Manwhore Interviews Criminal Defense Lawyer: Know Your Rights!

By Manwhore
May 16, 2012

This is a KILLER podcast with Gunnar Rosenquist from

I am VERY thankful this guy was willing to give out so much amazing information on how to deal with cops and how to save yourself a TON of legal trouble.

There is a lot of REALLY good information in there. It was action-packed, my business partner listened spellbound in the same room as I interviewed Gunnar Rosenquist over Skype. The amount of free legal advice in these videos is amazing. And to think it all started because I banged some preacher’s daughter in her car and got pulled over for it 😉 The cops attempted to immediately overstep my rights and I was forced to tell them very strongly “You are breaking the law, RIGHT NOW.”

As a sidenote, I was discussing this very topic with another student who’s a lawyer and they asked me very succinctly.. “Manwhore what do you say when a police officer asks you how much you’ve had to drink tonight?”

The correct answer is “I’ve had nothing to drink tonight, officer.”

You get NO points for honesty. You are only screwing yourself with that admission. Cops are not your friends. They are there to bust you.

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