I’ve Contacted Dr. Naviaux, the Scientist Behind the Alleged Medical Research/Basis for Steve Kirsch’s “Vaccines Cause Autism” Claims.. I demand a response- let’s make this discussion public

By Manwhore
July 22, 2023

Dr. Naviaux alleges that mitochondrial and cytokine inflammation, aluminum in vaccines, and the so-called “cell danger response” cause brain inflammation that results in autism. This has been repeated ad nauseam throughout the last several years in one way or another. But it’s part of the scam of how the real root causes of manage to remain hidden while targeting vaccine manufacturers for financial compensation.

The problem with Dr. Naviaux’s claims is that none of it is provable, OR disprovable. It’s a fake science maze designed to confuse and intimidate. It’s the same tactics used to defend any number of criminally negligent fake medical claims used by global medical companies to force their wares on the world.

This is in stark contrast to my own work resolving the root of autism. Here’s the webinar I created breaking down the neural mechanics of autism:

You can NOT get around my work. It raises questions that MUST be answered:

  • What is the baseline physics of human sensory integration with the external environment?
  • Is it not clearly obvious that autistic kids lack reflexes?
  • Are not the source of their symptoms rooted in every bodily system they DON’T use in the womb, but are now clearly malfunctioning outside the womb (after birth)?
  • Is it not true that babies are not born with developed vision? Does not the migration of rods and cones in the eye begin AFTER birth? Is this not incumbent on proper function of the vestibulo-ocular reflex to compensate for head movement? Without this reflex proper visual development obviously cannot occur.
  • Is it not widely known that the digestive tract is lined with smooth muscle, which is not controlled voluntarily, but involuntarily? Is it not known that reflex arcs control digestive processes? Why isn’t this discussed? In fact not only is it not discussed, but these “global awareness” sites actually work to suppress knowledge of the lack of digestive function in autistic children.
  • Is not the immune system incumbent on proper oxygen transport to the digestive tract to fight bacterial infections? Is this not controlled by reflexes?
  • Is mobile development not incumbent on the coordination of multiple reflexes? A baby learning to sit up, crawl then walk must learn to coordinate multiple motor reflexes to succeed. Are not autistic babies known for the malfunction and forced retention of primitive reflexes?

There are plenty more. Be sure to check out the webinar above.

These public figures touting misinformation aren’t looking to solve the condition, they’re not looking to uncover the real truth behind these “mRNA vaccines”, they’re looking for payouts.. settlements. They’re looking to get enough attention to coerce money out of child vaccine manufacturers. These people touting the “vaccines cause autism” myth are just attempting a shakedown- while glad handing each other with online traffic to each other’s respective websites to garner more attention and money. They don’t want to solve autism, they just want in on the scam. And Pfizer will play along. Steve Kirsch is actually quite deeply involved in efforts to peel back medical health protections on the general populace that will reintroduce maladies and further tax the U.S. population. He espouses the “flouride in water is bad!” myth, as well as the fake dangers of using chlorine to purify the public water system. Ask anyone who’s been forced to use non-flouridated and/or chlorinated water, the dangers of such a predicament are instant and heavy. A water supply can then be easily contaminated. Microorganisms, bacteria, even poisons, can be introduced. But of course sickness and poorly maintained dental hygiene results in even greater profits for the medical and dental industries. There are people so twisted and evil as to be pushing these lies on the populace for profit.

However Dr. Naviaux’s “work” centering on is even deeper and darker than this. Therein lies a global scandal of epic proportions, an act of war, hiding in plain view. The source of the autism epidemic did not originate in America. It originated in China, perpetuated by a broad “mass hypnosis” scheme perpetrated on American women. Namely, young ignorant mothers. Cripple the next generation of warfighters, scientists, educators.. mothers and fathers. Don’t fire a single shot

The medical industry kidnaps our women

Up until these new-fangled “mRNA vaccines” came out there didn’t seem to be much issue with vaccines. Allergies are caused by mass pollination in the air from trees and plants. Allergies are a natural bodily response to the introduction of invasive particles into the respiratory system. These plants are mass releasing spores that are attempting to pollinate and GROW new plants. You don’t want that in your lungs. Though I’m sure you can find plenty of male democrats licking at the air during plant mating season, a simple solution is to breathe through your nose. Your sinuses are your body’s natural filtration system.

Unfortunately this new “anti-vaccine” fad has gained some traction. There are plenty of accounts of measles and other third world medical outbreaks in pockets of the country where Facebook groups have sprung up espousing the “vaccines cause [insert_blank_check_claims]” which causes panic in ignorant mothers.

Facebook initially temporarily allowed me to start communicating with parents in groups online, then were completely shocked by the response (as I knew they would be). This has been one of my main secrets all along. They think these claims of autism being a lack of reflexive sensory motor function/development won’t be accepted, then are bewildered by the response from parents, who are more educated on the condition than most doctors.

An old classmate/friend of mine (from high school AP Biology no less) is a Fullbright scholar. Posts on her Facebook page get hundreds of likes, dozens of comments, etc. So I posted my work to her page. Crickets. ZERO response, zero engagement, no likes, no comments. Completely suppressed. I pointed this out to her, she didn’t have a response, then she blocked me!

Anybody that posts my work on social media gets suppressed. This includes known medical figures.

I was discussing my work with Dr. Drew’s production manager, who was extremely interested, before going radio silent. I’ve recorded an interview for RFK Jr.’s organization Children’s Health Defense with a very admirable doctor. I’ve recorded multiple interviews for another medical organization as well. I’ve been in contact with the NIH, my alma mater UCSD, and the editors of various medical journals including those focusing on autism. I’ve spoken with doctors, biologists, even technologists about my work. I’ve received some incredible contributions from other scientists and intellectuals.

None of this is an excuse for the lack of effort on the part of the government to aid in this. I’ve been in contact with numerous governmental and/or medical bodies who first respond, then go silent. Including the military. These military types mentally jack each other off over how tacticool they are, then hide behind anonymity and numbers. Just like dirty cops. It is pathetic. They have all the resources in the world, yet do nothing. Somebody needs to zip up their pu==y and step up.

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