Updated: I Called Elon Musk’s Bluff: Twitter/X is a “Ghost in the Shell” Platform. President Trump might just want to show up to Republican debates. Twitter/X is Fake News & Views

By Manwhore
August 20, 2023

I posted dozens and dozens and dozens of replies featuring my work all over Twitter/X. I posted to Senators Blackburn, Johnson, Grassley, Gingrich’s pages. I posted to several different organizations Twitter/X pages. I posted to Tucker Carlson’s page, Lara Logan’s, Dr. Syed Haider’s page, Dr. Peterson’s page. And lots more

Here’s what I posted:

In 2019 I solved autism. I’m a neurocognitive scientist from UC San Diego. is a lack of proper reflexive sensory motor control. All the bodily processes the baby doesn’t use in the womb must be triggered AFTER BIRTH. These are all controlled by reflexes. The entire spectrum and severity of symptoms of autism is from a lack of proper reflexive development that normal healthy babies have. Reflexes are triggered AFTER BIRTH with the postnatal maturation and innervation of the “auditory pathway” and “reflex arcs”. The auditory pathway serves as the baseline for human sensory integration with the external environment. Proper digestive and immune function is controlled by “reflex arcs” which are responsible for controlling the smooth muscle in the lining of the digestive tract, our airways, as well as triggering proper immune response. Autistic babies lack proper motor/mobility development, experience a lack of sensory integration, and have chronic digestive and immune issues. Any parents whose children have autism can see the truth in what I’m stating here. You can find out more at https://mechanicsofautism.com as well as the autism webinar at: https://rumble.com/v2ingfc-breaking-neural-mechanics-of-autism-revealed.html

All I got was dozens of “likes” from bot accounts named Chloe, Claire, and Delilah. Along with some randoms. No responses, no discussion.

Elon Musk’s Twitter/X is a full-blown fake platform run by globalist interests. They replicate views, they clearly fake all of it. I do not see Tucker Carlson’s episodes in my feed or much of the other stuff I have clicked notifications for. I found SEVERAL high profile user profiles unfollowed that I had previously followed. The whole thing is clearly fabricated. Elon’s new deal with Ford to bring his charging stations to Ford electric vehicles, along with whatever other high-profile business deals he’s currently making very obviously clouds his judgment and morality. Edit: Musk today implied he’s not in charge of the code that controls Twitter/X, that he personally directed the removal of headlines from Twitter/X social media posts. I could certainly believe that, and have always been a fan of his. But his “Twitter/X is the world’s town square” currently is not a reality. My work has faced continuous suppression on Twitter, and this is a great evil.

It’s probably a good idea for Trump to show up to Republican debates as the reach and spread on Twitter is obviously fabricated. It would greatly behoove you, sir, if you would mention the guy, the ex-military officer and neurocognitive scientist from UC San Diego that solved in in 2019. I will crush these fabricated lawsuits you are facing.

A couple more points..

Ron Desantis is a good man, a great governor. One of my least favorite tactics employed by the Trump organization is the ongoing takedown of his reputation, and the legitimacy of his work. America needs as much help as it can get. Ron Desantis is one of its true warriors. Please consider this
Edit: Ron Desantis’ wife’s comments today about it “not being about her” are massively ironic and obviously untruthful. She is/was a mental health advocate and a breast cancer “survivor”. The financial link between “mental health” and breast cancer are the opiates that fuel the entire industry. This whole “it’s not about me” has been used as an idiotic nitpick of my own work. As if me claiming to have solved is an excuse to suppress my work. That is an obvious stupid lie and ridiculous mockery of American exceptionalism. My academic and military background are context for my work- a fair and necessary introduction to it.

Vivek Ramaswamy is an obvious foreign shill. He’s a great actor, but he’s not a true U.S. first or MAGA candidate. I’m sure his family in India would make millions and billions if chip technology was shipped over to India instead of Taiwan and China was “allowed” to invade Taiwan.

Just fyi.. the U.S.’s conservative base is NOT anti-war. We are just very specific about the details.

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