UPDATED: Earth to Elon Musk: Currently (Right Now) Your Platform, Twitter/X, Is Being Hacked/Subverted. I am mass replying my autism work & it’s being suppressed

By Manwhore
August 20, 2023

I got 9 likes from “Chloe” in a row. Then another 14. All with different profile pics.

I’m all over Senator Grassley, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Marsha Blackburn’s pages, as well as a dozen or so replies on Dr. Drew’s posts and dozens of replies on “ awareness” group posts. I’ll keep going, but when you figure out what they’re doing here, you solve the Twitter/X conundrum.

This happened on Facebook as well. The administrators at Facebook didn’t think my work would be well received by parents in groups. They were very wrong about this. Parents were extremely receptive, and perceptive. You cannot fool parents. They tried some medical entrapment nonsense then just shut it all down.

Edit: Now it’s all “Claire”, along with “lil snack” (yes I’ve been repeatedly threatened with cannibalism lol. Which ex-girlfriend betrayed me!!) and “SAY GAY GAY GAY”.

One of my least favorite things about this whole communist invasion of America is their forced adoption of the gay community. We will sort this out. Promise

Profile: NudeScience_com

Here’s reply:

In 2019 I solved autism. I’m a neurocognitive scientist from UC San Diego. is a lack of proper reflexive sensory motor control. All the bodily processes the baby doesn’t use in the womb must be triggered AFTER BIRTH. These are all controlled by reflexes. The entire spectrum and severity of symptoms of autism is from a lack of proper reflexive development that normal healthy babies have. Reflexes are triggered AFTER BIRTH with the postnatal maturation and innervation of the “auditory pathway” and “reflex arcs”. The auditory pathway serves as the baseline for human sensory integration with the external environment. Proper digestive and immune function is controlled by “reflex arcs” which are responsible for controlling the smooth muscle in the lining of the digestive tract, our airways, as well as triggering proper immune response. Autistic babies lack proper motor/mobility development, experience a lack of sensory integration, and have chronic digestive and immune issues. Any parents whose children have autism can see the truth in what I’m stating here. You can find out more at https://mechanicsofautism.com as well as the autism webinar at: https://rumble.com/v2ingfc-breaking-neural-mechanics-of-autism-revealed.html

P.S. The legal industry is presumably hard at work right now attempting to convince Elon Musk that my work should continue to be suppressed. Except they are the ones behind all of this global societal subversion. I do not intend to sue Twitter/X or Elon Musk. Save the children. Ignore the lawyers

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