How To Be A Nice Guy

By Manwhore
January 16, 2014
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So you want to know how to be a nice guy? Well it’s not what you think..

A couple years back I broke into Michael Jackson’s cemetery with a Las Vegas MMA ring girl. We were going to get naughty on his gravestone. We didn’t know if we’d find it or not ‘cuz it was a big place, but we wanted to do the dew while Michael supervised. It was a really good idea, not that it worked out that way, but it was the thought that counted 😉 So we’re looking for a place to get down just nonchalantly wandering through this HUGE cemetery, and we come upon a big statue of the virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. I lead her towards it, holding her hand, and then throw her hand in the direction of the grass and tell her to get on her knees like a good little girl. She complies and I take my dick out and stick it in her mouth while telling her to suck it. She obliges and I began ramming her little mouth while whispering all kinds of sexual profanities at her. I tell her she’s going to get more cock than she can handle and to keep her mouth open because I’m going to take as long as I want. I tell her she is a good little slut and I enjoy fucking her little mouth and maybe if she is good I will give her lots of cum to swallow. I also let her know what I think of her sucking skills, and how much of a little slut she is for doing this in front of the virgin Mary.

how to be a nice guy

(Buddy Jesus thinks you’re a Gentleman)

Halfway through we get interrupted by a security truck making its rounds through the cemetery. I tell her stop and push her off my dick. We get on the other side of the statue. Once it passes I get us back on track, “Get back over here little whore and keep sucking it.” She’d been a bit disconcerted by the security truck passing through but gleefully scampers over and starts sucking it again. A minute or so later I explode in her mouth and she swallows. We decide that’s the extent of our lawbreaking activities and book it out of there. I climb over the gate first, then help her up and over and then back down on the other side. Later on I hear about how she told all her friends how sweet I am, because I helped her climb down from the gate. Apparently I was very gentle and considerate.

Back when I was stationed in Kentucky I used to run around with this hot little lithe half-german half-puerto rican girl. One night we went out and took one of her friends with us. We’d been talking about looking for another girl to have a threesome with, but this girl was off limits because of her bff status. Well I didn’t really care too much either way so after dancing with my girl for a bit the three of us grab a table and I sit in the middle. I take her friend’s hand and put it on my dick and she starts squeezing my cock through my pants a bit. Then I take my girl’s hand and put it on my dick too but a bit higher up. So they’re both lightly massaging my cock ‘n balls and I’m just chilling back enjoying the experience. Then their hands meet in the middle and they both realize they’ve been giving me a handjob. They simultaneously both whisk their hands away and that’s that. I just pretend nothing happened. Later on I go get the car and drive it around to the front of the club, they both scamper out from the club and jump in. They both exclaim how sweet and considerate I am and that I’m a real gentleman.

Being “nice” does not count, unless you’ve first established high status. You must FIRST be a boss, and only then are you considered for “nice guy” status. Otherwise you’re the other kind of “nice guy”. That kind of nice is synonymous with “bitch”.

The crooners and love ballad dudes.. the singers/actors that girls seem to love.. what they’ve got going for them in the “romance” department isn’t the BULK of the attraction mechanism, it’s the icing on top. The crooning that drives women wild is in SPITE of their masculinity.. it’s the antithesis that gets women going nuts. It’s the yin to the yang. And that’s why girls appreciate it so much. But if the hardcore masculinity wasn’t there, well there wouldn’t be a basis for the attraction at ALL. However most guys misconstrue this and think the “romance” paradigm is the WHOLE attraction paradigm. This is so far from the truth.

If you refuse to believe this, or close your eyes to it, then you are in for a world of pain and confusion and hurt.

I was dating a Las Vegas ex-stripper for awhile and she could get a bit out of control and batty at times. Nothing too crazy, just completely unable to come to her senses and make any kind of rational or logical sense and/or calm herself down. One night it got especially heinous so I grabbed her purse and keys and walked out my sliding glass door. She followed me still firing off lovely nonsensities a mile a minute. I walked back in and shut the door and locked it. She stood right outside the door staring at me blankly with her mouth open. I waved, told her good night, and went to bed. I didn’t read the texts till the next morning but they were pretty hilarious. She was pissed for the first couple hours, telling me no man put her outside like a cat! Then she began calming down, then ended it with her wanting to make it up to me for being so out of control. A couple days later she brought me over a rotisserie chicken and a six pack and I pushed her down onto her knees in front of me while I ate so she could service my manhood. I let her know rather loudly multiple times how good the chicken was.

A lot of guys get confused by the seeming paradox between “being a man”, which they hear from women repeatedly, and “being a gentleman”, which they also hear a thousand times throughout their lifetime. Let me be the one to tell you, if you have to make the choice, be a man.. and this means never let someone, even women, continue to overstep your boundaries. Draw the line and don’t let her cross it. Only then will she respect you, and TRUST you. 

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