Anti-LR: Miss Hell Kitten

By Manwhore
September 1, 2009
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Not totally sure it’s a good idea to post this up.  If I get comments that give me concern I’m going to consider taking it down.  However there’s  a LOT to learn here..

This took place about a year ago as I was driving back across the U.S. after exiting the military. I stayed with some buddies in Texas who were running their own “on the side” seduction company. I’m from California, so of course I have a baseless irrational bias against Texas. They’re like our cross-town rivals. But I went over there and damn it was a bad ass place. Didn’t surprise me they’d followed the route and vibe that California had established long ago 😉

One thing I want to say about my two buddies in Texas that I’ll also be bringing up in #2000. They were two dudes who handled their business. There was just a certain level of accomplishment and drive to them. And they were young dudes. Just set apart by their motivation and ability, and the air of purpose and initiative to them. I have other buddies in the community that I feel I have to wipe their ass for them. They weren’t the type to go to a club, fuck around then go home and smoke weed or play Hovercraft II: Rise of the Cock’oids. They were involved in the running of their own lives, had a plan for shit. Refreshing to say the least; I got to show up and become a part of their lives for a little while.

Anyways we go to a club in Dallas Fort Worth. I think that’s the name of the city, one of the nicest cities I’ve ever been to in my life. The club is Purgatory. Top floor has a heaven theme, middle floor has a “earth” theme, and bottom floor has a hell theme. Pretty fuckin’ cool idea actually, they just didn’t pull it off that well.

Anyways my two buddies are showing me around. They’re hosts so I can tell they feel compelled to demonstrate their social skills or something. I find this humorous, especially as it COMPLETELY puts them in their heads and they can’t do shit. Lol. Anyways I grab them and circle us up. The importance is us and our time, not value-scanning for the next set. We circle up and vibe. Then we hit a group of girls standing by the window. I go in with NOTHING and just stand there bullshitting. It’s cool and we get some phone numbers. Keep going doing our thing. Nothing really stands out besides this and this happened over a year ago besides..

Anyways the only other thing I remember is the part that matters. I see two hotties walk by. I grab the fuck out of them and pull them in. I’m like in their faces. Seriously I know that for most of the time our foreheads are pressed together. This is what you call being in set.

Hard to describe this but it’s important. Obviously it’s not a routine, more a headspace I’m in where when I talk to someone, usually a girl, I’m completely dominating everything, my headspace is completely focused on her and I’m demanding her attention and her response. There’s not a thought in my head of whether my open is good, or what she’s doing, or even if I’m attracted to her or not. It’s more like WHOOSH we’re in a bubble and I’m her reality for that time. We’re completely focused on each other.

Anyways I’m face to face with this girl, I remember actually having my left eyeball to her right eyeball and one hand is holding her around her neck and my other hand is holding onto the other girl. I’m talking but obviously the important thing is what I’m subcommunicating to her. Plus I find the content of what I “want” to say to her is really not what’s going on here, more the headspace I happen to be in that makes me such a force when I’m talking to someone.

So ya I hit her like a rhino and she’s quite enthralled. Apparently she’s there as a date of some rich dude who is off to the side somewhere watching this all go down. The girl she’s with is her sister and she’s some eastern European honey. We make plans for hanging out after the club but us guys can’t get our shit together so it doesn’t go down.

I believe I call her the very next day. I’ll post the phone audio here shortly:

Anyways she invites us over to their place to hang out that night. We show up and let her know we’re at the gate to her complex and so she is going to come out to let us in. Before she gets there we’ve managed to get in the gate, I see her coming and get out of the car while my buddies are parking. She gets closer and I can see her sister is there, along with 3 or 4 dudes.

This is probably one of those moments that will completely set the tone of the interaction for the rest of the night. Obviously this is not what is going on in my head. I do remember seeing how hot she is tho. Blond blue-eyed 5’8”, with a volleyball player body and pretty much a perfect face. Her sister is really cute too, and I ALWAYS prefer brunettes over blondes but this one was just that hot.

Anyways I walk up and grab her to pull her into a hug. Other guys simply don’t matter. I ask the guys their names and who they are. My buddies come up and introduce themselves. I announce it’s time to go in and we all start walking.

We walk in, she sits down on the couch. Her sister sits down on the other couch. The other guys meander in and kinda stand around aimlessly, not really knowing where to sit. I plop down right next to hottie. The guys all kind of meander to different locations. The next part of the night is just me free-flowing commentary on what’s on the t.v., the vibe of the group, and whatever else PTSD content pops into my head.

At one point she gets up, I slap the shit out of her ass. Like fucking WAIL on it.  I think in MY head, she was wearing a big naked bulls eye on her ass.  She turns around shocked and looks at me, poised to gauge my reaction. I look up at her with a nice smirk. She likes it, she pretends she’s going to hit me and I don’t react. She walks off with a little smile.

At another point I realize she’s super-intelligent. She says something and I look at her with semi-surprise. I tell her, “You’re really smart..!” Full authentic. She likes this a lot and softens noticeably. I’ve accepted her for something besides being a hot piece of meat. Not that I really needed to do this, more that it added depth to our relationship.

She gets up some time later, I can smell a shift on her. She goes into her room. I get up after a bit and follow her, I can just tell there’s a window of opportunity here. She’s lying on her bed playing with something. I lay down next to her, kind of on top of her and pull her into me. Nuzzle against her neck and cuddle her. She approves and squirms against me. After a bit I get up and walk back into the living room.

I haven’t really talked about the other 4 dudes there. They came out with the girls thinking they were establishing ownership but that didn’t work out at all. Then of course I sit down right next to her on the couch and dominate the interaction. They were cool guys and my buddy said they sat there and watched it all unfold with respect. At some point they all get up and leave, they’d seen enough and knew there was no point to sticking around.

Anyways the other girl and my buddies go into the kitchen and start making food. My buddy has a genius idea to isolate me with my girl. He burns the shit out of the food and announces that they have to leave to get some. My girl says “Ya go get food!” So my two buddies and her sister leave. That makes it just her and I.. 8 )

I lay her out across her couch and start mackin’ her. She lays there subserviently as I manhandle her hotness. I take her top off, then her jeans as she just lays there. Her body is fucking gorgeous, she’s got a lot of shapely feminine muscle definition. I think she must do some kind of sport. Anyways I’m in her panties and I figure I don’t want to bang her on her couch as this would be uncomfortable. So I decide I’m going to take her into her bedroom. I go to lift her up and gawdamn she’s heavy. I’d had shoulder surgery not too long before and I’m not up to my usual level of strength.

Now here’s the definining moment.. I could have lifted her and taken her into her room. Instead I made an attempt, realized I didn’t want to and so stopped. But what she perceived was that I wasn’t able to lift her. And I didn’t say anything at all about it. Anyways I go back to mackin’ her bod, and her eyes fly open with this super wild look to them. She says almost with a snarl, “What are you doing.”

Shit is no longer cool. She’s in some kind of animal state, sits up and tells me to back off. Of course I act like nothing is wrong. I maintain my positive dominant state as she calls her sister to make her come back home quicker. She throws shit tests at me which I don’t care about. She starts to calm down.

I remember about two years ago taking a girl back to her place that I’d only met an hour before, this hottie taller than me, being macked on by several guys, even having to amog her expected date over the phone so I could go home with her. This dude was literally on the street walking to meet her, she hands me the phone when he calls, I handle it nicely but firmly and homeboy walks back home. Anyways I’ve got her bent over her bed, pull out and when I go back in accidentally slip and she thinks I’m trying to put it in her ass. She pulls something off that’s somewhere between a “dolphin” and an “angry dragon”. A dolphin is where you go to stick it in her ass, she looks back over her shoulder, and imagine Flipper going “eheh eheh eheh”. The angry dragon is where you cum in a girl’s mouth and she’s not expecting it, she’s chokes and snorts it up her nose and out, by accident, but she’s also angry at the same time. Hence the term “angry dragon”. So ya she does one of those and I have to calm her back down unreactive/positive. Finally she calms down, then slowly enters sexual state, then asks me why I’m leaving lol. She’d thrown her clothes on immediately but I lift her skirt up and go back to work on her pussy, wrapping those luscious thighs of hers around me and fuck her.

I just really like adding sections like that to my stuff   8 ).

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Anyways this girl pulls something similar, but whereas the other one was a raging brush fire, this one is more a searing hot coal type. Anyways she’s back on the couch and after about ten minutes I’ve managed to calm her down and we’re having fun again. So I lay her back out and undress her again, as she’d put her clothes back on. This time around I know better than to attempt to lift her, besides that shit’s gay. So I announce to her matter of factly, “so are you a big baby or can you walk your ass into your bedroom”. She looks at me and I look back at her calmly. She walks into her bedroom, turns off the light and we get on her bed together.

I fuck up again. : ). Since I knew her sister was on her way home, and I feel I’m somewhat in a rush, I start getting it on with her but not congruently to how I’d handled things with her before. At one point I grab her panties and yank them off her, possibly putting off a rushed vibe, and I remember I wasted time trying to find my fucking condom. This was probably the worst part as she laid there in the dark listening to me fumble around. I REALLY should have had a on me..  Anyways everything that happened past a certain point led to a particular perception of things on her part. Anyways I finally get my shit together and am on top of her, when she announces “Wait baby. I want the light on so I can see you.” I get off her and she tells me to walk with her, so I walk with her as she fumbles to find the light switch. Light turns on and I realize she’s got a knife at my throat.

Yes.  I had a nice sharp serrated knife to my throat.  Apparently she had a knife with her in the bed somewhere.. for situations just like this?

Anyways she acts real threatening and tries to act tough with it, but she realizes pretty quick that this has had no effect on me whatsoever. So she runs away and out into the living room. I come around the corner and she’s standing by the couch, the knife out in front of her. She tells me to leave and holds the knife out in front of her. She looks so fucking cute, standing there completely naked, I stare at her lil vagina lips and laugh at her. In fact I probably could have kept at it, calmed her down and stayed with her, but all this time her sister had been waiting in the car with my buddies (they’re delaying her) and her sis calls to tell her to get her ass back there.

Anyways sister comes up, I’ve gotten dressed, and I leave. I definitely regret what happened. I thought about calling her to settle things down but I never did.  My buddy, who’s a coach for a different company, told me he’d have knocked her the fuck out, lol.  I’ve still got her number, if I’m ever visiting again I’ll give her a call.

Things to take away:
Lift weights – (j/k, this was not the real issue)
Don’t be lazy
Manage perceptions. Helps to always be transparent
Some girls are fucking nutz
Other guys, or a perceived difficult social situation means nothing. Focus on yourself and what you want.

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