A Tight Seduction Playlist

By Manwhore
September 20, 2009
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The best place to play your seduction tunes is on your way home from the club or the date, in your ride.  She’s a captive audience and will sit there and listen to your sweet tunes.

The playlist starts out with a rousing good song from Mickey Avalon, called My Dick. Fucking bad ass.. hilarious, and gets the girls talking about thinking about dicks. Win/Win

The next song is a super hot, adrenaline charging number from Starkillers, entitled “Scream” (Dany Wild Remix). The original is good, but this remix is absolutely fucking fantastic.

The vocals are by an extremely strong, yet very feminine songstress with that “bad ass, I’m the one in charge” hottie vibe, who happens to be upfront about wanting sex, and even more than that.. qualifying the guy on his ability to satisfy her. It doesn’t just broach the idea of sex, it punches through the wall and bypasses ASD, by making it about her enjoyment and not about “giving in” to a guy.

In fact many of you guys have female vocalists like this one to thank, for popularizing sex as empowerment in girls’ minds. Rather than feeling like a sexual victim every time they have sex, they now chase sex as a way of feeling in charge of themselves and their bodies. Kudos. It’s the way it should be.

The next song is very sexual, and hot as fuck. It’s another strong female vocalist.. but in this instance she is giving play to the man’s sexual influence over her, and his ability to please her by taking control of her body. Definitely the direction we want to be going in..

This next song takes into account that a girl is naturally going to have misgivings, and feel nervous about surrendering to a guy. Rather than blanket over this, this song from Ashanti actually articulates these feelings, and then slowly shows the girl surrendering because she feel’s its right.

The next song is the 504 Boyz with “I Can Tell”. It’s a very famous song- most think its Ashanti- that all the girls know the lyrics to. Its very effective in glorifying fun playful sex. The lyrics are VERY catchy; don’t have a “flinch” moment when the girls start singing along. They KNOW it, and it makes them feel semi-naughty but “in the know”, to sing along to the super sexually-explicit lyrics. If they don’t know it, bag on them for not knowing. You might as well use the opportunity to set the expectation that they should be casual and in the know about sex.

The last song is a comfort seduction song. The girl is asking to be “rescued”, basically for him to come take her. This is the last stop, as in the girl’s mind it needs to be her that’s asking/chasing him for intimacy. She’s implicitly given him permission. Now take it

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