Speeding Trap! (Cops & B.S. Social Conditioning)

By Manwhore
January 31, 2012
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So I’m blitzing down the road.. ocean on my right..  some shitty apartment buildings on my left..

…and all of a sudden I see, about half a block away, a motorcycle cop step out into the road and flag me down to get me to pull over.  So he can give me a ticket.  So I can pay the hefty fine.  And get the point on my driving record.. and go through ALL the hassle of going to court blah blah.

Needless to say I was not at ALL interested in any of this so I kept going.

Apparently this was rather shocking for him.  He kind of paused.. and then ran back to his bike to pursue me.  I made a right turn, then made a left, then belted around and pulled into a parking lot.  Where I stopped and began chatting with random buddies on the phone as all of a sudden I had 10 minutes to kill.

The interesting thing (why I wrote this up), was my initial reaction to this situation.  A cop flags you down you’re supposed to pull over.  But I didn’t want to.  Not only that I was very relaxed about the situation (stayed present), and this allowed me to see through the situation.  I could ignore the guy and hightail it out of there, and even if he did catch me I’d simply say what the fuck are you talking about I didn’t see you.

But more than likely I’d get clean away.  Sure there was risk, but I did not allow fear to have a role in this.  And social conditioning could kiss my fucking ass.

This was an interesting topic to me as I’d seen a few threads up recently about dealing with cops.  I’ve got TONS more cop stories but figured I’d come out with this one ‘cuz it just happened and it’s funny as shit.


P.S. You choose what to be accountable for and responsible for.  You do not let a cop, or society, choose it for you.

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