Just a Friendly Reminder that Scandinavian (Actually Most) Women are Cowards

By The Wizard Mandragora
June 26, 2022

They talk big, but their super power is to produce babies. Not fight battles

They will cave to the slightest provocation.

Hostile globalist interests know this. The Communists know this. The globohomos know this. The current onslaught of Chinese infiltration of the global legal industry knows this.

The same people responsible (women) for the skyrocketing occurrences of rape in Norway and Sweden and the rest of the Scandinavian countries are the same ones responsible for the current attempts to join the global communist coalition known as NATO.

Every current woman in charge is prone to do this. Merkel destroyed Germany. The women running Biden and the Democrat party are running pellmell into a disaster of their own making. They’ll blame the fossil fuel industry when the plan works and they’re all crawling in the dust baking dirt pies for their children.

New Zealand’s Jacinda seeks the protection of China’s Xi. Though he would burn her to ashes like the twisted wretched firewood she is. You cannot put makeup on a weed and call it a flower. Unless you’re a communist. The Scandinavian countries now recently under the control of females seek safety and protection from those that would remove all trace of physical and national sovereignty from their people. Because these are not concepts women recognize.

The lawyers and communists just want to desecrate their cities and turn their women into prostitutes so they can fuck them. Why? Because they’re lawyers and can’t get laid any other way; they’re scum. And because 34 MILLION surplus Chinese men. They’re trying the same thing in America. So are the globohomos around the world. And these women “in charge” would allow it. Because they’d get a slight charge out of it. Because that’s how women are with each other.

At least the women that bore us know that when it’s time for war, to just see us off.

I would suggest that these Scandinavian countries cease and desist from falling for the fear trap that NATO and the European globalists have set for them. It would serve them well.

P.S. And one last stark PSA:

Putin has done more to maintain global civility, technological innovation, and world peace than anyone in the last couple decades. Prove me wrong

While U.S. forces were shitting the bed all over the world, Putin was holding it together. While the Chinese were busy sabotaging the American space industry, Putin and Russia stood in the gap. And while Obama was busy drone striking the shit out of the entire world, Putin was turning the other cheek.

But Biden wants to play at communism. In the game designed by “lizard people”, Putin is a dinosaur. Biden’s just a cranky old man in diapers.

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