After Decades of Betraying Fiduciary Duty to U.S. Citizens Under Constitution, Judges and Lawyers Are Now Stuck Playing Idiot Games of Charades

By Manwhore
December 17, 2021

After decades of lawyers and judges abusing and preying on defendants’ lack of knowledge of their rights under the Constitution, betraying their own professional and fiduciary duties to properly advise clients and defendants of their rights by advising them NOT to testify in their own defense (which is by far their most effective defense), judges and lawyers are now stuck trying to play idiot games of charades. Regina Chu, the judge handling Kim Potter’s case asked her if she still wanted to testify. Potter responded, “Yes, your honor. I’ll testify.”

The judge then asked again “You don’t need any more time to think about that?”

No, you moron. She will testify on her own behalf. Of course she will testify on her own behalf.

Kim Potter’s own lawyers, “Uhh.. we thought about it long and hard, and yes she will testify.” (paraphrased)

Idiot charade games.

Oh and Judge Chu? She’s Chinese, eh? Is everyone aware of how the Chinese have been using their “adversarial hacking” tactics on the U.S. Constitution and the legal systems of Western countries? (Besides France, of course. Because they’re socialists already.)

That was their big contribution to the 2020 election rigging. To Brexit. To “climate change” activism. To shuttering American chemical and aerospace refineries.

They “hack” the system looking for legal exploits. But the Constitution is airtight. Perfect forward security. So all it comes down to is blaring in-your-face illegal tactics such as what was pulled off on election integrity before the 2020 election.

Or “social messaging”.

“Oh I’m going to let my lawyer do ALL the talking for me.”

Bullshit. Most lawyers are piranhas and will totally and completely sell you out to the slave network of the American legal industry.

“Oh the Constitution only works for a righteous society. Otherwise it falls apart.”

Absolute nonsense. The Constitution is a robust legal doctrine, it is the bedrock of America’s foundation, and it continues to protect its citizens from both foreign encroachment and domestic abuse.

What’s obnoxious is the games the Democrats are currently playing with the legal system to cover for their own blatant predation through this same system of “justice”. They let looters and thieves and drug dealers go free to wreak havoc on the streets while Mayor Breed’s own brother is locked away for 44 years for involuntary manslaughter. Involuntary. 44 YEARS. That is completely screwed up. The system is clearly upside down.

Democrats don’t want actual prison reform, they’re too busy making money off keeping prisons full. So they cover their ass by releasing a bunch of idiot delinquents back onto the streets to sell the message that no reform is needed in the criminal justice system.

Does anyone actually fall for that?

The Democrat Party is the party of slavery. Always has been. Still is.

Now “legal professionals” are busy attempting to sow literal corruption into the fabric of our legal system and systems of commerce and industrial oversight as if it’s actually legitimate doctrine. “Oh it’s part of human nature, it’s just part of the landscape. You have to allow for it.” Just so the piranhas can make more money while they suck the blood out of true industry and creativity. This goes hand in hand with China’s culture of simply going along with the “moral fabric of the times”, even though they’re also the ones introducing the corruption, the shortselling and the inferior products and services.

I’m curious. What did we ever do to China? Except protect them? I certainly never was part of this anti-Chinese onslaught. Some of my Chinese students made me the proudest. Until they attempted to destroy me. With help from the American legal system and “law enforcement”.

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