AMA World Class Neurocognitive Scientist.. Using “Artificial Intelligence” to Enhance Video or Graphic Evidence in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial was a COMPLETE Fabrication

By Manwhore
November 17, 2021

I am literally the scientist that reported to the USG and U.S. Army that the Chinese have been attempting to use fake science to artificially bolster and MASSIVELY exaggerate the capabilities of “AI”, to cover for their hacks of national defense agencies and American technology. I won’t go over too much of the specifics here except to say that I compiled the ENTIRE span of fake mathematics and physics China and its allies attempted to use. And now here these “lawyers” are attempting to use the same fake science to submit falsified evidence. I put lawyers in quotes to emphasize the fact these “lawyers” are not operating within the bounds of the law. These lawyers should be disbarred. It is full on clown world.

There is no clearer evidence that the American legal industry is operating in collusion with China to take down male-centric culture and institutions in America in order to make it easier to invade and take over.

Here are some of my singular unique and world class qualifications for stating WHAT EVERYBODY ALREADY FUCKING KNOWS ABOUT THE FAKE VIDEO EVIDENCE the prosecution submitted in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial:

– I have a degree in neurocognitive science from the University of California, San Diego. It is the university that actually founded the science and was ranked the all-around #1 university in the world while I was there. It seems the current cog sci department has slightly descended into “arts and crafts day” since my era, but while I was there the department (and the degree) was based on neuroscience, biology, psychology, mathematics, programming, and… wait for it… artificial intelligence.

– At university I participated in military experiments involving artificial intelligence. This was very intricate work. I won’t explain much here as I don’t feel the need to offer intel to China and its American legal industry allies, but suffice to say AI development is incredibly intensive and complicated work, AND, operates solely to bolster and support human capabilities. The idea that AI can somehow operate on its own without human involvement is full on clown world. Social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter are not tech companies, they are MARKETING companies. Every attempt by these marketing companies to claim AI capabilities is only to cover for their own human tinkering of their platforms while simultaneously attempting to claim impartiality and objectivity.

– I was trained in vehicular and weapons platform identification as an armor officer. In my case it wasn’t just identification, it was understanding the physics and real world capabilities of vehicles and weapons. I also worked with advanced targeting systems and several various training platforms centered on artificial reality.

– I’m the scientist that caught and reported the Chinese using fake math and physics to cover for their hacks. They were trying to use “AI” as a cover for their spying and stealing and hacking of American technology and national defense platforms. I have it all detailed out SPECIFICALLY. This wasn’t just about stealing and copying American technology, it was about being able to track U.S. military assets and covering for their knowledge of it by claiming advanced AI capabilities.

– My work discovering the baseline physics of human sensory integration with the external environment based on audition, NOT vision, completely nullifies and expunges these amateur magic hour efforts by the Chinese and their DNC allies to fabricate artificial reality based on “AI”. The massive limitations of the AI used in “driverless technology” is a clear example of the fundamental truth of sensory representation of, and integration with, the physical environment. The Chinese and their allies have attempted to alter science and public understanding of science by using their graphic design capabilities to convolute basic science and mathematics. It is literally a visual “sleight of hand”, it is at its core simply using visual distraction to obscure and hide the true fundamental physics of reality.

In a nutshell, China, these lawyers, and these marketing companies, are attempting to use “AI” as a cover for their cheating, hacks and cheap tricks.

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