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Forum topicThe BEST THREADS of MW Forum: Text Game Threads, Lay Reports, Sexual Mastery, Hustling/Entrepreneurship & Inner Game Manwhore145 weeks 1 day ago
Forum topicShaping a Super Hottie's behaviour Over Text patrick.bateman111 year 2 weeks ago
Forum topicHey! Ask me your text game questions, and post up your convos.. I'm HERE TO HELP! Manwhore5191 year 26 weeks ago
Forum topicDid not have a clue Arash was such a woman hater.. Manwhore231 year 30 weeks ago
Forum topicThe New Seduction Playlist Manwhore282 years 27 weeks ago
Forum topicWhat are some ways to improve your charisma? PokemonMaster133 years 2 weeks ago
Forum topicAnyone realize the major fallacy behind calling it "Invisible Game"? Manwhore53 years 3 weeks ago
Forum topicWhat's your personal favorite reengagement text? AP_Grappler473 years 27 weeks ago
Forum topicHorrible Texters - Still Meet AP_Grappler123 years 35 weeks ago
Forum topicTips for increasing YouTube audience..? Otherwise not going to keep making vids Manwhore203 years 35 weeks ago
Forum topicWeirdest lay i've ever had Ghettoguru63 years 36 weeks ago
Forum topicThe earth is round. You're welcome: Recall humor Buddhagames163 years 36 weeks ago
Forum topicShorter bros where you buying your clothes? Meow253 years 37 weeks ago
Forum topicSensitive New Age Guy (S.N.A.G.) Bartender tried to cockblock me last night Archangel33 years 37 weeks ago
Forum topicGirl sent me dramatic long ass text, what do? PokemonMaster73 years 37 weeks ago
Forum topicSome pretty horrible shit from Roosh's side of things.. wanted to discuss Manwhore173 years 45 weeks ago
Forum topicGirls that don't take birth control Meow113 years 49 weeks ago
Forum topicGirls are love toys batehs23 years 49 weeks ago
Forum topicI want a full refund of the MW texting book pre-sale TextingGod223 years 49 weeks ago
Forum topicMy first Tinder Lay Meow93 years 49 weeks ago
Forum topicSo I got assaulted the other night ClosingIsAHabit93 years 50 weeks ago
Forum topicAn Example of Status Game JackofDiamonds74 years 4 days ago
Forum topicRetarded guy pulled a hot girl. The fuck is going on? PokemonMaster94 years 4 days ago
Forum topicGetting girl to, "introduce me to hot friends". Is this solid texting? AppleBox44 years 1 week ago
Forum topicAdvice needed on student loans Meow234 years 1 week ago