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Best Quotes, Golden Nuggets from Manwhore and the forum

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Yo, I thought it'd be great to have a collection of these that are here 'hidden' in the forum. Some are funny, some just plain value bomb, some are rather inspirational


Maybe I'm just a quote freak but if nothing else these could serve as a great marketing material for the site (some even are good for mainstream lol). Just put an image under them and ready to go ;) 


These are the ones that stood out to me to copy them:



Prioritize your dick. It is the second cumming of Jesus

It's Just Something You Have To Do If You Want To Be Great

You know you’re doing something right when you start trying to find more guys to show up!

You are acting contrary to the way your dick is designed to operate

the best thing you can give to a girl is your dick

The point of text game is to turn emotional leverage into logistical compliance.

I don’t care if she thinks we’re meeting up for a tea party, we’z gonna bang.

Nothing brings out a man's best like his honed and seasoned ability to give a woman his best.

There's not much in this life that can compare to the amazing experiences you get from becoming a master with women

Life is good, when you know how to deal with cockblocks

Last minute resistance is only a girl saying, “Ok are you SURE?”

Never seem surprised by your own amazingness ;)

Sex is surrender. You are opening up a woman and penetrating her. You need to understand this

Flaking is a constant issue. All girls flake. We flake as well. It must be managed appropriately it's pretty much impossible to prevent.

The greatest vitamin you can take is a sense of control over your life.

Cuz I know when I step to a girl, she could very well be in for one of the best nights of her life, if not longer.

Cool. When does the fucking happen

And everyone looks at you like you're God. Because you are



Lol she just texted me asking about drinks, cause I never responded to her last text....


So did 13 other girls,,,




Some chicks try hair dyes, tattoos, art, philosophy, travel and the like to fill it. They really just need a good dicking.

If you want we could also put together another topic with quotes from outside like Peterson or stuff you read or just random chicks that nailed things perfectly. 


It's Just Something You Have To Do If You Want To Be Great (MW)
I don’t care if she thinks we’re meeting up for a tea party, we’z gonna bang. (MW)
Pick Your Own Damn Sacrifice (Jordan Peterson)

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THis is an amazing idea

THis is an amazing idea bonobo. I'm gonna throw a couple in here:


'You don't appease a woman, that is weak. Wear your strength"

"If a girl acts retarded you look her in the eyes and tell her she's acting dumb and to stop. With a disapproving facial expression, demeanor, and tonality"

"Famous last words 'Where are we going'"

"I do not give her enough of me for her to be satisfied, and for her to feel like there’s no mystery left to me. I leave her wanting more. This isn’t button pushing.. this is totally fucking natural."

"I am the vagina tease from hell. This is standard game. A girl just can’t have me easily, even if I’m into her, why does she get to have me just because she might be interested?"

"If you have a strong frame, a girl will just act differently with you publicly. She’ll act shy and reserved if she feels society’s eye on her but if she’s with a guy with a strong enough frame, she’ll act like a much more emotional creature. "



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Manwhore “There is no such


”Game is life”

”BRO, they are honeys, not baby goats at a petting zoo”

my personal favorite “My dick is the cure for her migraines” lol

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This is all gold lol 

This is all gold lol 


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Lol at some of these. We had

Lol at some of these. We had a few threads like this back in the day on Rsdn. It's interesting for me to see the not so subtle shifting of my "dialogue", haha. Back in the day I discussed a lot more inner game/leadership development topics, but once Tolle came through I just sorta went pure outer game. The ramifications of this in the hornball antics of some of these quotes is definitely clear lol 


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