COVID-19 Doubletap: Italy & The Curious Case of the Happy Spring Breakers

By The Wizard Mandragora
March 30, 2020

Correlation Between Italy’s COVID-19 Pandemic & “Spring Break” Celebrations

We need to dispense with the root dangers and medical risks associated with the current “Spring Break” period. Mainstream medicine is clearly being bottlenecked to dangerous effect by politicized medical interests. U.S. medical authorities and officials get a severe downgrade for not pointing out the obvious large increased risk of contracting any viral or bacterial infection, including COVID-19, with excessive alcohol consumption which directly leads to 1) the weakening of the body’s immune system and 2) the subsequent dehydration of the body.

Both of these effects have strong, undeniable, and well understood effects on the body and immune system. Your liver is your strongest defense against viral attack. Putting moderate to heavy alcoholic loads on it daily will decrease its ability to successfully combat any potential exposure to viral or bacterial infections, including COVID-19. This is fact. It’s also fact that alcohol impairs the immune system of the respiratory track and the lungs which can lead to impaired ability to fight the virus at the first possible site of infection. Which could allow the virus to spread to other vulnerable parts of the body such as the kidneys, and cause damage, especially if the patient has a preexisting condition like diabetes or HCV. In the kidneys the virus can more quickly create blockages that impair normal healthy function, as well as suppress the liver even more from going about its normal tasks. All of these lead to the tipping point where the body can no longer overcome the spread of the virus and which leads to an overall condition of sickness, and possibly death. This is COVID-19’s main cycle of danger.

Temporarily reducing your immune system’s ability to fight off viral infection through excessive alcohol consumption is the main danger of spring break, not the lack of “social distancing”.

Why is this not being articulated by these supposed higher medical authorities? The President of the U.S. does not consume alcohol, he would not be familiar with this information. It is the job of Dr. Fauci to explain this to him and the American people. But he is not.

Instead Dr. Fauci claims to be pursuing the “gold standard” of medicinal science and immunology before giving details of potential treatments for COVID-19. Yet he’s quite open about predicting a death toll of 200,000 Americans and further claiming a much higher lethality rate for the virus than the common flu.

Is this an attempt to appeal to the idea of the medical community as being a “machine” obsessed with “perfect” science? Or is this just a full-blown medical conspiracy against the American people.

Instead of proven medical advice we are being prescribed mass “social distancing”, which is purely contrary to human nature, and ignores the basic tenets of immunology and health risk assessment in favor of mass “social shaming”.

Are we smack dab in the middle of a HUGE conspiracy perpetrated by members of the medical community? Was the media and U.S. medical community going to wait for sizable numbers of our youth to contract COVID-19 after drinking too much and then guilt trip them for not caving in to the media’s demands to maintain “social distancing”?

Instead of “doctorly advice” they’re attempting to inflict PTSD and arbitrary “social rules” set forth by the media and centralized medical establishment. Which, by the way, also conveniently serve to keep everyone alone and isolated and cut off from other people. This tactic exactly mirrors a kidnap victim falling prey to the psychological machinations of her captors in “Stockholm syndrome”. Or.. a drug addiction. The media and medical officials are acting like a bunch of drug dealers trying to get the populace fixated and hooked on a fake cure while leaving them bereft of the actual information that could protect them.

This is a massive centralized attempt to turn a highly sensationalized “epidemic” into an attempt to trade freedom for security.

The media and “medical authorities” are massively sensationalizing the lethality of this virus, thereby creating a situation where the virus can only be proven to be less lethal than the common flue IF the government pays for more tests, supplied by the medical establishment and administered by its paid personnel. Basically it’s a big medical financial “catch-22”.

This isn’t a pandemic, this is a business model. This is a clear example of a “protection racket” on the part of the medical community and politicians in liberal enclaves attempting to siphon more money and resources off the U.S. government. While further criticizing the government as ineffective when it doesn’t give in to their demands. It’s honestly a disgusting show of corruption and collusion between Democratic politicians and leftist-controlled media sources.

There has also been an influx of media celebrities, whose sole form of income is from people watching their content– for which they get paid, going online to shame and scold those not practicing “social distancing”. As if somehow not abiding by “the rules” as set forth by media-sensationalist, fear-mongering liberals, and celebrity “enforcers” scolding them on social media, will make them responsible and guilty for not doing their part in halting the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic. Yet not once are the ACTUAL increased medical health risks associated with the activities of spring break ever articulated. These people live lives of privilege and luxury and high social status. They have no place attempting to shame people or disparage their actions based on a whimsical, and admittedly temporary, view of social morality that only leaves people divided, conquered, and alone. Shame on you, celebrities.

Look at Germany’s COVID-19 response:

The most testing done in a civilized country reveals the true lethal rate of the COVID-19 condition to be about 0.5%, which is nowhere near as lethal as the U.S. media is making it out to be, but still speaks to the fact the virus represents a new pathogen that the human population is not as readily able to deal with as the common flu. No social distancing prescribed in Germany, just lots of tests to reveal the true nature of the “epidemic”.

Yet Germany may also experience a spike in rates of infection as well as deaths if Germans do not take more precautions while drinking alcohol during their upcoming spring break period.

The current COVID-19 situation in Italy right now represents the same increased risk of contracting COVID-19 associated with current spring break activities. The initial spread of the viral outbreak from Wuhan coincided with the Carnival of Venice, a historical yearly cultural and religious celebration in Italy. This year 3 million people descended upon the town of Venice, Italy, between February 8th and February 23rd to take part in the global festival.

The carnival historically consists of weeks of celebrating, drinking spirits, publicly allowed carousing, and ends with the celebration of Mardis Gras, a hugely popular event in religious and youth culture and also a popular event with young adults in the U.S.

And then for Catholics who participate, it is followed by Lent, a religious event marked by personal denial and self-sacrifice of certain personal luxuries. Basically it is a religious cultural event characterized by people celebrating and getting the rambunctiousness out of their systems before making personal sacrifices and dedicating themselves to daily devotional duties, giving up luxuries, and devoting themselves in service to others. However, all the social activities leading up to Lent are marked by large amounts of alcohol consumption. In fact there have even been reports and studies done in the last decade detailing an uptick in the consumption of alcohol by Italy’s populace.

Daily moderate to heavy drinking bring increased risks of contracting COVID-19. The vulnerability of these unsuspecting celebratory excesses are the main reason for Italy’s current COVID-19 epidemic.

Drinking large amounts of alcohol will dampen your immune system’s response, it will put a heavy workload on your liver where upwards of 90% of the alcohol you consume gets digested and processed. In other words every other process the liver is usually consumed with will be sidelined while it deals with the influx of alcohol. Your liver is tasked with some of your body’s most important functions. Your liver produces the bile needed to disintegrate food and other particles in the stomach and digestive tract such as dangerous foreign pathogens. Your liver also flushes and recycles your red blood cells, including getting rid of those infected with the coronavirus. It also produces most of the body’s lymph, the fluid that contains your white blood cells which are tasked with finding and destroying dangerous pathogens such as the coronavirus.

Sidelining your liver with lots of alcohol represents a three-fold hit to your immune system. It will slow down the liver’s ability to 1) remove dangerous pathogens from your blood, 2) produce lymph, which contains your white blood cells, your greatest defense against viral threat, and 3) will result in dehydration, a condition which weakens your body’s circulation systems overall.

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If you’re going to be drinking alcohol daily, you need to be drinking water throughout the day and night to help maintain a properly functioning liver. Regardless, drinking lots of alcohol will increase your chances of contracting COVID-19, and getting sick in general. And women who are drinking are even more at risk than men.

In fact if you want to prevent yourself from getting COVID-19, drinking in excess is quite possibly the worst thing you could be doing to your body. If you are going to be doing it for multiple days in a row, you MUST drink lots of extra water and fluids.

In fact, ladies, you are so much more beholden to the effects of alcohol on your immune system and subsequent health, it’d be advised you take it easy on the alcohol consumption this spring break. Stay hydrated and don’t tax your  body too hard, make sure you get plenty of sleep.

If you start feeling the sniffles, you should stop drinking immediately. Let your body recuperate.

Men, boys, gentlemen.. we don’t care as much about you. Do not be dumb, drink lots of water, don’t cough or sneeze on anyone. Go hang out with the ladies, show them a good time, give them your best. Hold the line. Stay with them! If you find yourself alone, riding in green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled. For you are in Elysium, and you are already dead!

Tips To Boost Immune Health

It would also be strongly beneficial to supplement your body and liver’s natural metabolic processes. Milk thistle is a proven supplement to help maintain liver health. DHEA is also known to have positive effects on liver health. Honey, especially manukah honey, is also a proven positive antibiotic boost to your immune system.

One of the most important supplements for overall immune system health is lysine. Lysine is an essential amino acid involved in protein synthesis of ALL types of bodily tissue. The body can’t produce it internally and needs it from consuming milk, animal protein, and legumes. As your body expends white blood cells, flushes out dead red blood cells, and regenerates your liver, it needs to be able to produce more cells, which requires protein synthesis. Lysine is essential to this process. It is taken regularly by Australians as the local wildlife is more dangerous than typical Westernized countries. Its insects and arachnids are nastier than America’s, the plants and snakes are more poisonous, so their immune systems are under attack more often, which has led to lysine’s wide use in Australia. In the United States there’s been a concerted effort to disparage the reputation of lysine, attempting to describe it as a treatment for herpes when in actuality it’s all around a great supplement for the immune system. If you plan on drinking lots of alcohol, take lysine. They’ve got it at Walmart.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating and drinking alcohol, just be moderate and smart in your consumption of it, supplement your body’s immune system with LOTS of water, and take milk thistle and lysine to aid in your body’s normal health-positive metabolic processes.

Also, breath through your nose instead of your mouth. Drawing air through the nostrils requires all air to first circulate through the sinus passageways which serve as the body’s initial filtering process. Mouth-breathing automatically draws air into the lungs which can lead to easier passage of the virus into the lungs where it can then cause infection.

Treatment of COVID-19
Chloroquine, an organochloride, has proven to be a successful treatment in cases of the COVID-19 condition across the globe. It also contains nitrogen, which is an important component of the medicine’s effectiveness as well. But as stated previously, organochlorides can and will exacerbate other health conditions. You should not take any variation of chloroquine without symptoms of the COVID-19 condition. Otherwise it can have a deleterious effect on your health.

The only source refuting the effectiveness of chloroquine is China:

Dr. Fauci’s “No. The answer is no” during the President’s address on the effectiveness of chloroquine as a cure was actually in response to the reporter’s question of the drug serving as a prophylaxis for the COVID-19 condition. And technically Fauci would be correct as chloroquine is NOT a preventative treatment for the COVID-19 condition, it should only be taken if symptoms of COVID-19 are present.

Was this is a bit of collusion between the NYC medical community and leftist-controlled media to skirt the question of the drug’s effectiveness over the actual condition, relying on a narrative mask to be able to negate the drug’s potential over another issue entirely? Possibly. The doctor certainly mixed up his subjects frequently, going from negating the drug as a potential preventative measure before immediately addressing the actual documented and proven medical cases of COVID-19 being treated successfully by chloroquine as “anecdotal”. Regardless of intent that’s a fair bit of narrative misleading going on.

U.S. Financial Stimulus Package & Further Dangers
It’s clear the U.S. has suffered economic damage caused by this COVID-19 epidemic.

There are those, in fact an entire culture, that consider creating the conditions for a pandemic a “legitimate attack”. Meaning this is just how they think and operate. In fact there are industries owned by the progenitors of this pandemic that are just waiting for the multi-billion dollar financial windfall from the U.S. government in the form of the CARES Act.

The United States certainly can’t work to incentivize further “pandemics” and “medical scares”.

There are clear and obvious attempts to create a shortage of paper products, to include toilet paper and medical supplies. The recent attempts to restrict carbon emissions in liberal states such as California and New York, will further impede efforts to produce these products. There is concerted hoarding going on to the detriment of others across the U.S. The situation would appear tailor-made for such an eventuality.

The Democrats have attempted to use this purported medical crisis to create more opportunities for election hacking. Pelosi’s “vote-by-mail” suggestion would guarantee election hacking. The Democrats are already complicit in their mobile app tinkering and the subsequent confusion of voting results in a recent Iowa election. The Chinese are quite public about their “adversarial hacking”. They clearly want President Trump out of office as BILLIONS of dollars worth of industry and production are at stake over his efforts to fix the trade imbalance and protect American intellectual and industrial property from theft. You cannot create an opportunity for them to hack the election because they will certainly attempt it.

Remember, these would just be considered “legitimate attacks” by the Chinese Communist Party. They are engaged in warfare, and are simply using their global media resources to push propaganda to disguise their efforts. This is the difference between dealing with a rival superpower such as Russia, who competes well with you, causing mutually escalating improvements, versus a global superpower that is only interested in sabotage while creating a cheap counterfeit product to flood the market and cause the further ruination of all involved.

The prosecutorial arm of the U.S. legal system has become more and more tainted by Communist ideals. They have become so bold as to weaponize the First Amendment and publicly attack and attempt to destroy American institutions. An obvious public example of this is the college admissions scandal featuring multiple celebrity parents. Though they have attempted to sideline the main discussion of clear and present violations of the First and Fourth Amendments, with William “Rick” Singer’s handwritten notes defining his behavior as coercive, that’s just bait. The real issue is that William “Rick” Singer, acting as an agent of USC, was able to collect money from parents and enroll their children into USC. So you have an agent of an educational institution, entrapping parents and criminalizing their actions just by “redefining” what they say and “agree” to, while he handles all the actual criminal corrupt behavior. This is a complete subversion and criminalization of the First Amendment, by an agent of a public institution, which is a Fourth Amendment violation, being manipulated and tricked into committing a cluster of vaguely defined “thought crimes” based on how much money they were tricked into handing over. Yet the media boldly claiming that the couple faces 50 years in prison if they lose. So the media is the residing judge handing out prison sentences now?

These are clear violations of the Constitution. This should never have made it to court, these people should never have been prosecuted, Rick Singer’s actions are regulated and supervised by USC, and they should be investigated. But instead the Full House actress and her husband are forced to pay a $1,000,000 bond to stay out of jail while they “argue” the legalities.

This is COMMUNISM. This is how communists attempt to take over people’s rights, by asserting that THEY can redefine your actions and your words to fit whatever narrative they want. That is the control mechanism of communism. That IS how it subverts human self-determination and individualism, by redefining your words and actions to fit a crime they can then use to turn you into a slave.

The American Democratic party is clearly under the influence of Communism. Those attempting to use a stronghold, minority “rule of law” to establish control of industry, production, and society. Until the government is simply capable of “manufacturing” a mass epidemic as a means of coercive control over its populace, and the world’s. They do not care about right and wrong, they do not care about morality or fair play or American ideals, they only care about control of resources. They hate the Bible as it is the most powerful driving force of human development and achievement. If the Democrats win this next election, America falls to Communism. America loses. The great American experiment dies, and along with it, Western Civilization. Lights out. That would be it. No one else has proven to be successful against their legalist machinations and acts of state sabotage. There has been only one person capable of standing up to the awful onslaught of legalist imperialist conquest by the Chinese Communist Party against the world, and that is President Trump.

And this is exactly why we have an executive branch of the United States government, so as to be able to elect a single individual who can bring to bear all national resources to defend against its enemies, both foreign and domestic. If you split the decision-making apparatus into too many parts, you create a state of political “cardiac arrest” where not enough members of an equal status governing body can come together to cross the threshold and control the resources required to defend the nation and its interests. The media’s attempts to paint the Senators as being defined by individual interests during the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump was such an example. This was a clear attempt to turn every Senator for themselves, tricking them into sacrificing their real power and influence to a Communist beast they’d immediately lose control of. There is also a furtive idea whispered about in liberal circles of making the act of War a sole power of Congress instead of a power divested to the Executive branch. This is a trick, this would immediately result in the United States going into a state of political “cardiac arrest”. All the members of Congress firing mismatched and out of sync, would not be able to singly muster the nation’s defenses to defend against attacks. It would mean the ruination and dissolution of the United States. And this is their true aim. This is why attempts to appeal to the “fair” nature of these “political” adversaries will never work. These are laughable to them. You cannot appeal to fair play with an adversary who is pursuing your destruction.

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