Ask Biden How Much An 8 Year Old Child Will Pay For “Gender Treatments” Over The Course of Their Entire Lifetime

By The Wizard Mandragora
October 21, 2020

The President has shown himself to be masterful in bolstering American medicine and industry, fighting a NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) attack on American soil using the resources of American medicine, industry, and capitalism.

And now he wants to subsidize the treatments he received to be free for all Americans.

Who else turned a global viral pandemic into a paid vacation for Americans while he bitch slapped the coronavirus with HCQ and Regeneron and told America to sit tight while he handled things?

Not China. Not the Democrats

The Democrats don’t want you to get better. They want you to wear masks and stay in lockdown. Self-isolation, like human batteries.

Democrat state governors badmouth the American Brand while President Trump works masterfully and unflinchingly to protect America’s interests and America’s people.

Biden wants to claim he’d handle the virus better. Yet he’s got absolutely NO concrete plans or details on handling the virus. All we can judge him by is his Democrat governor allies who grinded the American economy to a halt, forced lockdowns and medical masks, and stalled on stimulus funds.

Endless wars. Endless pandemics. Endless medical bills and taxes.

Now Biden’s trying to portray the President as betraying his medical base and capitalist roots by attacking him with transgender eight year olds. As if decrying the forced mental subversion of our youth by “mental health professionals” entrenched in socialism is attacking capitalism. The Democrats will weaponize ANYONE to go after the POTUS.

President Trump wants to let the people get back to work and be productive and happy in the way they choose. Not with a monkey on their back. Not while being subjected to subversive “mental health” practitioners that “encourage” developmental disorders on our youth while forcing us to wear medical masks like a state-mandated religious covering from Iran. In Iran there’s no separation of church and state. In America they’re trying to say there’s no separation of state and the medical industry.

Final Thoughts
At first I thought Kristen Welker was Latina, but come to find out she’s mixed Native and Black American. Well either/or, I can personally attest that either one of these yelling at you can be quite alluring. I’m sure Toobin will be “tuning in”.

If/when Biden lies then hits the mute button, I imagine the proper response might be “The “very fine people hoax is a lie/[insert random hoax] but your family’s corrupt ties to China and Ukraine’s Burisma are not.

Just a personal question out of curiosity.. is Hunter Biden technically an employee of the Chinese military?

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