Laid..! Strict Islamic Student Overcomes Religious Upbringing & Discovers How GOOD He is at “Game”!

By Manwhore
January 16, 2015
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What’s going on fellas, this is a lay report from an alumni of my Skype coaching program. I worked with him extensively to blast through his strict religious Islamic upbringing. For those of you that aren’t aware what that means, basically he wasn’t even allowed to talk to girls for most of his life! His father allowed zero contact with women aside from those in his immediate family, and in fact sex was taboo outside of the strict institution of marriage. Needless to say we had a lot of inner work to do AS WELL as developing his ability to converse and speak with authority to women (he had zero knowledge of this). After guiding him through a couple of failed attempts with different women, he started connecting all the dots and started being able to go out and meet women and become sexually intimate with them. Come to find out this dude is smooooth. Ha! Who would have known..

If you want more details on the Skype coaching program, go here:

Lay report begins below:

What up gangsters!

I’ve given a brief introduction about myself in my other 3-month training with MW-thread, so I’m gonna be very brief here. I’m 32, been gaming for about 1½ yrs. Until recently, only been laid with paid happy time girls. Raised strictly Islamic and given the motherload of limiting beliefs hammered into me since childhood – beliefs (and therefore behavioural patterns) that didn’t surface until my training with MW. Only lately have I been able to do something about them. So, I’m basically just throwing this report out there to share my happiness and to give encouragement.

This Monday: around 8 pm me and some friends are at our local train station (we sometimes hang here for hours to pick up chicks). I see this beautiful blonde Scarlett Johansson look-alike walking calmly out of a store. She’s immersed in the music she’s listening to, with her big red headset. She’s got red lipstick on.. Damn! What is it with the color red on women!! Immediately EVERYONE else on my radar vanish. Things go in slow-mo. I take in her youthly beauty and get a sexual charge. I amplify that charge by imagining fucking her. I’m pulled towards her and I stop her from the front, compliment her and give a lil tease. I have NO thought in my head (“no mind” state). I’m completely present (this is how the training I’ve done with MW comes out most effectively, according to my experience). I don’t even remember what we talked about, I was so immersed in her beauty and she could sense this about me. I notice she’s very shy and can’t hold eye contact for long, so my gut feeling tells me to slow down my speech, pause more and.. touch her more. I find out she’s waiting for her room mate. I take her for a coffee and we have this amazing chemistry. We’re in our own little bubble. After about 15 min her room mate shows up. She thinks we’re long time friends, but I explain to her that I just saw this blonde chick a while ago and thought she was so beautiful that I had to talk to her. I chat briefly with her some more and somehow win her over (like I sense she wanted me too). This sets my chick at ease even more and I could instinctively feel that this was a very solid interaction.

Texting next day, but first some basic facts about her: German origin, tattoo artist, very creative, shy, 20 yrs old, lives with a room mate.

Me 4:35 pm: Nice meeting you yesterday, XXXXX! You seem like a deep and loving woman.

Me 4:35 pm: …And if my gut feeling about you is right, you used to paint on the walls when you were a powerpuff girl

Her 6:39 pm: You too and thank you very much for the coffee 🙂 I have to admit that I, even after a deeper analysis, don’t entirely get what you mean in your second message haha

Me 7:13 pm: Did you use to make drawings on the wallpapers/walls at home when you were a kid? I did. Dad used to get pissed as hell… As if that stopped me, lol!

Her 7:57 pm: Thought so, but it felt like a metaphor haha! But yes, I did use to make drawings on the walls, but have recently learnt to draw on paper 😀 Yes it’s diffcult for parents to see artistic abilities when displayed on their white walls 😉

Next day – Wed

Me 5:00 pm: Uh oh…XXXXXX! I suspect a stick figure drawing contest in the near future between us! My dudes will beat the crap out of yours, lol!

Me 5:00 pm: When were you thinking of meeting up with me and impressing me with your mad skills? 😉

Her 5:31 pm: Haha, let’s do it! On Friday perhaps? 🙂

Me 7:16 pm: Friday might work. I get off at 7 pm from work, so I can meet up after that. What city, X or Y?

Her 7:23 pm: I get off then too so that’s great 🙂 Both cities work for me, depending on what you wanna do 😉

Me 8:52 pm: We’re gonna destroy all hi-scores at an arcade hall, get thrown out and then take over the entire city with our stick figures!

Me 8:52 pm: See you at the train station @ 8:00 pm.

Me 8:52 pm: City X that is. It’s gonna be awesome!

Her 8:58 pm: The perfect evening! Sounds good 🙂 See you on Friday then!

Next day – Thur

Me 3:23 pm: 😉

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Next day – Fri

Me 5:16 pm: I’ve been practising my stick figures aaaallll day. You’re in for a real challenge! 😉

Her 5:24 pm: Me too! With a dude who used to work in Kat von D’s studio 😀 *Sends pic of some bad ass demon drawing*

Me 5:35 pm: Awesome! I’ll head over to the studio later and we’ll pick her up together. There is NO WAY she can resist our combined charm! 😛 😉

Her 7:55 pm: Haha sounds like a great plan! I’ll be 10 min late. Just missed the bus :/

bla bla bla blaaaaaaa *snip*

She shows up. I lead her to a very cozy café nearby. It’s a windy storm outside the train station. I make a joke about us being flying squirrels – she cracks up and is set to ease. At the café I build lots of comfort at first. I notice she’s got low self-esteem, so instead of teasing her, I challenge her when she can’t accept a compliment or when she puts herself down somehow, just to maintain a lil bit of that tension. When I decide to lead us to the second place I first tell her to sit under this GIANT lamp so I can watch her beauty in its’ light. I stand there, looking at her, without saying a word… then I slooowly move towards her and give her a light kiss, which she accepts without hesitation. Then I quickly change the mood and lead her to the second place: The Arcade Hall. When we get there it’s kinda boring, too crowded, as is expected on a Friday night. We play pinball for a bit, but after some escalation, when I decide to take her away I very unexpectedly see a long time friend who’s supposed to be in Oslo/Norway. Finding him in this bar is a HUGE improbability. I talk to him with much conviction and authority even though he’s a friggin muscled up dude. My girl senses my dominance. Anyway, I take her to a bar, where we hang, chill in our own little love bubble. I escalate physically and verbally. I sense she’s down to fuck, but needs more comfort/sexual compliance or whatever. She wants to, but she won’t go with me just yet. I completely relax, have a drink and talk about all kinda stuff, while slowly escalating verbally/sexually and fractionating into something completely unrelated. Works like a charm! At around 11:40 pm, I get her out of the bar, give her a ride to her home – I actually park a bit from there. I walk out of the car, get her out and as we’re walking towards her apartment – with my hand gently behind her back, I feel some resistance. In my mind I think “Wholly fuck! Not again! I’m NOT gonna be in this situation again for the umpteenth of time where I ALMOST fuck her! I’m gonna stay strong and keep leading strongly, even though I’m tired as FUCK!”! So, I push her towards a concrete wall, make out with her and kiss her neck (I knew from the bar that this got her very turned on!). After a bit of kissing, she whispers in my ear “How about your back seat?”. “I’m like aahh, her resistance makes sense now”. I take her to my back seat. Kiss her for like 10-20 seconds, grab her breasts and then take my cock out. She looks at it and then does a job no vacuum cleaner ever could! Anyway, I pause her, get her completely undressed, then I start fucking her… then my clothes come off, slowly. She’s got the tightest pussy I’ve EVER been inside. Life’s good! Actually, she’s a bit too tight, but whatever, I’m happy anyway, lmao! As I rail her from various angles/positions I find myself glad that I have a car with plenty of space in the backseat. I rail her like an animal, and at atleast one point I have her body shaking like crazy from a vaginal orgasm. Anyway, I give her a couple of those and I also get to enjoy seeing the face of people looking at us as I love her long time. After she’s had a couple of orgasms I sense that she wants to get me off. I get to sit in a corner and enjoy the marvellous view of her sucking my cock in the faint yellowish light from street lights. What a beautiful view! Anyway, I rail her some more and she keeps saying how she wants my load in her mouth. I’m happy to oblige! She takes a load of 4-5 days of my warriors very quickly and I never get to see them again. She swallows them like a true champ whereupon we make out and I walk her to her door, fully dressed mind you!

Anyway, this girl was ONLY on a date with me to fuck – I’m pretty sure from the subsequent texts, but fuck me man! My new and improving self-image made this happen! There’s NO way I’d been able to overcome some of the inner barriers I had to be able to fuck her! That whole day started off very bad, but I was determined, through my new set of beliefs and thought patterns, combined with knowledge of how my body works to keep raising my state throughout the day. I even battled with some powerful thought patterns that I used to let control me. But now, my conscious mind, MY voice and NOT the “mind’s voice” rules. I’m a content man, set on a journey to slay as much high quality poon as possible!

I’ll be sharing my inner game findings in a couple a days here. They’re MASSIVELY valuable and in my opinion no man should ever live his life without doing this kinda thorough self-evaluation. The gains are immense!

Ok, long post – my mind is very tired and sleep deprived after a loooong weekend at work. Your thoughts, critique, liquor, I want!

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