Does She Like Me

By Manwhore
July 29, 2009

A lot of guys find they’re asking themselves “Does she like me?” MUCH more often than they would like. But the vast majority of the time it has nothing to do with whether she likes you or not!

I had a buddy ask me recently why he was always the one reengaging his fuckbuddies over text, or calling them up.  It’s the same old question just put in a different way, “Does she like me?” Sure he’d meet up with the girls and lay them, but they’d never initiate it themselves.  He began to wonder a few things; if maybe he didn’t have enough “attraction”, if his game wasn’t tight enough, if they just didn’t like him enough, or if he wasn’t being enough of the “prize”.

He asked me if freezing them out would cause them to start reengaging him more often. My answer was.. no it probably wouldn’t.  In fact most likely they’d simply take it as rejection and that’d be the end of it.  Lol

The “problem” here isn’t the level of his game at all.  It’s simply programming.  You set a precedent in an interaction with a girl; expect it to remain that way the duration of the relationship.  Humans are creatures of habit.  If you jocked her, got her number, gamed her over text or phone, got her to come out, escalated her using bad ass tactics, then laid her.. you wouldn’t expect her to start making moves on you all of a sudden.  See the precedent?  Leading is many times a one-way street.  When it initiating physical intimacy with a girl, it is almost 100% of the time.

Plus girls are very set in their ways.  They get chased ALL the time.  Sure you’re different.. but are they smart enough to see this?  And do they even realize they need to chase you?  Things that seem elementary to you might not even be in their reality.  Remember what I said..  girls are calculators

You also have to realize most girls don’t feel entitled or cannot make themselves rationalize calling up a guy when they know full well it’s simply going to lead to sex.  In fact good game might be giving a girl a mundane or easy excuse to contact you.  Make something up..

But If you’re simply a guy who makes girls feel attracted and comfortable spending time with you- with some dick on the side.. understand it’s not the kind of lifestyle that’s going to get loads of attention from girls.  In fact, a lot of girls in your life won’t even bring you around their female friends.  Think about why.

Now I’m not saying you can’t get loads of attention from girls.  But it’s not going to be from your title of Dick Master Flex.  It’s going to be because of some measure of life you provide.  Whether it’s a huge social circle, fun party vibes, drugs (not being recommended here, lol), or club promoting.

All that being said.. let’s take a look at some real ways to inspire girls to engage you.

As my buddy Natural Tim says, obviously foremost “method” is having a tight, first interaction;  i.e. you didn’t chase her, she engaged you, and you could tell she wanted to see you again.  Because if you can’t inspire a girl to want to be with you when she is directly in your presence.. don’t expect anything to happen over phone or text.

Strong sexual hooks work super well also.  Take a look at LMR Series part V for some ideas.   Those examples all resulted in lays, in two cases the girls chasing me for weeks before we were finally able to hook up.  One thing I’ll say however, is that those sexual hooks were highly calibrated to the girl- or actually, to the interaction the girl and I were having.  In other words it wasn’t game, I was simply being present with her and the sexual dialogue that ensued was a reflection of this.  You can read the post here.

Lastly, and what I want to get into more of, in this post and later ones, is the basic fundamentals of follow-up game.  Not a lot of good resources out there on this.  And the classic articles on text and phone game just don’t cut it.

Described in macro terms, its displaying a lifestyle independent of a girl, showing absolutely no need for her in your life, yet creating opportunities for her to meet up with you or engage you in fun ways.

On a micro level it comes down to the subtle language you use to reflect this abundance mentality.  But I think I’ll stop now and write this up in its own post.

Till next time, Cock Robin..

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