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The Latest Example Of COVID-19 "Death By Ventilator" In New York Hospitals

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COVID-19 is supposedly causing strokes in young people with barely any COVID-19 symptoms...

Strokes can be caused by air being forced into vascular passageways, which has been known to happen in rare instances in hospital conditions.

They can also be caused by ventilators...

From Wikipedia:
Ventilator induced pulmonary barotrauma
Trauma to the lung can also cause an air embolism. This may happen after a patient is placed on a ventilator and air is forced into an injured vein or artery, causing sudden death.[citation needed] Breath-holding while ascending from scuba diving may also force lung air into pulmonary arteries or veins in a similar manner, due to the pressure difference.[4]"

Check out the author of the Washington Post article:

She was previously the Washington Post's bureau chief in Beijing and Shanghai. In other words she's another Pro-Beijing communist journalist working in the United States.

So what is this.. "cover and concealment" for more manufactured COVID-19 deaths in New York hospitals? Clearly these COVID-19 "deaths by stroke" need to be investigated.


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