Podcast #2 “Girls Love Dick”

By Manwhore
April 4, 2011
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Hey! Manwhore here..

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In this episode we discuss:

– Why recording podcasts while not wearing any pants is kinda awkward when its two d00ds
– Why home invasion is NOT a good way of getting laid (actually that’s total bullshit I HAVE gotten laid thru home invasion)
– Q & A for casanovacrew guys including phone game & “warm approaches”
– Manwhore’s #1 tactic for fast sexual escalation
– X-rated story time
– Blowjob poker (including semi-awkward sound effects)
– Why when girls feel this is your IDENTITY- they are down for ANYTHING
– Brian breaks down his endgame escalation
– How to communicate that giving you head is a way for a girl to get closer to you (which is what she wants)
– How to tell a girl she’s not being slutty by sucking your cock
– How to tell a girl she IS being slutty by sucking your cock ; )


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