How to Bang Bitchy Girls, & Classmates!

By Manwhore
August 31, 2011
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How to Bang Bitchy Girls, & Classmates (Manwhore w/ Special Guest: Showcase!)

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In this HILARIOUS episode Manwhore and Showcase discuss:
– How to bang hot bartenders (text convo with hot bartender in membership section)
– How to deal with FAT cockblocks
– How to deal with not-so-fat cockblocks
– How to bang bitches
– How DoucheLORD was born
– Why Manwhore was forced to call in a favor to Satan- and Satan never unanswered
– How Manwhore handled incredibly difficult logistics and WON THE PUSSY (for 3 minutes on the clock lmao)
In Section II:
– Why taking bartending school is AWESOME
– How having female friends is so HARD when all they want to do is FUCK YOU SILLY
– How to acquire the phone number of EVERY SINGLE GIRL in your class and GET THEM TO YOUR HOUSE
– A super duper awesome comfort and trust building story
– How to have girls break into your room and rape you

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