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The spread and growth of the virus is clear it impedes and blocks normal functionality of the lungs, but it doesn't pass to the blood. The ACE receptor, which is susceptible to being invaded by the CCP coronavirus, exists in the lungs as well as the kidneys, but would have an incredibly hard time getting passed to the kidneys. The acidity of the gastrointestinal environment, as well as the liver's function in continuously flushing and disinfecting the body's circulation systems, ensures there's no natural ability for COVID-19 to infect the kidneys or other bodily systems. COVID-19 is limited to the respiratory system except under very rare circumstances.

There are web articles detailing kidney infections and other bodily systems affected by the condition, there are articles detailing a bioengineered source to the novel coronavirus. The media has simply played on our fears and reflected back every negative possibility imaginable.. everything from nightmares and psychoactive effects of the condition through "blood-brain barrier" passage, to chances of asymptomatic carriers and second infection and recurrences, to it being akin to a mini-HIV condition; all have played out across a myriad of media resources on the web. There has been a large concerted effort to spiral this "pandemic" out of control.

Any patient deaths where the coronavirus is present is catalogued as a COVID-19 death and is used to exacerbate public opinion and control, control, control.

There are those whose world view is more limited to germs and sickness than others, there are those who are power-hungry and seeking to control others. There are those who seek to undermine and sabotage and create panic. All of these have come to the forefront during this medical scenario.

A French basketball player and a Chinese doctor for the NBA managed to create enough of a shitshow to shut down the NBA's season for the year. THAT was the stimulus, that was the "necessary" public shock factor to spawn the shutting down of businesses across the nation and start this flood of economic panic. Otherwise socialist governors and liberal-controlled businesses would never have had the impetus "required" to initiate the economic shutdown like they did.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) a phantom condition, is "an array of painful conditions that are characterized by a continuing (spontaneous and/or evoked) regional pain that is seemingly disproportionate in time or degree to the usual course of any known trauma or other lesion." This is what the United States is experiencing now.

We need to learn the lessons here, mainly that China spawns medical outbreaks, and works hand in hand with Western media and medical sources to exploit hysteria, while curbing and stockpiling medical supplies and controlling industry supply-chains. And then we need to get back to work and continue making America great.

We do not have a "parasitic" economy, we are the land of innovation and industrial technology. We are the breadbasket and protector of the world. We have nothing to fear.


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