Heavenly Feud: Freud & Patriarchy vs. Bible & Biology (M.O. I)

By Manwhore
February 5, 2019


The “Sins” of Youth

I had a rather uniquely different experience growing up as a young boy, one which afforded me passage to a secret level of human existence most aren’t even aware exists. Even the rare ones that take part in it mostly forget it over the years, never realizing its deeper implications. But it exists, and it’s vitally important to understand it if we are to better understand ourselves.

Whereas most young boys don’t become aware of the existence of the “opposite sex” till the onset of puberty, by the time I hit kindergarten I’d already had several girlfriends. Now this in itself probably isn’t that uncommon, and the rare young boys involved might typically forget this ancient piece of personal history as such “romantic forays” are relatively innocent. I probably would have forgotten it as well except for one very important detail. When I was four I had two girlfriends… at the same time. They became friends, were completely civil, and presided over me like a life-sized doll. And I was more than happy to go along. Most often they’d take turns, I’d hang out with one and be her boyfriend, and then it’d be the other one’s turn and she’d take me. One of them was more naturally assertive than the other and took me over more, but the best is when they shared me. I still remember the rush of feelings and love and utter bliss of the arrangement. It’s stayed with me since.

But there’s a deeper implication here, a look at something long forgotten, or knowingly ignored. Like a forgotten chapter of human experience, one parents continue to be keen about keeping hushed. A hidden prelude to an even darker past, when female sexuality was shunned and shamed and outright persecuted.

But it’s there, that hidden truth. And it is this.. little girls pursue little boys first.

It’s not what we’re brainwashed into believing and assuming, that boys awkwardly start pursuing girls around their formative fumbling pubescent years, clumsily engaging young girls in halted and semi-paralyzed fashion, weaving their way through self-injury and mental flagellation as they brave the “mean girls” of high school and after school activities just to get a date to the dance. This is not reality, and the truth of this has been staring everyone in the face for a long time. In fact the whole “mean girl” act itself is a facade, a reflection of earlier injury. One in which these same girls had tried to engage with young boys earlier in life, and had gotten rejected HARD.

You know it, as a young male you may even have participated in it, thus leading to further dysfunction. Writ with the grim arrogance of youth, the ardent graffiti of a young soul at war with itself, rabid declarations of “No Girls Allowed!” and “Girls have cooties!” decorated tree houses and school yards, and defined the moral and socio-ethical climate of the age.

Little girls weren’t just thwarted in these early attempts at love and friendship, they were shamed. And thenceforth set on the path of the rest of their existence. Young boys unknowingly taught them to be mean, and unknowingly sowed the seeds of their own future pain and anguish.


Society: Patriarchy

It might not surprise you to find out there’s a hidden agenda to the shaming. A “rationale”, if you will. That to throw a young girl’s advances back in her face with venom actually serves a “purpose”.

If you will.

But what would be the point of enforcing these sinful machinations of youth? Why inflict a HARD lesson on young girls at this point, injure them and teach them to be wrathful and loathe to experience such again? I have seen and heard things said to children so chillingly threatening and poisonous that it instantly crushes their sense of worth. Any youthful expression of energy or enthusiasm, or self-control, or even sense of physical security, stomped on and destroyed. Parents and peers are gods in the eyes of young children. For better, and sometimes much worse.

And all in the name of.. what? Remaining chaste? Pure? A Virgin?

Why does Patriarchy require this? Because that is what we’re talking about. Patriarchy seems to breed this, it’s hard to deny.

But why? Well to make this clear we need to first fix one area of distraction. It seems everybody is confused on one important part. They’re not quite clear on what Patriarchy actually is, and by misidentifying what the problem is, any solution becomes illusory and fake, creating more problems. Patriarchy does NOT equal “Oppression”. That’s a secondary or tertiary effect. Every semblance of power attempts to consolidate itself and go after and remove threats to its existence. That is the natural course of power unchecked. But Patriarchy itself simply defines a division of labor. That men work and provide for the family while the wife stays home, managing the household and raising the children. Enforced through the transfer of power from father to son, and social benefits bestowed on such family units, everything else is just in “support” of that ideal. Seemingly innocent and benign of itself, therein lies a problem, it’s a caste system in disguise. The man goes to work and has a career where he resides over a highly ordered and rigorous existence, accomplishing and striving towards real world results, tangible goals that he gets to celebrate and savor. This lifestyle even allows him to amplify his results and go after greater deeds and achievements. He gets to BUILD.

Women on the other hand get to stay home and wash the same dishes over and over again, wash the same clothes over and over again, wash the same floors over and over again, wash the same children over and over again, use the same kitchen over and over again. There is no catch up, only ketchup. You wash those dishes, they come back the next day, you wash those clothes, they’re dirty the next day, those floors constantly get tracked on, those children are constantly screaming and doing weird new shit. Women… have it rough. It is not fair to say that being a domestic engineer is an easy life. It is psychosis-inducing. It breeds neuroticism, and hysteria. We’ve all heard a mother absolutely lose their shit, family members rushing to batten down the hatches while her siren song rises in an uphill scream that seems not just apt to break the windows, but to actually meld with them and turn them into something dangerous and menacing.

P.S. Beware. Your friend’s mom is a psycho.

But of course the main outcome is usually depression, however mild or severe, simply because you’re bored and your body thinks its time to go into a lower energy state. Our body and physiology come hardwired to withstand a variety of environments. It is no coincidence that depression spikes in the winter time. It is a physical response to the external environment, internalized as slowing down into a more depressed state. Happiness is self-expression, is doing, is interacting. But your body will seek to conserve energy if it thinks it’s not needed. The point is monotony naturally breeds depression, which is itself a lack of motivation and drive, so you don’t pick yourself back up, you just stay in that same languid state. And so it becomes a cycle of mild savagery, because even savagery would be better than this.

Which is what drives the presence of spikes of hysterics. Like an engine trying to prime and pump itself into action. The human body is a biological machine, and you are the one guiding it, for better or worse, whether it goes up or down or through. Or just stutters and sputters as it plows through the snow of existential angst.

This is of course why there are a lot of women on anti-depression medication, or suffering from alcoholism, or pursuing other forms of social dysfunction. To quell and quench the body’s natural desire for learned control over its environment. It will drive itself into the ground in pursuit of simply turning it off.

Does anybody still think that works? Have you yet to see the writing on the wall? This cycle is continuing, and our culture is caving in.

How did we let it come to this? How does our rational species take such a blindingly offensive wrong turn?

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We have only to look at ourselves to see. Because for it to actually work , it must hold a sort of truth to some intrinsic part of our humanity, it must root in something tangible, something human, something deeply emotional and guttural and primordial. It must speak to FEAR.

And it does.

Young boys are scared of the unknown. Once they begin to gaze and feast upon their female counterparts, fear comes in. Judgment comes in. As paradise is lost, our second nature comes in. Evaluation, strategy, playing not to lose. Second guessing everything.

Religion takes this and weaponizes it, weaponizes sex and intimacy, by preying on our natural fears. And it is so easy to do. Each sex has a dysfunction. Each side harbors a fear. And that fear can be turned against itself.

The answer lies in the Bible, but not in the way you might think..

Biblical Times

Power & Guilt

Most people make the huge mistake of assuming the Bible to be the original Ouija Board of do’s and don’ts. Dryly written, full of guilty chastisements and assumptions of guilt. They think it’s only good for giving people an uppity moral superiority and a guilty conscience, and telling you that all the fun things in life you want to do, are actually sinful.

This is not the case. In fact it’s almost the opposite of that. I’m going to fill you in now on what the Bible really is.

The Bible is a book of Empowerment. It teaches you things. It sows in you certain propensities, creates hidden latencies and in the end begets potencies that I am just now beginning to understand and marvel at.

I read it cover to cover eight times as a kid before I even turned thirteen. My dad was mostly in prison, I had the Bible. It was my upbringing, and though it’s been two decades since I’ve read through it, I still know it to this day.

The Bible, among other things, is a collection of stories about some of the greatest, heroic people that ever lived. Where they came from (usually nothing), what they did, how they succeeded, what they learned along the way, and how they ruled. Because winning is cursorary. Winning is for you, Ruling is for everyone around you. You must learn to be a good ruler.

The Bible begins with creation, then quickly moves into humanity’s “downfall”. Original Sin is presented as Eve (the woman) tempted by the serpent and falling for it, then tricking Adam into taking a bite of the forbidden fruit. In so doing they both come into the “knowledge of good and evil”, realize they’re naked (for the first time), and hide from God. Upon seeing this, God then kicks them out of paradise. Through this story a certain chronological pedagogy of blame-placing and shame-setting is embedded into our deepest conscience.

And yes little girls do chase boys first, that first hidden little secret part of the story, but it’s not the whole story.

Now take a long, hard look at the picture below:
Bible Trumps Freud - Original Sin

The serpent itself  holds a two-fold significance.

It becomes clearly obvious that Original Sin consisted of Adam and Eve partaking of each other. They were each other’s forbidden fruit. They could touch and play together, “but of the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden, God has said, you shall not eat it, nor shall you touch it, lest you die.”

The snake represents each other, the temptation we mean to our opposite sex, the “fruit” of each other’s bodies. We are not to touch it, for if we shall, then the knowledge of good and evil is open to us, and we are kicked out of paradise forever more.

Paradise is childhood. All fun and games and zero responsibility aside from trying not to injure yourself too much. Boys and girls have their own ways of painful yet mostly innocuous self-injury. Even angsty teenage self-harming and self-cutting is the body’s innate response to want to feel itself be spent in the pursuit of toughening up against the external environment. It’s hardwired into us.

But it ends when you consummate your relationship with the opposite sex. Or it can. And this is what the Bible is warning us about.

Because it is the gateway. Through its pursuit lies the knowledge of good and evil. By learning about each other on such a deep level, we learn how to communicate and influence others, how to help each other build. Or destroy.

And so Religion is formed, to control the masses by means of denying us one from another, from each other, to turn the populations into wage slaves and social robots for its own purposes. To build societies, and infrastructures, and production and manufacturing and the means of producing wealth.

And it’s so easy to do. Because young boys are scared of sex, scared of intimacy, scared of the unknown. And religion, instead of explaining it to them, guiding them into it, weaponizes them against it instead. Instead of learning to understand and communicate and cherish women, they get to take the easy immature way out of chastising and judging them for expressing their own sexuality. Instead of facing their own fear of women’s sexuality, they are told it’s wrong and immoral, and that they are right to fear and condemn it.

And thus all the horrid awful excesses of Patriarchy are encouraged and allowed for.

Once it’s created that division, it then presents you a narrow “holy” way of communing with the opposite sex, dangling it as bait to promote good citizenship and turning the population into a productive force. And it works somewhat well, as long as you keep one half a slave to the other and allow for the excesses and corruption of a social force so powerful left unchecked.

But as they say..

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,
All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

And thus is the major dysfunction of Western society. Through these we will ourselves into predator or prey. Through these we learn to create monopolies, exploit, commit misery, and even destroy. Whether it be to ourselves, or others.

The Tyranny of Freud

I want to talk Freud very quickly, just enough to put this tyrannical, Patriarchal idiot to bed once and for all.

Freud was an atheist, and an angry one. In his own image, dysfunction and all, he attempted to rewrite the psychology of Western civilization. Instead of “Christ who forgives”, he attempted to supplant this and sow fear and doubt and shame.

He did it by replacing the Holy Trinity with one of his own design. Instead of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, he came up with the Id, the Ego, and the Superego. In so doing he attempted to describe the driving force of human nature as base, inherently immoral, and forever immature. The Id was something to be feared and kept guard against.

He also came up with other bizarre novel concepts such as the one about young men attempting to subvert their own fathers so as to sleep with their mothers. This “Oedipal Complex” he claimed was apparently buried deep within the male psyche.

All of it is utter blind stupidity, easily transposed once you examine the kind of man Freud was in his own life.

Freud became jealous and paranoid about a man he’d taken under his wing, whom he even described as his own son. A genius in his own right, this man had much different ideas about the true nature of humanity. Not one to be taken in by Freud’s shame or self-doubt, he described life as the pursuit of the divine mystique. To create the higher pattern. To build.

This man was Carl Jung.

Freud wanted to rule psychology, alone. He became jealous and tyrannical, attempting to ex-communicate Jung once he realized he couldn’t control Jung. It was a perfect example of hyper-masculinized intellectual monopoly. Tyrannical control, patriarchy of the mind. No one else could claim to be the source of inspiration in psychology, only Freud.

But it didn’t work. Jung split off and continued his own clinical and academic psychological pursuits, creating his own school and discipline of study and becoming famous in his own right.

Regardless it becomes clear to see how Freud came to emphasize the son subverting his own father in his grand vision of psychology, blinded and limited by his petty fears of Jung, he wretched it into his own model of the mind and psyche, and cursed the rest of academia with the stupid suspicion that males want to sabotage and kill their own fathers. So as to sleep with their own mothers. What a mind fuck. And so extremely stupid and short-sighted.

But wait.. there’s more!

There’s one last important figure that factors into the Freudian puzzle, overlooked but insistent, a slip if you will. Freud’s mother was the most powerful figure in his life, known as an austere, matronly type, she had eight children. Freud was the oldest and she showered him with attention, referring to him openly as her favorite child, her “mein goldener Sigi”. In so doing she created a psychological Nazi.

He ended up marrying a woman exactly like her. Matronly and austere. And this is where Freud’s fascination with the Oedipal Complex comes from. All of Freud’s love interests were matronly women. It’s not normal for one to want to sleep with their own mother, only in Freud’s case. More catostrophic vulgar nonsense.

Where Psychology Gets It Wrong

The dysfunction of Freud continues to this day in the study of psychology. In fact today the APA and institutions of psychological study seem willfully ignorant of facts while continuing to peddle and prescribe false mental illnesses for which they can subscribe patients pills and an ongoing payment plan.

Everyone’s more and more become aware of this recently, especially with the Opioid Epidemic of the recent decades.

But to really understand how Big Pharma is getting away with their monopolistic hold on psychology and medicine, one has to examine base level psychology, examine the fundamentals and see where the misdirection comes from. There’s a psychological sleight of hand Big Pharma and the APA are pulling on the population, and it’s time to finally see it revealed.

I’ll begin with a short background. Back when I was getting my degree in Cognitive Science from the , San Diego, I remember they still referred to our most instinctual decision-making process as the “Fight or Flight Response”. Knuckling up or running away defined our binary response to every new or “surprising” situation. From what I’ve been able to gather it was a few years later they finally started publishing closer to the truth and identifying the trifecta of innate responses. It’s actually the “Fight, Flight or FREEZE” response. However they continue to misrepresent what the FREEZE response really is. Why?

Because, you see… it’s an addiction.

And as long as they can continue to hide the source of the addiction, they can continue to make money off selling fake cures, expensive aids and pricey placebos.

The medical, psychological cover-up is in describing the Freeze response as the last response, in fact totally removing it from the equation, describing the response as one of “playing dead”. I’ve read psychological review journals and sites that liken it to a baby goat already being captured, and playing dead, and the wolf who’s brought it down getting bored or distracted, allowing for the baby goat to escape.

That is pure nonsense. This goes beyond willful ignorance, this is deception. The Freeze response is the first response not the last response, it is our DEFAULT response. It is the fearful response to any new or novel situation, AND it is our body’s learned response to any situations that have taught us painful lessons in the past, e.g. emotional trauma, no matter how mild. Our mind’s basic, intrinsic, default response to the natural environment is to “feel” fear, and experience its physiological effects on our bodies.

Their crime is that by hiding the true nature of fear, they can continue to micro-diagnose as many “phobias” as their legions can come up with.

Now this is nothing to play macho about, we were all born babies and raised as powerless, defenseless children. This is the shared mutual history of humanity.

But to truly understand it we must trace back our roots, go back to where it all began. We must go back to Africa.

Lions & Lambs

The Psychology of the Watering Hole

There are two types of beings in the universe… those who dance, and those who do not.
I first met my beloved at a war rally.” Drax began.
“The most melodic song in the world could be playing. She wouldn’t even tap her foot. Wouldn’t move a muscle. One might assume she was dead.”
– Drax the Destroyer

Imagine you are Pikachu on the plains of Africa. It is hot and you are thirsty. You don’t have much zap left, you need water badly. Across the arid plains you’ve plodded, wasting reserves, nothing and no one to be seen for miles. Not even the birds have an interest in you, for there is just not enough life out here to justify looking.

But finally ahead you see your salvation and survival, an African watering hole, green and gigantic, one of those hidden enclaves of paradise from which life itself is said to have sprung. You wearily and warily trudge up on it until it encloses you and you are within its thickets.

You move through it, sensing and smelling the water ahead as the trees and growth give shade and cover from the heat, creating a crystalizing cooling effect on your skin. You start to feel refreshed and energized and intensify your progress.

You come into a greener and more vibrant part of the thicket and realize you must be getting a lot closer to the water. But as you take another step you sense movement around you. A branch breaking? Someone or something makes passage through the undergrowth with you. You freeze in place, blending into your surroundings. Your chest and muscles constrict, stolidly holding you in check while the tension in your chest and gut restrict your breathing. Don’t move, don’t breathe a sound. Stay still while you figure out what’s going on. Be it predators and others of ill-intent? The animal kingdom harbors many dangers. Better to be safe than sorry. Let them move on without being made aware of your presence. You could maybe take down one or two, but then you’d be spent, and even making it to the water afterwards would become a major risk.

You remain still. Water remains out of reach as well.

You take a sharp look around, details and minutiae flooding in, measurements of depth and movement, specifications of intent. A dawn of insight and you quickly realize they are all just like you, just a multitude variant forms of you, but all wondering the same thing.. what are your intentions? You instantly wake yourself up from the fog of anticipation, it’s time to show them it’s okay. You move forward, no hesitation or fear, graceful in your intentions, purposeful in your movements, strong in your will to communicate that everything is fine. You ignore their initial warning rumblings and sharp, short growls, they’re just scared you’re a predator, or another weakling giving away their position. You look at all of them, tell them it’s fine to drink, and head down to the water to take your fill. You look back at them, “Quick, don’t waste time, you are thirsty too. Come down and drink.”

They soon all join and relax with you at the water. Thank you, Pikachu

The Bible Trumps Freud - This is America

There is however a second primary portion of the population, a bit more veiled in nature, intentions not quite so transparent. Those that are natural guarders of the flock, as well as predators and thieves of the animal kingdom. And just who is Pikachu anyway? They also freeze before the watering hole, to not give their presence away, to blend into their environment and gather details, gauge intent, capabilities, statistics and chances of success. They also go through the same physiological processes of tautness and freezing. Their tensions naturally transmitted into feelings of withheld glee, carnal focusing of the senses, the thought of primal action making them salivate. They were given gifts at birth. Is it time to use them?

But hesitation spells foul play. What are you waiting for a signal of? And from whom? If you’re one of the good guys you make your presence known.


Anatomy of Fear & Shame

Now let’s discuss the science and anatomy of fear. In so doing you will clearly see the mechanics of controlling it, and learn to become better and better at it.

We have a usually very healthy biological system in our bodies called “residual muscle tension” that allows us to maintain healthy muscle and skeletal posture even while we’re not thinking about it. It also keeps us still during more neurally active periods of sleep. The muscles involved in these processes go through a state of “continuous and passive partial contraction of the muscles” to cause this continuous tension in your body.

However, if the brain unconsciously detects danger of any kind, a secondary feature of this system kicks in. This one is not so nice.

It’s the Freeze response, and it signals fear to your brain and body. I’ve described fear and freezing as “first response”, likening it to passing through the jungle bearing towards the necessities of life, and choosing to greet others along the way, instead of succumbing to our first impulsive response which is to freeze in place. You can also choose to see this in its simplest form, a baby deer freezing and lying still, in the smallest little huddle possible, as danger passes near, and then away. Don’t move, don’t breathe a sound.

Now this is supposed to be natural, a self-defensive survival mechanism, passed down through the generations, it’s supposed to keep us safe. But it’s old, and really only for use during childhood, past that point we have to learn to control it, instead of the opposite. And to do this we must understand what it is.

It is a chemical-physio response acted on our body through our juvenile minds, implemented through the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA which acts as an “agonist” (initiator) on the “GABAB receptors” of the cells of the central nervous system, as well as autonomic parts of peripheral nervous system, which make up our muscles and subsequent processes of muscular movement.

Link here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GABAB_receptor

What is supposed to happen is our cells are supposed to be in a resting phase until needed. They naturally exist in a very high potential state during rest, the inside of the cell has much higher concentrations of K+ than outside, and much lower concentrations of Na+ outside than in. This serves to keep our muscular system primed and ready for action. Once an action response is triggered, the gateways open up and K+ and Na+ quickly flow in and out, thus depolarizing the cell and transferring the action potential from one cell to the next, quickly cascading across the network of cells involved in energy transfer and movement. This is called the “action potential sequence”.

Instead, GABAB receptors “stimulate the opening of K+ channels which brings the neuron [cell] closer to the equilibrium potential of K+. This reduces the frequency of action potentials which reduces neurotransmitter release. Thus GABAB receptors are inhibitory receptors.”

So the fear response slightly mimics the full proper action response, except in a weaker, milder form, thus actually reducing our ability to take primal action. You know this as “stage fright” or “butterflies in your stomach”.

Fear doesn’t just slow your action potential sequence down, it acts against and prevents it.

The brain accomplishes this by targeting a few key areas to garner the most effect; it works to constrict movement, and restrict breathing. The muscles in your chest and throat and abdomen tense up, causing shortness of breath, and making you think you’re in danger. Even though most the time you’re not. And so your prefrontal cortex, the icing on the cake of human “maturity” tasks itself with coming up with rationale to justify the response. Which in turn causes you to heed and feed the response.

So you retreat to a prey-like state, a question and answer state, one where you are looking for information, waiting, and holding your breath as well as your body still.

There are a multitude of studies across decades that illustrate all of this. But you already know it to be true.

Controlling Fear

Now is this any way to continue to live your life? After you’ve become strong and adept and seasoned yourself? Are not these childish vestiges of fearful youth to be cast off? Are you not an adept at many areas of life? Are not those that would still seek to keep you a slave to youthful triggers just slavers themselves in disguise? And who actually are the ones squeezing the triggers?

And how do you fix this? How do you manage this? How do you take master override control over your own body?

The GABAb receptor fear response works by attempting to unconsciously constrict the muscles in your chest and abdomen. The feelings of that restriction unconsciously mirror back memories and glimpses of fear and danger and pain out of your subconscious, which further work to justify and feed the fear and the response. All imaginary, all illusory, none of which will help you in that moment. You must be clear-headed and full of oxygen to think and move.

Now understand that the “reflexive arc” essentially determines that your body will start to respond to stimuli before your brain even receives the information to process. So you will be working against yourself when first starting this out. Your body will want to freeze, you will be forcing it to do something else. That something else is..

..the technique known as “” which actively counteracts the effects of the Freeze response, in real time. You can practice and use it at any time.

Starting now


As long as you’re persistent while it’s happening, you can use that technique to breathe through any tension or fear attempting to take hold, and thus prepare yourself for what you need to do, without fear, with oxygen. Which is necessary for quick reaction time and full speed.

Expand your belly using your diaphragm and stomach muscles to draw in breath, then lightly pull it in again to exhale. You can try doing this at different speeds, fast and slow. It may feel strange and different at first, but that’s because your current prey-based biological wiring wants to stay in control. Your diaphragm is the only hardware in your body that has full muscular compression and expansion capabilities. Your rib cage, is, a cage. It does not expand. Neither does raising up your shoulders. But I bet if I was to ask you to take a HUGE quick deep breath right now and let it out, you’d pull up your shoulders and try to puff out your chest to get as much air in as you could. See how your unconscious mind works to maintain control? No! Push your stomach out and draw in air that way, then actively pull it in as you breathe out.

As you practice it (use your mouth to breath), you’ll become seamless with it, able to draw in voluminous amounts of air between speaking words in a sentence.

Next time a cop’s in your face, or you’re talking to an attractive someone of the alluring sex, or you’re presenting to a room full of judgy people, use it. In fact use it every day of your life. It will change you, and unimportant matters will lose their ability to make you nervous or fretful or feel out of control.

Practice it till it becomes second nature. You will find that breathing into and out your belly is much more efficient and fast at getting in voluminous amounts of air. And you will find you are a much calmer and in control person.

Fear Births Shame

Many of the reasons you come up with to justify fear taking over your body are false. False flags, false positives, even false memories. Us humans are prone to stack on the shame and embarrassment. It helps us learn faster, but many times we learn the wrong things. Most of them are from past experiences, or learned experiences. Just as young girls are shamed for displaying any sort of romance towards young boys, and subsequently young men are hit with the same easy rejection later, so do we learn to freeze up, to become defensive and closed off. These memories don’t seem to have an expiration date, they linger on until directly addressed and replaced with something better.

All of this takes place in the insular cortex. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insular_cortex

The insular cortex is in the deep part of the brain, and if you choose to look at the brain as an ascending hierarchy of complexity and innovation, it is quite ancient. It mediates homeostasis, and “In terms of function, the insula is believed to process convergent information to produce an emotionally relevant context for sensory experience.” Meaning essentially that it tells us how to feel, even though the signals it responds to and learns from, are usually below the level of consciousness. This is a natural process through which the brain attempts to be able to predict and plan ahead.

So you can see that these “false flags” of fear and shame don’t just slow us down, they install themselves into our minds, rooting in past memories and embedding shameware in our future self.

Because of this, outside forces come in and artificially implant fear and shame. And this is what our cultures and societies are currently dealing with. This is why you have a worldwide birthing epidemic in all Western civilizations across the span of continents. Because young boys and men are systematically being taught shame and fear, of women and themselves.

And young women are being taught the same.


Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy

We’ve established that the point of entry for tyranny and oppression is youth. Patriarchy teaches young boys that female sexuality should make them angry and righteously indignant and guarded towards its advances.

And thus society is lopsided and Patriarchy left unchecked, used for corrupt and destructive purposes. Like war and monopolies of production where you have societies and classes of people working themselves to death, or creating businesses that murder and profit. Or societies that for most of their history have treated women like property and told them they were not in charge of their own lives. This was a learned process, and it’s something they’re still dealing with. And I wish them strength and love with all my heart.

But times have certainly changed, since women have fought for their right to enter the workplace, earn a wage, create balance and structure and planning in their lives.. the system of patriarchy has become defunct. And that’s good, because no one really liked it anyway.

But Matriarchy brings its own evils, and we are just now beginning to see them. Since it’s been allowed to make its presence known, seemingly without check, its shadow self is also on the scene, prowling around, taking the weak and preying on the young, its innate desire to nurture and care for, twisted into smothering and crushing attention, its definition of healing based on illness and subversion.

This desire is to inflict their care on the young, to put their hyper-feminized twisted “nurturing” touch on things. A micromanaging, neurotic application of tender loving care. It is the Oedipal Mother. The one who accidentally crushes and handicaps the child because it does not allow it to learn to become strong to survive on its own. Instead it turns to fear-mongering and inflicting shame in all who will listen.

Consider the relatively recent rise of in American children. 1 in 42 boys is now “born” autistic. To 1 in 189 baby girls with the same condition. They’ve attempted to link it to aluminum in vaccines, drug or prescription usage in mothers, or other external environmental or behavioral stimuli. What they’re failing to do is look at the symptoms versus the initial development processes of babies.

The cause and solution to the problem of Autism is actually quite simple. They’re lacking the initial “defibrillation” of the “reflexive arc” to jump start the “primitive reflexes” of children at risk. You sometimes have to force that reflexive skipping of the brain and synapse in the spinal column, creating the reflex response. But as the baby has only known the womb, has only perceived the external world as ambient noise, it must be taught the real world. It must be spanked, to create that reflexive reaction, and the baby screams and hears its own voice, and the connection to the real world is complete.

Otherwise it remains in a dream-like state, having difficulty understanding what’s real and what’s not, and how to communicate with the outside world.


And like a battery jump or the defibrillator syncing all the errant electrical impulses together during cardiac arrest, this jump starts the “ascending reticular activating system (ARAS), also known as the extrathalamic control modulatory system or simply the reticular activating system (RAS), [is] a set of connected nucleiin the brains of vertebrates that is responsible for regulating wakefulness and sleep-wake transitions.”

The “ascending reticular activation system” controls and jump starts the state of Arousal, which is fundamental to our existence. Without that the baby will never have a chance on its own. Sometimes it must be “helped” into existence. It’s that primal wakeup call.. Pain.

He who spares his rod hates his son,
But he who loves him disciplines him promptly.
– Proverbs 13:24

Anti-vaccination mothers are also Oedipal in nature. Afraid of their baby’s crying and inherent fear of needles and sharp pain, they’re forcing their nurturing to protect their child against pain, sometimes serving to massively weaken them instead.

Consider the new abortion law just passed in NYC. It allows for women to abort fetuses past 24 weeks for reasons of harm to the woman’s “health”. No doctor supervision or oversight is necessary anymore. Only “accredited” institutions. Fetuses past 24 weeks survive regularly. Those are babies. They are alive, and in being aborted, they experience agonizing deaths. The abortion rate of NYC already constitutes 59% of the actual birth rate. This will drive up the abortion rate even more. This is an incredible travesty of Matriarchy left unchecked. Crippling and silencing the weak and helpless.

There are also forces teaching young women to fear sexual advances from boys, to paint them as infantile victims while seeking to instill shame in young men and stunt their desires for intimacy with women. Young men and women must be taught how to interact with and communicate with each other, not be shamed into doing nothing. All this shaming equates to in the end is an abdication of duty and responsibility to our youth.

It’s no small unknown that humans are a social species, striving together successfully or lingering weakly in solitude. The deep signs of this are everywhere, from the birthing plight in Western societies world wide, to the anaphylactic shock and heavy warning signs that appear on victims of such strong allergic reactions the body puts out highly visible signs warning others to stay away. It is clearly obvious our species is designed to signal to others that there’s something wrong here, something not right. And this shaming and fear-mongering is causing men and women to throw in the towel and quit the race.

CHRIST (Who Forgives)

Now some want to say that all of this shaming and sexual oppression comes from the Bible. But actually the Bible doesn’t leave you in the dark regarding love and its pursuits like “modern” society seems to want to. It quickly introduces you to love and its affectations, both intimate and emotional. It interweaves poetry and lovemaking and babies as well as the powerful men and women that made them. Yes the Old Testament puts a lot of ritual controls on female menstruation, and manages to exclude them from large parts of society and governance, but that’s the point of the New Testament. Jesus comes and changes the rules on all that. Jesus was a feminist, and constantly made a point of including women (Luke 10:38), exemplifying them as examples to follow (Matthew 15:21), protecting them from persecution (John Ch 8:1-12), naming them as “daughters of Abraham” (Luke 13:16) (which had not been done before), and describing his own work in both male and female terms. He was a full reconciler of the sexes.

He taught the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Matthew 7:12), and then was wrongfully accused of the worst crimes, ridiculed, and publicly crucified for crimes he did not commit. And in so doing he became the prophylactic to the masses, the medicine used to prevent the dysfunction of youth, to forgive them their trespasses as they forgive each others. “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” (Matthew 6:14)

This is the recurring symbol of Jesus Christ

The Integrity of Romance

Boys and men need to feel good and honorable about their intentions towards women. It’s a complete perversion of healthy masculine nature to be told you’re a predator, something to be guarded against, that your emotional and sexual inclinations towards women are shameful and predatory. It also runs completely contrary to the needs of society. And it’s being force fed by the shovelful down young boys and men’s throats.

Meeting women, or people in general, is not a “seduction” skill set. It’s not sleazy or one-sided or shameful in its design. It is a leadership skill set. Leaders make contact, spread and share resources. They are the ones mentally and emotionally strong enough and flexible enough to make contact. To be brave and fearless, strong and shameless in their pursuits of human achievement.

This sort of thing should be in the open. But instead Patriarchy served to demonize female sexuality, to make it an awful, debased thing. And in so doing caused women to pursue sex and see sex as a low and shameful thing. It caused them to turn and conceal it, to make it something to be hidden away as dysfunctional, and so it became that. Women do not sleep with their fellow professionals, their coworkers, men of higher merit and calibre. They sleep casually with guys they meet in seedy bars and clubs, they lose their virginities in backseats, in unsafe ways, and then hide the evidence. Because society chose to shame female sexuality and we are now reaping the effects of this. Along with the millions and millions of abortions that it brings with it. And now the same thing is being attempted on young boys and men. To paint them as the sexual demons and young women as the inherent victims of it. Women have now been sexually weaponized as well. And shamed as inherent victims in attempting to meet their own romantic and intimate needs.

Dominance and Sensuality

There’s a certain dysfunction to growing up watching girls mix in with the boys during “rough” sports. I witnessed multiple times treatment of girls on wrestling teams that made me cringe immediately and have to turn away. It seemed a young guy’s fear of “losing to a girl” superseded any sort of horror at the idea of hurting her. I’d see girls get the SNOT (and blood) crossfaced out of them. HARD. Bloodied and bruised because young boys full of testosterone just swang on them full force, with a desperation only reserved for such a time.

But even then sometimes it was to no avail. There was a female in our CIF league that beat two of our top wrestlers, these dudes were skilled, and she sorta sat and leveraged through them both and scored enough points to win. She was very cute, and tough as hell. I likened it to the tactics I used when beating opponents stronger than me. I could score a few points then just lag the fuck out. My buddy Matt Williams I could beat like this every time he’d try to go for my Varsity spot on the team. Sorry Matt, you probably deserved more time on the roster.

I considered myself incredibly fortunate to never have had to wrestle a girl in an actual match. I know I wouldn’t have been able to. My ex-girlfriend of eighth grade tried to come on the team sophomore year. During practice one time I got stuck in her training group. Within a few seconds of “wrestling” her I got quite “excited”. Then had to make an excuse to leave the mat/room so I could attempt to manage the teenage monster in my pants. It didn’t work, all the girls knew and laughed/giggled. Of course no animosity, as most young male minds would attempt to fabricate here, but I certainly was not ready to face such a public appraisal of my teenage spirit.

Freshman year of college a female Japanese judo champion, or so she called herself, challenged me to a match on the lawn of ERC (fifth college) “Camp Snoopy”. She seemed athletic and able-bodied enough, but all I did was pin her hips/upper leg and shoulders down and she simply wasn’t strong enough to do anything but sorta just lay there and struggle in place, making little moans and grunts as she tried to do whatever it was she was trying to do. I suspect now she was flirting with me, but at the time my Mister Peabody male brain had not been opened up to the idea of Asian women being attractive. This wouldn’t come for another couple years, at which point I’d dip repeatedly in that honey pot. As well as all the other ones. This was also the year I picked up the “MW” moniker, which has stuck with me for 19 years now. It was not some online handle I decided upon, it was bestowed upon me freshman year. I’d walk around a corner on campus and be accosted by female friends and acquaintances screaming it at me out of nowhere. I was friends with basically every girl in the dorms, I’d regularly hang out with different groups of them in their suites on my way back from classes. We’d roll to parties twenty or thirty deep, hit the beach in my clunker, or just hang out on the grassy common. Camp Snoopy was an incredibly supportive and fertile ground for aspiring young men and women. It was one of the best years of my life, I have no regrets.

It was also where I began to implement and fashion more of my own special gifts.

I didn’t hook up with a lot of my female friends, I wanted it that way, and that seemed to add to the allure. I had letters from secret admirers, girls sneaking into my bed at night waiting for me to come back, girls presenting me with their visiting girlfriends for me to hook up with. I’d play-wrestle with them sometimes. It was one of my favorite activities, to pin down my female friends or wrap them up in all sorts of funny and awkward positions just for coming to say hello. It was super fun, and it was also something I realized they deeply enjoyed, and almost seemed to need. They did not get it anywhere else that was for sure.

Fuckboys vs. Loverboys

And here we have revealed another of life’s components that Patriarchy completely missed the mark on. By demonizing female sexuality, they relegated it to either “lovemaking” or “rough sex”, and in so doing sewed the seeds of their own mediocrity and dysfunction.

Males either treat their wives in a wishy-washy fashion, attempting “sensual” lovemaking like their women are easily breakable dolls, or maybe that they themselves are easily breakable dolls. OR, they attempt some version of hyper-masculinized “rough sex” that is CLEARLY wrong, engaging in macho behaviors that can actually physically injure. Hits and slaps to the face, or rough wrenching of hips and joints, yanking or pulling of hair in awkward fashion.

I tell all my students, if a man is lucky he’ll manage to get somewhat adept at one or the other sexual implementation strategy. But never both. Because no man will risk implementing a new strategy or personal style at a moment of such vulnerability. His self-critical impulses will not allow it. And so the vast majority of men are rather helpless when it comes to improving their situation with women.

They’ll either become a “fuckboy”, one of these young men vivacious and proud of their prowess, overstating the fact the women they sleep with only call or text them up a couple times a month. They will claim that is all women are good for, but inside they will know better, they will decry the fact they can’t figure out how to make women want to hang out more often.

Or they will be the limp-wristed “lovey-dovey” provider males. The ones that spend copious amounts of time with their women, make them feel good, but never hit that spark, never hit that point of driving dominant desire. And so sometimes they get cheated on. Because women can have both. And if they can’t get it in the same place, they’ll figure out another way.

Women are calling out for it. They still love dominant men, but now you actually have to be that, show it to them. They want you to grab them and squeeze them and pin them down and love them.

Does a woman want a warrior? Or a man handicapped by his mother?

Men have football, rough sports, rough housing, activities that closely resemble rituals of war and strategy. Women want this, they want it with us. They are not fragile. They want to feel your strength pressed against them and around them. They want to experience you.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,
All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

Each are both the devil’s ploy,
But together make Jack a true alloy.

Don’t fall for the rich man’s shiny decoy,
Bring all your senses into your own employ.

The world is yours, live full and enjoy,
Stay away from pills, sino and soy.



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