An Open Letter Regarding Google’s Massive Corruption/Defrauding of Traditional Science & Medicine (Updated 10-4-21)

By The Wizard Mandragora
September 28, 2021

Google is heavily incentivized to hide certain aspects of traditional science and medicine because of past legal troubles, while fueling their unrelenting drive for profit over the human condition.

Google’s past SERP results for were FILLED with sensationalized propaganda, claims that inducing the cry from a newborn babe was abuse, along with scattered scornful depictions of the past policy of doctors paddling babies’ bottoms to induce its cry. Google’s SERP results for autism weren’t just filled with this propaganda, it was the only thing Google serps were displaying. Yet the practice of midwives and doctors paddling a baby and inducing its cry is an ancient practice even spoken of in the Bible. So-called scientists “studying” autism even used Chinese propaganda to support their claims.

In actuality, the stimulus at birth that induces the baby to cry jump starts the postnatal innervation of the vestibulocochlear nerve. The stimulus, the baby’s cry, and the feedback the baby hears upon its cry being echoed back by the external environment serves as the initial coordination of the baby’s sensory integration. Everything starts with the sense of sound as it is the only sense that can sync to the baby’s own output (the cry) and listen to the response (echo). This is how the baby learns to spatially encode the physical environment. It is well known we are not born with a developed sense of vision but not only that, the sense of vision does not include any sort of feedback response, could never serve as any sort of initial sensory coordination.

The post birth innervation of the auditory pathway represents the baseline physics of human sensory integration with the external environment.

This same stimulus at birth also serves to awaken the baby and signal to it that it needs to begin processing food on its own and begin using its own airwaves. The *saccules and inner membranes in the inner ear are responsible for our sense of “proprioception”, syncing with similar mechanoreceptors in the body, AND create the “reflex arc” of smooth muscle involuntary endogenous bodily processes to synapse at the spine rather than percolate up to the brain with the millions of other signals received throughout the body to be processed in random order. The stimulus is necessary to provide a strong enough stimulus to begin involuntary smooth muscle processes that are not under conscious control.

This is the reason why autistic babies are fickle eaters, typically fail breastfeeding, and are chronically constipated. Their endogenous digestive responses aren’t properly coordinated. The noted absence of “gut flora” in autistic babies versus normal babies follows the same logic.

Google has now filled “autism” SERPs with links from the NIH, who are highly incentivized to perpetuate the myth. Google allowed foreign and corrupt domestic influences to control their search results in the pursuit of profit, and the results have been HORRENDOUS.

And what is Google’s background? The internet’s original porn librarian?

It is no wonder Google no longer operates by the motto “Do no evil.”

Foreign influence has already been implicated in the propagation of these “progressive” hospital policies that perpetuated the epidemic of the last couple decades, but Google has also profited in the prolonging of the autism myth while also flagrantly weaponizing it to attack an employee thereby protecting its own interests.

This employee was a conservative engineer by the name of James Damore. James Damore was fired for raising resistance against the influx of leftist infiltration of Google’s workforce, spearheaded by Liz Fong-Jones. I strongly suspect that Liz Fong-Jones infected Google’s worker/user chat interface with bots and “AI” to create the appearance of having a support base larger than it was in reality.

The point is to make a lot of trouble.. and then blame conservatives. By gaslighting conservative concerns as “causing trouble”, they can conceal who actually IS causing the trouble. Why? So they can give Google engineering and “control” jobs to non-American workers, control the means of industry and production, and the flow of information in America to its detriment.

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