t get ahed of yourself
Me: 4 mins later: Lol
Me: Aight you can both come if you want buhbee (traditional “pua” wisdom would say to not go on a date with a girl when she brings a friend, but I’m too smooth to let something like this stop me, lol)
Me: I totally forgot your name. Probably cuz you emotionally scarred me (FanTASTIC way I had of admitting I’d forgotten her name from the night before 😉 )
Girl: 21 mins later: What’s yours?
Me: 1 min later: Jon! You already know it you were screaming it last night.
Me: Not like that lol (I made a sexual joke here but what actually happened is she’d been screaming at me lmao)
Me: 1 min later: K boo let me know quick otherwise I’ll get involved with something else (A good way of gauging if a girl is serious or not..)
Girl: 2 mins later: Lol I remember now
Girl: Didn’t you say you would pick as up after 4?
Me: 1 min later: Hmm yeah I’ll have to work it but I can manage that
Girl: You’re so weird
Girl: Are you always this bad or are you making an effort?
Me: 3 mins later: Whatever you never answered me I work for myself remember.. I have to schedule shit lol
Me: Stop being a dick I don’t want to fight (High value way of showing the white flag. Remember we “play to win”, too many guys forget what “winning” actually is. It’s not to assuage our egos)
Girl: 6 mins later: Me neither
Girl: Are you gone be nice & respectful today?
Me: 1 min later: I’ll try 😀
Me: 1 min later: Don’t worry boo I just want to have fun I like you 🙂 (Super relaxing text to send a girl, just to let her know everything’s fine. Some might find it “chode”, or even offensive, to tell a girl you like her, that’s their problem not mine.)
Me: 1 hr 8 mins later: What’s up babe just finished
Me: 3 mins later: Gonna smoke in a bit
Girl: 4 mins later: Ok we are ready
Me: 11 mins later: Where you at babe
Me: you still haven’t told me your name yet
Me: I’m going to make a name up
Girl: 1 min later: Sure go for it
Girl: We’re at montecarlo
Me: 4 mins later: Kk
Me: Be there in 15
Girl: 2 mins later: Cool
Me: 26 mins later: Almost there
Me: Traffic is shit
Me: 2 mins later: I’m here at valet
Me: 3 mins later: Yo
Girl: Ok exiting that way
Girl: My phone is so slowww
Me: Go to your right had to head to self parking
Girl: 1 min later: K

So I show up, pick them up and my girl is clearly in a better mood than earlier on our conversation lol. The girls are also talking Italian to each other and it’s pretty hot to hear. My texting had not only calmed her down but put her in a lovey dovey type mood too. A few minutes later I pull another golden ticket and let her girlfriend wear my jacket ‘cuz she was cold in the backseat (the top was down). The look my girl gives me at this point is like being looked at like I’m some sort of delicious cookie haha. Her eyes just melted as she looked at me. I’ve actually noticed this dynamic before, you do something slightly mean (always by accident! :D), then do something nice afterwards and they think you’re a Prince. Now before anyone accuses me of being manipulative, just understand that this sort of thing happens naturally with me, LOL.

** A lot of “modern” guys have started shedding the belief that girls like acts of sweetness, but believe me if done right, they never go out of style. And of course for most guys this sort of thing is perfectly natural. This sort of dynamic is very beneficial to have with a girl- it can potentially lead straight to sex, the problem most guys run into is not to do with the act itself, but the fact that once in this zone they can’t maintain their high masculine value AND keep the sexual tension going. They slip into “friends zone” IMMEDIATELY. Not me, lol.**

I ruin her romantic revelry when I begin putting the top up on my car. I lean over and help it as it comes down, staring closely in her face as I latch it. She looks back at me with pure murder. I laugh my ass off. She’d thought the convertible didn’t work that I just drove around with it down all the time but actually I’d just liked watching them freeze.

Anyway I notice she’s wearing this skin tight red summer dress down to her ankles, and her body looks AMAZING in it. I mean.. she’s a pretty tiny girl but her breasts are like.. perfect, not that big but so perky and shapely. Not that tits are necessarily my “thing” when it comes to wiminz, ‘cuz they’re definitely not, but these just happened to be amazing looking in this dress, I was VERY curious what they looked like uncovered ;).So we get back to my place, I joke around and entertain the girls for a bit, we smoke, I’m loud and at least partially obnoxious and all the way charming, and then after about 15 minutes I take my girl by the hand and lead her out of the living room and take her into my home office in the back. I show her my stuff for a bit then push her against the wall and then casually yet softly pull her dress and bra down in front so I can stare at her delicious breasts. They were as fucking nice as I’d imagined them to be. I tell her she’s got perfect tits and start having my way with them. It’s a damn good time and she’s massively turned on, not the least of which by the mere fact I’d pulled her dress down and started having my way with her body. I then tell her I want to introduce her to my dick, I make a joke about her not having met the real one earlier (a reference to the text convo, LOL) and then take it out. She likes it (obviously) but when I go to push her down onto her knees she resists. *Sniff*

At this point I just pick her up and take her into my bedroom and throw her on my bed. She lays there looking up at me wantonly. Like she’s the cutest steak I’ve ever seen and I’m the hungriest lion she’s ever seen. I climb on top of her and pull her dress down again, then reach down and lift it up over her hips and then start to maneuver down like I’m about to go down on her. She resists a little and I grab her legs and pull, her butt slides out from underneath her and she’s flat on her back again ;). She relaxes with a sigh and I slide her panties aside then start eating her pussy. Not every girl gets the treatment, but the ones that do definitely enjoy being dined on. She asks me if I have a condom I grab one put it on and stick it all the way inside her. She likes it.

We finish up and head back into the living room, I’d neglected to shut my door so her girlfriend heard everything. She wasn’t exactly my type or I would have done my best to include her. I take them home and they leave the next day.

I made sure to let her know who had the final say..

Me: 40 mins later: I liked sticking it in you and looking at the cute faces you were making
Girl: 1 hr 1 min later: You sir…
Me: Yes boo..

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