“Class Action” and/or Derivative Lawsuits Against the Biden Administration for Coercing Mask and mRNA Vaccine Mandates

By Manwhore
June 2, 2022

The People have standing.

He held his “presidential addresses” coercing businesses into invoking mask mandates and Covid-19 mRNA vaccine mandates (an experimental drug treatment) in a cooked up tv production studio outside the White House. He did this on purpose so as to falsely evoke presidential executive authority.  He coerced American businesses into invoking mask mandates that actually spread respiratory infections, and enacting lockdowns that destroyed America’s middle class. Biden and his Democrat henchmen are responsible for killing tens of thousands of Americans, stealing millions from middle class America, and enacting lockdowns that resulted in billions in property theft from middle class America. And he is currently busy pushing an agenda to unleash sexual deviants onto America’s children, just to keep America busy while they continue their blatant thievery.

He is a monster. His son is a monster.

They are communists. And this is their plan. Reduce the working class to peasants, devour all property and means of production, control transportation and force society into dependency.

China is their template. If they can reduce Americans to depending on them for their means of energy and transportation by forcibly transitioning them to depend on the push of a button to get their electricity, their mobility, their means of survival, they win. In China when a region or village complains against the government, they simply turn off their electricity/gas/water.. until the resistance and noncompliance.. stops.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a cop, a teacher, an intellectual, a tradesman, student or soldier. Just the simple push of a button in China can turn off your electricity, your gas, your water. Welcome to the new world order.

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