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Hello guys.

Just wanted to do this quick write-up for the date i had last night with my first milf.Not the old(31)but cant complain about that:)).

I have to point out that i took a look over MW lay report on Milf wisdom and studs here on the forum(thanks for the perspectives).

So long story short,matched this one over tinder.She was cool to chat with from the start.Very direct and at the same time playfull chick.Gotta love mature women.The day before the date we exchanged texts in which i tried to gauge and throw baits for the meet-up.I think the first motivation for this was to show that i understand the sub-coms and i know the boundaries but also trespass with my toes a bit and take a quick peak:))She pointed out almost every attempt and gave me the chance to deal with this situation.I might also put up the convo later on.Its a tad long but i ll make it .

Fast forward to the meet-up: She got there slightly ahead of me(i told her to come to a place like 100m from my place...i love my new room:)) )but it was no biggie.I casually walk up and look into her eyes.She comes into me and i take her in for a hug and a kiss near the lips(thx MW).She complies with a warm hug.I guess she likes me.

Whe get in and from the start i can see she has a strong personality.This one is a badass chick.Hard as nails but also direct and playfully smart.I liked her.

This kinda made it more easy for me to understand her choice in going for vodka and tonic str8 ...she was not playing around with pussy shit:))I said damn,i have to keep up and got myself a gin tonic.

As we were talking smack i start runing my hands on her legs over her black stockings...damn i love those.Then back off a bit.Then start massaging her neck and shoulders ...then back off again.Just wanted to make her ok with my hands all over her but at the same time not be over-eager to grab her.I liked that she started also to touch me with every occasion and then i would smoothly take her hand and rest it on my legs.

One thing that stood up was my first instinct was to compete with her and try to over do-it.This gave me a stifness that she Imediatly pointed out.I guess the micro managing was/is strong with me .Then i remembered the video from the membership and chilled the fuck down and do whatever the fuck i wanted..make her react to me.

After we stayed outside in the breeze and finished the drinks i said :Shall we?  at which she goes: Where?  then i tell her : Oh,just overe here...its cold and i want something hot to drink.

"So that was your plan huh?Take me home and lay me like that?" (all with a playfull voice and dirty smile)

So if i was 2 3 years younger...i would have freezed there :)) But i understood the situation and she wanted to drink some more before going for fun times.Then i played it cool and said something like "Well damn it woman...i did a poor fashion decision and now my ass is a lady and give me your jacket at least" .Basically shove it off with a smile.I holded my freezing ass there for about 15 min more and then we left to my house for tea and vodka.

At my place we drink some vodka in the kitchen and after a bit i take her off her seat and make out with her and sit her in my lap.I start feeling her boobs and firmly grab her stocking covered ass.Things got hot and heavy quick.0 resistence.Then i stop and calm down a bit...tell her tea is ready and drink some tea while she finished the vodka.I m gay i know.

I then take her to my room and tell her to lay on her back for a massage .Stop after a bit and say that i cant do this right.Take your dress off.She does this while i get the oil.

I start massaging her and she keeps telling me how good my hands feel on her.I say nothing and do my thing.After i m done wit her back and see how cooked up and ready she is i go full rape mode :)) and grab my hands all over her.She starts taking my clothes off and after i made her cum all over my bed with my fingers i snapped and came after 2 pumps like a champ.It was hot AF.Blame it on her.She giggled and cuddled with me.Then i tell her its late and bla bla i wanna sleep.We go to bed but she wants that cock badly and starts getting freeky under the sheets at which point my dick remembered i m 24 and horny as a goat and got rock solid ready to blast.And my gawd those years of experience have showed up.She knew how to ride .I had to take controll a bit not to jizz fast and fucked her until eventually blasted my kids all over her while making her cum also.Good shit.

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Ha! #Handled Nice job.

Ha! #Handled

Nice job.


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