Biden’s COVID-19 Plan Will Continue to Weaponize the Chinese Pandemic as Damaging Attacks Against the United States

By The Wizard Mandragora
September 28, 2020

  • Biden’s COVID-19 plan will continue to weaponize the Chinese pandemic as damaging attacks against the United States, while the deaths, destruction and economic losses typically associated with war are ignored and dismissed under the guise of “pandemic”.
  • Biden’s military plan includes 1) “cutting back on arms sales to nations where there are human rights concerns.” This is an extremely pro-Chinese policy disguised as Democrat rhetoric. This would remove U.S. influence from the equation as it would remove any ability to enforce treaties, fair trade agreements, and international order. This would essentially be handing the reins off to China who not only has zero qualms about arming conflicts around the world, but has already used this same tactic to their own advantage on a massive scale. “Conflict mining” in Africa, sponsored in part by China, shut down Australia’s entire titanium mining industry, as China continued to hog the world’s natural mineral resources and flooded markets with cheap steel to tank the global steel market.
    • This is the same tactic that will allow China control over the South China Sea.
  • 2) Biden’s plan to overturn ban on transgender people in military”
    • We know what the progressives do with “inclusiveness”. They do what James Comey did with the FBI. In James Comey’s autobiography he literally defines government discrimination against Americans when he describes holding entrance classes “38% ethnically diverse”. America is 73% Caucasian. That’s literally the definition of government discrimination. Democrat talk of “packing the Supreme Court” follows this same strategy.
  • Biden’s “bring civil rights division to White House”. In other words Biden wants to bring Comey’s dysfunction into the White House.
  • Biden’s “Firm on China” stance – Simply equates to removing public oversight, in fact removing the interests of Americans completely when dealing with the Chinese. These “councils” he talks about building to keep China accountable, aren’t accountable at all to the American people, they’re only accountable to the money. And the CCP steals from its own people en masse and uses these funds to pay off American officials.
  • Biden’s Riot Violence & Crimes Strategy equates to “Bag’em ‘n tag’em”. The Democrats will let them wreck their own cities and destroy their very means of building revenue to defend themselves against government authoritarianism. Divide the population, confuse the message, dilute common goals, and then conquer and enslave the “protestors” to the prison-industrial complex.
  • Mueller’s “Collusion investigation”, Agent Barnett & the FBI – they took everyone who wasn’t clearly biased against President Trump, who might actually raise legitimate questions about the Russian collusion investigation, and put them all onto Mueller’s investigation team essentially forcing them into a corner and creating a situation that dictated they were only allowed to talk about the investigation in terms of possible collusion with Russia. It was a rather brilliant foreign counterintelligence move, perpetrated by communist infiltrators of our national security agencies.
    • Comey and McCabe presided over the biggest fuck-up in the history of the FBI, and then wanted Mueller responsible for the whole thing by putting him in charge of the investigation to find evidence of collusion with Russia, as in, “It’s your FBI, right?”
    • The REAL question is, will Mueller let his entire career of protecting the U.S. be turned into a final betrayal of his country? He clearly needs to do some “environmental cleanup” on the office of the President of the United States.
  • Without the label of a “pandemic” the vastly inferior policies of NY Gov Cuomo’s policies regarding the handling of COVID-19 would clearly stand out. Instead the Democrats have turned awful local democrat governor responses into a national referendum on the President, while they continually sabotage their states and whine for more federal funds.
  • Framing of Flynn – The point of accusing Flynn of the Logan Act, when he was clearly working in the best interests of America during his supposed breach of the law, was to ascertain how to get away with it themselves. This was the point of the Trump collusion investigation, when he’s clearly fighting and working for American interests while defending the free world. Yet China treats Governor Newsom and California like a vassal state, abusing them financially in clear view (Gov Newsom pays China $1 BILLION for faulty medical masks), and Gov Cuomo calls COVID-19 the “European virus” in a direct refutation of facts while forcing thousands of elderly patients into nursing homes to die. And while China pays off the Bidens with billions while American industries are kept shuttered and closed.
  • “Cuties” .. Netflix claims they’re “against child sex”. So will they claim they’re creating a tracing service for potential pedophiles? Disgusting.
    • This female creator of “Cuties” is not allowed to claim feminism over cheap immoral greed and clear sexual trafficking and exploitation of children.
    • They claim lofty goals, but the reality is barbarism. An “emerging market” for “protecting children” that only exists because it endangered children in the first place.

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