Kevin McCarthy Tiptoes The Uniparty Line From The Trump Trenches

By The Wizard Mandragora
December 9, 2023

The UniParty is now pushing the lie- to include Kevin McCarthy, that it’s Republicans that are threatening, targeting and attacking political targets. Kevin McCarthy now has apparently gotten his feelings hurt and is dropping out of the House of Representatives. It’s a little bit of a childish ploy. Kevin McCarthy is still valuable, still an ally, still has work to do. This B.S. about dropping out of the House is unforgivably lame. His resignation should be REJECTED.

He lost his Speaker position but he did better than many thought he would. He welcomed discussion on impeaching Biden, stayed a staunch Trump supporter, handled the business of his office rather decently enough. McCarthy is a nice guy. But he did not attempt to get a handle on the finances of the nation and when Gaetz and co. called him on it, he did not have an answer. And the real picture of events became quite clear. The House Reparations Committee, a supposedly conservative committee, is a massive leech on the nation. And these financial interests that drain the American economy continue to go after Gaetz with more manufactured nonsense.

Hunter Biden is playing the same card as Kevin McCarthy (which says a lot)- the druggie, whoremongering son of Biden who got paid by Ukraine while his father, sitting in elected office, targeted opponents of his political party’s “Green energy” financial interests in Ukraine. Yet he’s claiming the Republican Party is out to get him. He’s done nothing but exploit the system. Hunter Biden is a con man.

Can we now acknowledge that this whole “Green/DEI” initiative has been a ploy for a certain interest group to increase their political and financial holdings in other countries? It’s a legal industry “protection racket.” They’re trying the same shit in America on Trump. In actuality it’s a form of financial colonialism competing neck and neck with China’s “Belt and Road” initiative.

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